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  1. While I would love to see “Railjack vs Galleon” battle mission... It wouldn’t be stupid gameplay wise. It would be game in one gate because (Surprise!) Railjack is immortal! Even Warframes aren’t. There really nothing that can make this battle engaging, because you can just afk and let 2 gunners and 1 engineer do the mission in solo. Restriction to make it coop only would be very stupid aswell, because playing RJ in coop is very unpleasant experience for low-spec PCs (And overall bug-wise). P.S. In terms of your idea. It sounds nice, but overall doesn’t really change core gameplay mu
  2. Eh I feel like I almost haven’t played the game compared to other people lol. Stats fof top weapons and frames haven’t been updated in years lol.
  3. I don’t know what you’re doing wrong dude. With my 4 GB RAM I kill profit taker... Almost easy (12 years of playing most games at lagging 1-5 fps made me very durable. Warframe lags even not close to some I experienced in past), but in solo, yes, public in open world is crap. But new void storms are completely fine to me. No lags at all, I guess you’re using crap like Windows 10. But I’m sorry to hear your pain, I hope things will be better for you. After all, if it got better even for me, it will be good for you for sure!
  4. Honestly I have no problems with story...But it’s just because I was playing every single quest in appealing time-line. We (SPOILER) doesn’t fight Lotus on jupiter, we fight with huge Sentient ship shard (you can see distant ship in the background ) probably “reanimated” with help of Corpus , specifically Alad, who combines sentient with corpus now to create amalgams (like with mutalists lol). Lotus just speak to us during the mission. Seems like you missed Sacrifice quest? It’s tying all the lines which made you asking too much questions about Lotus and orokin dude . And there is always was “
  5. Yes, sure, take away 2 of my 3 syndicates because they’re “nazi”
  6. *Laughs in Atlas* I really don’t like suggestion for Ash, it’s kinda part of his 2 already and you want to take away his nice passive that increases bleed dots (SS+ tier status). Taking away Oberon augment and givibg it for free to Trinity also not very nice. You either trying make broken passives Rhino(so much of brainless CC is really too much), Saryn(I can imagine this 120% speed bonus in Sanctuary), Trinity (Already told), Excalibur (360 degree block? Can you imagine how broken is it lol) or still pretty useless Ash(described already), Equinox(Who caress about orbs now, lol?),
  7. In past when I hosted (I only hosted) RJ and some smartass came to troll me I just turned off my internet and make host migration for that comedian. PS I see no reasons go pub anymore after adding AI team
  8. The only content I can’t do solo is Eidolons, because just f*^# it. I can solo all Orb Vallis spiders, sorties, arbitrations, any Deimos content (Was soloing 3 Necromech with Hildryn while everyone figured out they can use Octavia), any Steel Path mission. Raathum, RaiJack, Liches etc... Only few problems I have is Index(I dunno, I just can’t score 100 in solo run, I barely see any enemies there) and probably relic runs (Getting 4x time less chances for good reward is crap). And I had crapy pc in past so I mostly played solo with only Oberon (I guess it’s around 500 hours lol) and Valkyre. An
  9. That whole battle is already terrible lag show on low spec pc, including railjack there will be overkill. So i honestly hope not to see RJ related to Orb Vallis ( It’s the worst open world in terms of optimisation) at all.
  10. Yes pet gets some weird aggressive mood. My panzer always runs somewhere and dies almost all the time now (I just didn’t form it at all, because screw it, lol).
  11. I hated update a lot on launch because I played few pubs first. It’s completely broken mess that dangerous to be played. However, solo, if you restart after each mission is pretty damn stable. So you can even play this. But never in group, it’s just too easy to break. Seems so far engine can handle with 1 idiot doing different crap solo, but in group only 1 idiot is enough to block the mission completely for whole group.
  12. Personally for me it’s worst update I’ve ever seen. DE completely took away RailJack from me. I loved that game mode, I really enjoyed it even on release, even with all the bugs. I played a lot in solo just because I liked it. But now... They took away my fully built girl and gave me insted another crap that requires billions of formas (God how I hate forming! I might occasionally form a lot things I like, but it’s always big annoyance to me) and gave me bad corpus mission( I hate new corpus tileset, it’s the most disgusting and unpractical thing for me, mostly because of those defences omg!)
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