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  1. Nekros + resonator = kill things peacefully Nekros + thermal sunder = laugh like a madman ******warning F word used in the next phrase****** if i want to use the Necramech to commit the crime of having fun mesa + dispensary wisp to recharge energy of the Nekramech and also use mesa in case the Necramech can't keep up with the bounty mission trinity + dispensary wisp to recharge energy and HP of the Nekramech (health orbs from dispensary wisp don't heal Necramechs) i use others too for normal missions and farming purposes but i don't want those combinations nerfed so i will
  2. i think they won't release the last part till they create a mastery rank 30 test and decide what are they going to do with the MR30 You see founders need 2990 pts to get MR30, and if they release the last act of nightwave that mean we will fight the Glassmaker and we know he will drop a new weapon so founder will get the 3K mastery needed to get MR30 basically we need to wait till they finish the preparations for MR30 for the founders
  3. that sound really nice in theory but the reality is harsher yesterday i installed fireblast on hydroid thinking it would create a great synergy with the tentacles, but the sad truth was that most of the time fireblast doesn't even affected enemies right in front of me and sometimes it affected some enemies and other not, so it was only good in my mind not so reliable when used in the different tilesets
  4. thanks for the hotfix for the missing flower problem i send a ticket to support because the previous script did nothing, and they told me to post it in the bug section and they can't solve it i know some of them are clipping on the wall but still can't find all of them
  5. all these changes to marked for death and none of them mentions that it never affected enemies that are a bit up from your position or a bit down from your position and random geometry blocking the skill, anyways the thing is more than death now so there is no point on fixing that
  6. Hydroid Prime, you look at it and says this is a mf pirate, it is not drowned in over-exaggerated details and follow the fashion rule of "simple is the best" a pleasure to look at it sadly his skill kit is not so good
  7. i will suggest the most basics of things add melee stats on the mod UI of the necramech, we need to know what changes all these melee mods do exactly, are they just placebo? or are they making some significant change to have them equipped return the "-" polarity we lost on the arquebex with the last hotfix, i was using it, and don't feel right to use a forma to recover my build
  8. waiting for the changes the truth is i didn't wanted to get mad at xaku's changes so i never leveled my Xaku (still rank 0 since release) waiting for all the potential buff and nerf to be applied before using it for the first time, i only applied fashions modifications.
  9. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: When attempting to swap the 4th polarity slot on the first row from the Necramech we get the error "the aura slot polarity cannot be swapped" VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Apply forma to your Necramech and then try to swap the 4th polarity slot on the first row EXPECTED RESULT: After using forma we should be able to swap any polarity from any slot because there is no aura mods for the Necramechs OBSERVED RESULT: When attempting to swap the 4th polarity slot on the first row from the Necramech we get the error "The aura slot polarity cannot b
  10. still missing flowers i have 8 subsumed skills and only 7 flowers, and 1 warframe on the wall to get another one so i'm not sure if i should have 8 or 9 flowers
  11. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: When fighting Profit Taker and using Necramech 4 the colors from Profit Taker will get all messed up and bright, i fear for the people who use max bloom VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Activate Necramech's 4 when fighting Profit Taker EXPECTED RESULT: After activating Necramech's 4 i should be able to use that skill to destroy the legs OBSERVED RESULT: After activating Necramech's 4 not only i can't damage the legs after taking down the shield, now the spider is glowing destroying my eyes, also while is in that state is really hard to see her
  12. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: When completing an orb valis mission with the x2 credits buff from fracture control and the 2x credits from credits booster we get a display error on the amount of credits earned, the screen show that we got more than the actual amount we get. VISUAL: I actually got a bit more than 1 Million which is the correct amount for the x2(fracture control buff) x2(credits booster) of the 250k credits , not the 1,250,126 indicated by the end of mission screen REPRODUCTION: Completing an orb valis mission with the x2 credits buff from fracture control
  13. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: When modding Necramech in Deimos relay the Necramech will cover the mod screen VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Try to mod your Necramech in Deimos Relay EXPECTED RESULT: When trying to mod the Necramech we will want to see the mod screen to know what are we doing OBSERVED RESULT: When trying to mod the Necramech we can't see the mod screen because the Necramech is covering the screen TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: When picking health orbs the Necramech don't get healed REPRODUCTION: Pick health orbs while using Necramech EXPECTE
  14. Some mission are just a waiting game timer after timer, lately after getting back from work, trying to play isolation vault to farm some necramech mods, i had fallen asleep during the toxin part on the tier 2 or 3, the days that i get more tired i just fall asleep during the t1 version of that bounty
  15. something need to be done with the rarity and chances of that weird brand of toilet paper i mean with the quassus blueprints they are too common, i'm trying to craft a second xaku and can't get the chassis to drop, but i get like 3 quassus bps per bounty.
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