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  1. i only got nekros prime drop, but not the ephemera, i even watched the full stream i want to know if the ephemera will be available again in the future in some kind of anniversary alert or a nightwave: intermission reward or something like that
  2. i haven't received either, but they told us to wait till saturday
  3. after completing wave 8 in ESO didnt get anything, i was in operator mode when the wave was completed https://i.imgur.com/utJS6HG.png https://i.imgur.com/H2zR3so.png
  4. i would like to request for a confirmation prompt to enter or visit featured clans, i don't know how many times i miss clicked and enter those featured clans by mistake while trying to enter my own dojo, the request is in the basis that we need to go to another window before enter our own dojo
  5. i realised my mistake, to activate the effect, we have to place a reservoir first, try not to get the effect o wait to expire or jump into a hole to remove the effect, then do a headshot to the enemy (to activate the arcane) and go into the reservoir previously placed, this way we will get the increased buff
  6. i tested in the simulacrum and in ara mars, but saw no difference in the buff, maybe is because the effect is consumed when starting the casting animation, and the effect is already gone when the casting animation finish
  7. while trying to open relics in hydra pluto, the doors will randomly get bugged, and don't open even if the host leave the game, liset air support dont open them
  8. i don't remember if this was always this way, but pets act like solid objects or walls inside the orbiter, so if they stand in the ramp you can not walk past them
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