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  1. That way if you sell or dissolve an umbral mod you can get a new one
  2. Cordyceps Parasitic link augment: Enemies linked to Nidus will fight for him and deal (large number)% bonus damage. All damage that would kill the linked target is instead stored and then released in a Toxin explosion within a (small) meter radius once the ability is deactivated or expired.
  3. I'd love to beat the heat listening to this smash hit
  4. Can we get clarification on what 100% gore chance means?
  5. Right now, I'm honestly unsure as to whether or not the mod is doing anything. I think it would be great for the mod if equipping it allowed for a more pronounced gore effect. Something that makes other people think "oh wow he has that mod!". Perhaps enemies killed explode into red/gray mist depending on if they were biological or not? Without the gore chance the mod is okay, but with it it has the potential to be utterly amazing for combat fashion purposes.
  6. Any part of Big Iron by Marty Robbins would be awesome, if it's doable:
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