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  1. The real thing is... Why do you care about people in other country... If they don’t care themselves? Like if it’s so scared kraken, why not go make revolution, like people always were doing in my country (not that it really helped change things, but still, lol). Anyway China do NOTHING to ME, meanwhile west and mostly AMERICA literally DO things to me. It supports one of the most corrupted government in the world, leading my country to the abyss with no future on some purpose. Why should I care about asian killing asian (if they are okay with it) if I’m under pressure myself now, and nobody ca
  2. Bonewidow **** very deep from my Voidrig tho. Actually I’ve never had problems with Bonewidows, they are so harmless, both against other Necramech and Stropha. Voidrig shield and mines are really hard stuff.
  3. Since they become status-affected, corrosion is very good. Or radiation ... It was working nice too, if I remember.
  4. People don’t like Tenncent why? Beca it’s stealing data? Are you using facebook lul? Because it’s chinese? Damn it, America made so much crap to my country during history that nazies are not that bad in comparison( I might regret saying it, but whatever), yet nobody yelling at american companies owning everything, not I care about it anyway. Grow up people and get out your head from the shell.
  5. I played SS only one battle. And I stoped playing warframe after it. It was terrible, sentient lvls were much more than here if I remember. Objective was so stupid that I barely understood what should I do. And I like OV. Nevcramech is great, even my rank 30 one. Necralisk weapons cool. I have no complaints for now.
  6. Maybe scanner doesn’t show this simply because DE doesn’t care? I mean we need know stuff about enemies, but why do you need to know stats about your (in perspective) dead-in-any-high-content pets? So DE didn’t bother themself and just write regular pet data in scanner.
  7. So why DE just not remove all the resources and grind than? “We keep your game alive DE, so please respect our time we wasting on your game and give us everything for free”
  8. Is it really theme for WARFRAME GENERAL DISCUSSION forum?
  9. Wise Razor is awesome because it gives slaah force proc on heavy attack. Pennant is my favorite melee weapon with 6 formas (I’ve never put more than 2 formas on any melee weapon)
  10. I love RailJack. Warframe is the only game I know with pretty well-made cosmic battle gameplay for me. Few other games I’ve seen with similar “pilot line of sight” even not close enough, because paying 60$ for WHOLE game with only 1 game mode with max 10 hours of equal boring gameplay is literal scam.
  11. I will start with subjective - BR is same crap as MOBA for very ... Special people... Seriously all the stupidest players in all games I’ve seen are in those 2 game genres. Not offending you or anyone who like it here. Warframe has much bigger minimum IQ floor needed for playing, so ... It won’t attract general BR audience into Warframe anyway, and most players who do like BR and play Warframe are vomiting only when thinking about cOnCl@Ve. PvP won’t be good in this game until DE make PvP with separate mobility similar to Destiny at least, or UT with little steroids .
  12. Well Black Friday it's when not very clever, but very greedy people buying stuff they'd never bought themself if not disscount. That's main purpose of it, to get money.
  13. But that’s what people do. “Chance” for more resources is better than no chances at all. If people go farm kuva survival or SP essence , 97% of them will take exactly Smeeta because of this “chance” .
  14. Smeeta is very big mistake of DE at first place. Making farming pet in farming game makes other pet completely worthless.And smeeta does it perfectly .
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