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  1. Only DE know what is inside these boxes, we don't have idea about what kind of stuff we can find there, and what are the % to get it, in fact they didn't even tell us about the ephemera on the red winged box, it was a player that randomly found one on his way to the exit that told us that the thing was obtainable. so you need some guy crazy enough to be still abort farming the node to confirm what they found inside the red or yellow winged ephemera after the last hotfix
  2. exactly we can't see what are we doing thank to the effect i don't want to be offtopic anymore
  3. you only get 1 per run, the 2nd one is a ui bug, 1rst you get one when killing 20 sentients completing the anomaly, the 2nd one that you get at the end of the mission is the same one you got for completing the anomaly is a ui bug that tell you got another, if you check your inventory you only have 1 i think it work like the caches where you get a item after hacking and at the end of the mission tell you the item you got
  4. a long time ago when i got a riven for my boar prime i used a D polarity forma and rolled the riven a bunch of times and got tired of rolling, i got a new shotgun riven from the last gift of the lotus alerts and i unveiled a new riven for the boar prime which have more MR and a better roll, but it has V polarity. but plague star remove al regret from using formas, sometimes you just use like 3 or 4 formas before you realize you don't even like the weapon, i can't even remember the names of those weapons, i did that because i got a riven then after realizing i don't like the weapon proceed to dissolve the riven
  5. on update Empyrean: Ivara Prime avionics scrap screen is broken
  6. it was good my zetki reaktor went from 50 to 80, i even got 23 free avionics extra by removing the winged steel and cyclone, with the extra flux capacity my the zetki can compete with the vidar (mine got upgraded to 98)
  7. Can we get rid of the Fade-away effect on Ivara Prime Prowl, if we stand still we can see her, but as soon as we start moving she start fading away making really dificult for us to see where we are
  8. I'm really glad for the change, i got my ephemera a few weeks ago, but with this change my clanmates that have a really irregular time play (they play once a week, once a month or once every 3 month) will get the chance to get the ephemera, without enduring the actual soul crushing method (they are already in thin ice and the current method will kill their enthusiasm to come back for a bit longer). i hope the others ephemeras also become achievement based
  9. the last update for ps4 bring some interesting news
  10. don't worry they will get revamped, i recomend you to keep your vidar for when they get rerolled in the near future
  11. Winged Avionics affecting the Railjack is intended or it is a Bug?
  12. i totally agree with you, this fade-out effect make really hard to see what are we doing or where we are while using prowl
  13. so far we know about 5 of them Sentient Altar, Balcony, Basin, Concourse and Fountain Scene
  14. Advanced Clone rot: if we don't kill them in a week they die of clone rot and we lost our stolen items and the chance to take his weapon or ephemera
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