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  1. we need ivara umbra i was too lazy to do mastery rank up, so i spend a long time in mr1 with a bunch of frames and weapons on the foundry, then bought some platinum, and later selling primes and maxed mods to be able to buy weapons and frame slots to use all the things in my foundry
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Crewmates don't use the mods of the weapons if we equip them with fully modded level 0 unused weapons, only make use of the mods if the weapon is leveled up REPRODUCTION: equip Crewmates with a fully modded unused level 0 weapon ( example a duped Dex weapon from anniversary events or an extra weapon from twitch drops, they come equipped with catalyst and if we have high mr we have access to a full build without need to level up the weapon) EXPECTED RESULT: the Crewmate use the mods equiped on the weapon OBSERVED RESULT: the Crewmate
  3. TYPE: Ingame DESCRIPTION: Sometimes corpus crewship despawn when they are low health and don't increase the crewship destroyed objective so no more corpus crewship spawn making the mission unable to be completed REPRODUCTION: Attack corpus crewship using turrets to lower their health EXPECTED RESULT: corpus crewship is disabled when low health OBSERVED RESULT: corpus crewship despawn and don't increase the count of corpus ship destroyed making the mission unable to be completed REPRODUCTION RATE: randomly but often enough to make me write a bug report in the mi
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