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  1. Hey! 🙂 you just have to use it once after getting max MR xp from it. It‘s not about the weapon beeing a Heavy Blade! It‘s about the weapon having a Connection with Ballas and the helmet in the crystal with Natah. If another weapon would be the Sentient Killer and could destroy the sentient crystal then it would be that way. It is just for 30 minutes. We also have to use Amps for eidolons. Imagine melting Iron without really hot fire. Sometimes it makes sense doing stuff in a specific way.
  2. Hey guys ! I'd like a global recruit chat too. For myself it is near impossible to form/find radshare groups in the german recruitment chat. +1 And happy holidays to you all !
  3. Hey :] good that you've mentioned this. This specific engine doesn't work at all.. I have equipped it, but the speed of the ship doesn't change. I also have a Vidar Engine MK1 Wreckage with the exact same boost and it does change the values! Hope that could be fixed too :] Thanks and greetings Edit: .. after 9 days of research all sigma engines .. don't work .. they just add their value to the boost but not the engine speed :X Well, Happy Holidays to you all :]
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