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  1. DE's approach to balance has generally been a massive neutering of said item all in one go, rather than small measured steps. Think Maiming strike, Catchmoon, Condition Overload, Bloodrush and many others. Looks like the trend is set to continue.

    Before anyone mentions rivens, they aren't so much balancing as a popularity contest.

  2. 1 hour ago, ShichiseitenYasha said:

    These are resources that I have thousands of, that I get without even trying to obtain them, where as platinum I only have the option of either winning, purchasing, or trading it. 5 platinum over 7 3-packs is another 3-pack for free by just using the more readily available resource to lessen the amount of premium currency you need to use. 

    So, good for you then, feel free to continue in the way you like. In my case I'm generally not too concerned about spending 5 plat more or less on a purchase. Each to his own.


  3. 4 hours ago, (XB1)ShadowBlood89 said:

    if they were to do this to make it more balanced they might have you trade in 10 forma blueprints to get a 10x forma blueprint 

    That's exactly what I said.

    3 hours ago, ShichiseitenYasha said:

    The same could be said that DE also makes money from people rushing Forma. If you have the resources, a Forma costs half as much to rush than it does to buy from the market, and still costs 5 plat less than buying a 3 pack. In this respect, they could just make a pack that extends this to its logical end, a 10 pack that costs 100 platinum to rush, as well as a market pack for 10 platinum that costs say 110-115. 

    Rushing never seems worth it to me as you still spend the resources and blueprint for a tiny saving of 5 plat over a bundle of 3. I'd much rather spend the 35 plat for a 3-bundle outright.

    4 hours ago, Cicasajt said:

    never. de makes a lot of money from ppl buying forma. 

    If making money was the only factor DE considers then there would be lots of things they wouldn't do, such as handing out the occasional freebie via GOTL alerts, or by making most crucial items (potatoes etc) available through f2p means. However they have proven time and again that they are willing to take the long term view by improving the overall gaming experience in order to make their customers (gamers) happy. And happy gamers tend to spend more... on warframe and weapon slots, loadout slots etc.

    Forma sales probably would be affected, though there may not be a total market crash or even a significant reduction in forma sales since a 10x blueprint won't reduce the need for blueprints and resources. Those who don't want to farm the resources will still buy forma from the market.

    2 hours ago, KnightKrawlur said:

    DE would just make the craft time 10 days so they could watch people complain.  lol.

    Shh don't give them ideas...

  4. 7 hours ago, SneakyErvin said:

    I can only remember the old vandal meta which was about getting 100% crit chance, 100% status, gas, hunter munitions and multishot, all with a riven that had negative puncture.

    This would lead to 4 guarateed crits atleast (2 from the main shot, 2 from the magnetic AoE) followed by the chance for either up to 2 slash procs from the gun itself or up to two auto crit gas procs giving 2 additional rolls on hunter munitions. Elemental mods have never had any effect on the magnetic AoE since more instances of Gas have never been present. If elemental mods did effect the magnetic proc you'd have two possible auto crit gas procs more, which never was the case. With 100% status your magnetic aoe would always proc the magnetic effect, nothing else.

    Base damage mods may have effected the magnetic proc, but it has never been of much focus in any build if it did or didnt.

    edit: We've also never been able to see the magnetic stat on the gun until the latest patch, it has been a hidden thing prior to that.


    I see where you got your conclusion from, thanks. Yes the magnetic stat showing up is a new thing, good to have but looks like it's still rather inaccurate.


    6 hours ago, Robolaser said:

    Ok these Arsenal UI numbers seemed off so i did few quick simulacrum tests, and found that:

    - 4.6m radius seems correct, hard to measure exactly but definitely 4-5m
    - AoE radius CAN be increased with Firestorm. Not reflected in AUI.
    - Base AoE damage is very close to 200, not 100. Again hard to tell exactly with the falloff (max i got was 191).
    - AoE damage falloff seems to be around 80% (191->40), not 60%.
    - AoE damage CAN be increased with damage mods, and elemental mods. Not reflected in AUI.
    - AoE CAN proc status. Innate magnetic, and modded additional elements as well.
    - AoE additional elements are not shown in AUI.
    - AoE can crit and proc hunter munitions.

    These are for the Vandal version, sorry too lazy to also test vanilla Opticor.

    Thanks for taking the effort to test! I did a bit of Simulacrum testing as well, and got similar results for the base AOE damage... tried a direct hit i.e. no falloff it was 193. Weirdly AOE crits from direct hits dealt 478 damage, rather shy of the expected 502 damage. Close enough to the original but still off.

    So my take from this is:

    1. AOE damage was not nerfed, only seems to be slightly off expected values.

    2. Falloff damage displayed is off

    3. UI is extremely off

    Would be good if the devs could take a closer look at this.


    Anyone with more info to share e.g. on vanilla Opticor would be most welcome.

  5. 56 minutes ago, SneakyErvin said:

    Weapon mods aside from multishot have never had any impact on it since multishot is the only stat that alters how many magnetic AoEs will happen, that is why the damage number increases because it takes the probablity of multishot into account when adding up potential damage. That is more or less a side result of MS buffing the probability of main shots, since with each main shot a low magnetic AoE will happen along the line of the shot when coming into contact with a target or surface.

    The reduced magnetic damage from 400/200 to 200/100 will have nearly no noticable effect on the damage since it was pretty insignificant before aswell. Atleast it is a chance for a magnetic proc, if the Aoe can proc things at all (cant remember).


    I'm unable to find much info on the modding of the AOE, but my gut feeling after today's sortie, which is the first time I've used it post-27.2, was that the weapon is quite a bit weaker than before. Can you point me towards any source that says the magnetic AOE can't be modded? I did a quick check on Semlar's weapon builder which still has all the old numbers, and it clearly showed the AOE magnetic explosion being treated as base weapon damage, i.e. affected by Serration, Heavy Cal, elementals and crit mods.

  6. And to normal Opticor too.

    Each attack of the Opticor/Vandal used to deal 400/200 Magnetic damage in a 5m radial blast around point of impact. Now it has been changed to 200/100 damage, radius 4.6m. So far as I could tell, no mention of this was in the update notes.

    And what's worse, most weapon mods on my Opticor Vandal do not appear to affect this radial blast at all... only Multishot seems to be changing the damage numbers. With a full set of serration, heavy cal, split chamber, point strike/vital sense, vile acceleration, 90% elemental and riven, sheet damage increases from 100 to 273.3 (my riven adds 83.3% multishot, with split chamber total 173.3%, so it adds up). I'm unable to test the normal Opticor as I've sold my old one.

    The mods not affecting radial blast damage may be a bug which I hope gets fixed soon (no other weapon with radial attack has this problem), but the damage reduction does not seem unintentional as both normal and Vandal Opticors are similarly affected. One would ask why, as both Opticors were good weapons but hardly OP in any way. First the self stagger, then the AOE falloff, now this.



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