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  1. Amalgam Daikyu Target Acquired + Nikana Prime/Nikana Zaw + Umbra modes, Adaptation, Eternal War = ez
  2. By low kills I mean les than 10 for 3+ hours. But if it's completly normal for you, than I'm know who's liking to abuse things in Warframe here.
  3. Btw you also can just add “kill meter” . Like if you’re not killing enemies, they’ll indeed find out Lone Tenno and we lost. No more RNG based drops I haven’t had problems in SP survivals , but it can be really annoying when some , let’s call him “Shadow Crapper” comes out, locks you in room , removes acolytes spawns, wastes a lot of time (especially if you bring status-heavy-aimed weapon) and than after figh you see this life support being at 10%. Pretty annoying.
  4. Just ban forever each player who is not engaging in combat (have low kills) . Problem with dirty abusers solved once and for all. I honestly really annoyed how this game can’t have any fun mechanics because it will be abused by S#&$y people.
  5. What’s the point if you need to learn the sequence of requiems and it won’t auto-install right sequence when you got all 3 mods? Like if you’re completely unlucky you won’t guess right and will fight lvl 5 sister anyway (if you not using oull). I was stabbing 3 lvl sisters knowing only two requiems, once even knowing only one. Your problem is that person won’t summon sister? Well you not expecting 4 sisters to show up in one mission. If someone wants to jerk this way , it’s up to them.
  6. It would be good I guess, if not their stupid AI and useless/broken skills depending on element.
  7. Nukor + C.O. melee. Khora. Plenty of other things I suppose.
  8. I always parazon even if I have no mod installed at all. I don’t care about higher lvl, everything is doable, but I respect dont like when people waste time of not killing their sister, like really during this can appear sister of normal human , which will be parazoned and we got 10 murmurs. Instead we tied with sister of smocker, that potentially ruins run for normal people. Not that I can do anything about it, so I mostly just leave to not waist mission attempt because of this smocker dude
  9. It’s not going to happen, imo. They’re super beings which too busy spitting and harassing each other, they don’t care about some poopy humans and pseudo-infested running over Deimos. Nor they even need any supersoldiers (Lol I’m sure if they needed to get rid of Enthrati, they would just shoot Necralisk with their lasers untill it completely destroyed). Nor tenno nor Enthrati aren’t threat to DEIMOS ITSELF. They just killing silly numbers of infested nobody caress in global aspect. Not even mention that Vome is a good girl who doesn’t allow infested to attack us on her watch.
  10. While it PARTIALLY band-aids the symptom, it do nothing with root of disease. If you give AoE to rifle it won’t magically became OP. There is reason why Chakkhurr is probably the best rifle. And that reasons isn’t inhale AoE(but it’s important too), it’s monstrous stats of this weapon that makes it competitive. No Jokes, 50% base crit and huge base damage (and recently 100% impact proc also became a thing too) makes it very viable . Nice guns like Grinlok,Kuva Hind, Tiberon , Nagatanka even Kuva Quartakk can’t competite even stats-wise. Those weapons would be good if we had enemies with some flat damage reduction, so weapons with low damage but high firerate would be only best way to deal with it. Something like liches have, but not broken (in terms of not hard, but literally broken thing).
  11. Maybe I will say something very stupid, but your question sounds suspicious. Tenet, Kuva, Paracesis have 40 max polarity that’s why you get 30 + base capacity. But you want 31 polarity on base weapon like Stropha? No it doesn’t work this way. Or your Kuva weapons also 30 polarity? Than ut would be question to Support, probably even bug-report.
  12. All intelligent people know, that there is no such thing as “gravity” or what this conspiracy bs they trying feed to children in those hell halls known as school, and Earth is actually flat. Heck even DE knows it and made a little sneak peek to us, as all the planets in game looks like flat discs and not some... Globes lololol. Jokes aside, I think it would be nice thing to have, even if it would require to install another “boost” on our archwing, same as gravimag. UPD. lol people, what are you doing, I haven’t even seen the original date lol
  13. That’s exactly the problem I described, non AoE weapons have unjustified base damage, even if sometimes it can be “justified” by firerate on paper. Just remember when Ignis with 100 damage and 1 firerate was changed to 10 damage and 10 firerate. On paper stats didn’t change at all, but God, how terribly it dropped the gun. Everyone forgot it untill Wraith version with normal firerate appeared, lol.
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