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  1. I like the idea of just beeing able to use multiple formas on one mod slot for multiple polarities... But unfortunately this probably will never happen.. cause 1 wf slot +1 potato + Aura-/ forma Grind + warframe Grind = more money and time investment than one multi-forma grind... or a mod slot with 3-4 applied formas... And if they give that to us.. people will complain that they want integrated enemy/loot Radar and universal vacuum without needing to mod for that .. and then they want their animal companions with modable claw weapons.. And after that seperated warframe energy from the railjack ... .. great ideas but DE are the ones that have to use them.. they have the last Word.. And it seems they like hills ... Take care guys !
  2. Well... how about a 100% chance to get the weapon you have equipped while killing the larvling... instead of a 1/[Kuva weapon number] chance.. You get the element dependant on the frame .. so it should be easy to make it that you get a kuva karak if you equip a (kuva)karak while stabbing the lich. And new weapons could be dependant on the category for example kill the larvling with an archgun and you'll get the kuva ayanga ... there are enough layers of RNG in the lich System already. .. just be kind to us DE ...
  3. hey :] the problem is that now there could be people with the same pilot plexus mods but only one pilot slot so the other guys have wasted a mod slot.. or no one with maxed artillery/gunnery/engineer builds equipped but they do sit in those seats while you with the better build have to do other things .. battle and tactical avionics are individual for each player before: 1 good host 3 other guys could profit from the hosts railjack but if the host hasn't a well equipped railjack the whole group is penalized by that after: 1 host railjack ( that could have S#&$ty turrets/hull/shield/engine) but the individual mods could be great but the plexus mods can not compensate a bad railjack much in addition to that you now can have the same plexus builds for 1(pilot) or two/three(gunner) roles in public groups but not enough possibilities to use those builds .. or your group is missing a specific build... which is unfortunate .. AND you are penalized by your frame choice .. ( bad railjack energy change is bad .. ) AND the worst part .. you can't choose now if you want to host or join a group .. it's random .. if there is a host you'll join automatically if not .. you'll host premade groups would solve all that but the S#&$ty energy change
  4. That would be awesome! Maybe with a quest or something!
  5. I agree ... upgrading via leveling and then choosing a perk in accordance with the used points would be the coolest thing ever.... It‘s almost impossible to get blessed by RNG and get: - 5 points in pilot gunner endurance with zetki turret boost - 5 points in gunner repair endurance with zetki turret boost - 5 points in repair battle endurance with after repair movement/ rifle crit boost
  6. I understand you... what I meant with that is that DE will most likely implement universal forma.. cause ... money... But I prefer your idea 😔
  7. I like what I read! +1... but.... Money ..... more forma sales.... more needed frames/slots bought for different builds... DE made us use 4 forma for an Aura forma ... they probably will let us have to use 6 forma or so for one universal forma slot ... Well ... let‘s just hope DE will decide to hear and use feedback more often .... 😶
  8. I‘d like the separation the OP suggested too... it‘s kinda hard finding radshare groups while playing WF in german... and it‘s annoying to switch to english everytime a new prime access appears .. We could have a general chat section that everyone uses and have to write english in.. or just combine the public group matchmaking while the ping limit in the option menu sets the frame for our game sessions...
  9. Hey guys ! Glad the discissions here are this calm Dear Sirs 🙂 Back to topic, I agree with the quoted posts! Personally I‘d like the (separated) flux energy pool back with the reactor providing per second energy regen and flux capacity values that are based on the manufacturer. The engineer/crew could buff the per second rate or restore a fixed energy amount while disabling the regen rate for a few seconds... If DE want‘s to be lazy I‘d be fine with cooldowns for the Battle abilities... the important thing is that we have the freedom of choice to pick the Frame we like without getting penalized in railjack!
  10. Now that you mentioned deimos ... I recall we STILL only have rank 3/5 available from necraloid... why ?! How can this be ? Great thing would be to give absolute/primed requiem mods from there... mods that never get depleted... Heck let them cost 100k standing each.. everything is better than the requiem mod grind... absolutely disgusting...
  11. 100% this ... but if primary/secondary weapons would have a combo system too, there would be no need for galvanized mods and those new arcanes ... that would mean less grind disguised as fixes for us... Combo counter/combo mods for those weapons and CO for them as well would've just fixed everything ... IMO
  12. I think on Hit for theses mods/arcanes would be better .... Currently they only buff weapons that already are able to kill enemies before using those mods...
  13. Other mods with hellish drop chances are the Corpus gas tile secret laboratory enemy mods and shock collar.... you could propably farm all the dojo pigments from orb vallis solo before getting shock collar -.-
  14. I'd like to use the armor-attachements/ styles of the lichs I downed to customize my own converted lich! I think that would be cool and it takes away the choice of converting your lich by appearance and lets us instead choose the lich with the weapon/personality we want! One less layer of RNG we have to be afraid of if we want to convert a lich for our Crew! :]
  15. Hey guys :] glad you brought this topic back up ! I hate the railjack energy change .. it's just another inconsistent part in warframe ... -Archwings don't use the warframes energy pool -Necramechs do it neither -It just forces the meta of hildryn/lavos/dispensory/zenurik If I want to use a spy mission I can pick a stealth frame .. what do I pick if I want to play a survival railjack mission ? A survival frame? Well then I have a Handicap for the RJ part .. Solution: bring back flux energy(but make it separated pools), make it regenerate per second through the reactor speccs. They have a recharge rate per second and a max RJ energy pool value. Those values can be differently weighted by the manifacturers. Let the engineer/Crew choose between boosting the recharge rate or craft a fixed amount while stopping the recharge rate for a certain time. Could you guys manage with these changes ? I would love it this way and it would bring back the fun in RJ missions for me .. cause they do give quite a lot of endo .... Currently I'm farming the holo keys first so I can have the 320 holo keys with that I don't have to play that game Mode ever again cause it is just that annoying to me .. and I like doing the Bad chores first ... 🤔
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