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  1. Still no fix on focus on 1st orb, wish I not put spy mission on title as its all missions!
  2. So many Void storm mission cant complete, not enough fighters to kill to complete missions, doors not able to open once inside ship to exterminate mission.
  3. Shame the focus bonus with Convergence Orbs is still bugged, 1st orbs is totally bugged and don't have that much confidence on others could be ok.
  4. Neptune Nereid spy mission 3 obs happened just before each vault only used primary lvl 14 weapon and 1st vault with active orb and got no focus on 2 other weapon (never used them), 2nd vault another orb only used primary and got 600 focus on each 2 other lens and 3rd vault and another orb (best timing on the orbs) and opened few stuff with afinity and got 900 focus on one lens and 600 on another lens, may of used mele! It seem the 1st orb is always screwy! But over all just strange focus orbs results.
  5. Went back to trying this after long period of trying and still hate the idea of these no mods missions, esp the defense (last one), oh well bb grendal.
  6. Just had kuva lvl 80-100 mobile defence and 3 orbs and 2 orbs each over 2k+ focus gain om 1 lens and 1 orb only 50 focus gain on same orb.
  7. Has there been a change in focus where I used to get bonus on all 3 lens when completing spy vault with Convergence Orbs running, depending on lvl I used to get 500 on each lens now its 20? obviously this will change depending on killing lots but I used to get all weapons lens bonus even if not used.
  8. Drat didn't know I had to claim it, lost the blue print as past stream, says "Error Occurred Drop was not claimed." Noooo Arrived in post lateTa
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