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  1. So something being just “for fun” in the GAME is not enough... Seriously people, if you playing games not for fun - you have serious mental problems and need medical care, I’m saying it as doctor.
  2. 80% of my primary rivens... Vazarin... But most of the times it leaves me with 2 Vazarin polarities on weapon lol
  3. Like seriously? Now comparing warframe to asian money-sink mobile game?.. People why you just can’t play Warframe? Or not play it if you don’t like it so much? Play you Gracilitipulidae Impact or CyberCrap if you like it, but stop coming with this to specific forums of other games (especially without any idea behind it instead of fat advertising!)
  4. I honestly love rivens. It adds personality to my favorite weapon, it really feels unique, because your riven is only one in whole game, and that’s feel good! I don’t use any top weapons , not even saying rivens for it, just some good , but not top weapons like Kuva Ogris, Kuva Ayanga, Kuva Chakkhurr, Kuva Quartak, Quellor, Gorgon, Zenith, Kuva Seer, Pennant and Sepfan zaw nikana. Mausolon is the only low-dispo riven I have , but I have overall not bad roll for it. So somehow I got the rivens idea, it makes good weapons even better, and mediocre viable!
  5. Unless you decided to pick archgun/or ranking up with only primary/secondary weapon and the moment you hear “Hold up...” you’ll feel the pain “FFFFFFFFFFAAA...”
  6. Not untill Hildryn seems so. She’s only warframe with signature archgun. But idea is good
  7. Just most of people playing warframe to play looter-shooter where your mobility, GUN and SWORD are best friends. Not platformers, not investigations, not skyscraper simulator, looter-shooter! Imagine if people were playing something like PUBG or Dota2 (where minimal required IQ is as minimal as possible) and than suddenly during fight with enemy , turns on Chess mode and now you have to play chess with enemy!
  8. I can't get to boss fight just because I need to get through this stupid "evidence platformer" again. I haven't finish a single one, it's so terrible thing I even can't say. It's worst thing in Warframe for me, hunting solo Eidolons with unranked MOT amp is more exciting. I have 0 visual memory, I can't remember people faces if I met them less than 10 times in my life, why I should draw on paper every single evidence when I go into SLASHER game actually, huh?
  9. Necramechs can be damaged only to weakspots (scar back and arms/scars after shooting off arms). So you can just take ignis and shoot aiming at area between right shoulder and skull. With Mausolon you can easily strip off one of hands and just shoot at exposed place, because it has AoE radial attack, and it will damage spot. But Stropha is champion indeed, because it can hit all 3 weakspots at one shot (2 hands and scar on the back). Statuses not work on them so your corrosion won’t do much. Don’t remember if shattering impact works tho
  10. You don’t need Critical Chance mods with Blood Rush. Blood Rush at 12 combo gives you 720% critical chance (against 250 of sacrificial steel + Sacrifice pressure which is very useless melee damage mod). Good build would be general BR build - BR, Riven , Berserk, CO, organ shatter, dual 90% elemental mod and whatever you want in last slot. P.S.Honestly I’d rather roll riven to have C.D. instead of C.C., but -impact is very good :c
  11. Panzer for general using, I’m too lazy to bother myself reviving those pieces of crap called pets. I can use Smeeta only with Helminth ability for pet resurrection (And this build obviously won’t be serious, only specific cheese like nova/necros who only stay afk and spam one skill), because it’s so stupid. On SP survival I revived this crap 10 times for 45 minutes, when we stayed in room under Khora’s dome. I have no ideas how is that crap managed to die all the time.
  12. Valkyr has self healing without additional stuff, Excalibur - no. Even Umbra Excalibur will lose very much in survivability to Valkyr because of this minor thing. So I didn’t get your point about “excal exist”. New player just put hunter adrenaline on valkyre and suddenly he can survive in content he was struggling a lot recently. He put hunter adrenaline on excal and... Nothing game changing.
  13. Yes , we just need “Vanilla skin” for all prime weapons, since you can use any Braton skin on Braton Prime. Honestly I like akjagra prime, but non-prime version is so much better imo.
  14. I’ve never bothered myself getting new released auras, so I have all the old auras, but I use only Steel Charge. And I really regret now polaring frames for corrosive projection. It’s just completely useless now.4 extra capacity would be superior for my builds. Spending 3(or4?) formas for aura forma is just scam, especially since I need ranking up warframe after this.
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