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  1. I will say this thank whatever god is out there foe DE being able to allow players to revisit nightwave missions they've missed because right now the PS4 servers are down and no one knows for how long. So thank you so much DE.
  2. Does anyone know how long the nightwave intermission is going to be around for?
  3. I think khora's main blueprint is bugged. It's not dropping after rotation c. I've been doing sanctuary onslaught for 3 weeks now and nothing. So I was wondering if you could instead of having her main blueprint drop in sanctuary onslaught have her main blueprint in the store like the other warframes are.
  4. Are Khora's main blueprint bugged on the ps4? Cause their not dropping on sanctuary onslaught and after 3 weeks of trying I'd thought they drop by now.
  5. Could we have the grind tone downed a little. I'm not saying that it's bad I'm just a little irritated that the grindyness of warframe is becoming unbearable. I mean in resent games like God of war or Horizon Zero Dawn the grind is bearable, fun, and the rewards are great. And the drop chances are a lot more better. I'm not spending a week to a month grinding to get 1 item. It just might be that their big game companies and they have more money and time to make their costumers happy. But then again EA messed up with Anthem and I'm sure no one wants Warframe to become Anthem.
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