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  1. shoot 1 or 2 kneecaps off then suddenly thumper invulnerable to damage no matter how many times you shoot it. 100% no reg. occasionally happening during plague star mission.
  2. if you Mind control an enemy affected by Chaos, they become 100% faster. if you Mind control an enemy affected by psychic bolts, they will not move but only shoot. Ooh, IS THAT SYNERGY? I like the sounnd of that.
  3. wtf why? Even if they were a forma addict, do they not realize how annoying it is to remember which frame has which configs when you have more than 1 of the same frame? This is coming from someone who had multiple frames for that, and fashion frame reasons before I deleted most of them after config slots were added.
  4. 6 wasn't even enough before helminth on frames like equinox. Now with helminth I have a million builds. PLEASE DE. --- Just on my volt I'll need about 8: Eso-only nuke with fire blast tanky give no effs shield gate abuse build for when I don't want to pay attention. For Eidolons solo-vrooming no range 370% strength Group vrooming with range shock trooper + electric shield build for guns. tab for extra helminth experimentation.
  5. Ah yeah...yareli is *laughs Maybe prime with viral first? There's... no real part of Yareli worth playing until they shrink her like titania cos skateboard gets stuck every 3 seconds...and your normal skateboard is a statstick, so if I want to put my high jump mods on normal skateboard to make it more playable in open world and don't switch mod config every time I jump on Yareli I high five the ceiling.
  6. "can't kill a level 30 enemy" ???? Just press 4? Unless you just mean buff volt 1 and frost 2 in general, in which case sure. But what you've listed are mainly cc abilities.
  7. Also one for if I've gotten everything from a relic would also help (even if some items require duplicates to build). Also one for <forma in common %>
  8. & now we have summon necramech. & another fishing spear for deimos.
  9. Please give me more filter options when I'm trying to search through my inventory.
  10. Also Cephalon Simaris. I understand no-skip the first time to make sure people know what's going on, but I've heard his hunter dialogue a million times. Just let me skip. Or let him drone on while I'm given the option to walk away!
  11. Please add a maintenance hatch I can escape from. I keep falling out of elevators. either from cc, or transferring into operator at the wrong moment. Anyway, once I've fallen down, depending on the map, the top doors of the elevator opens up, while I'm stuck beneath the elevator floor and the elevator car depending on the map. In a group, having my friend push the button to summon elevator on the bottom floor sends the elevator car plummeting on top of my head, which dumps me out of the map into either infinite fall, or I get back into the map eventually maybe. Worse: Some maps have elevator bottoms which are filled with toxin procs, which will kill me ever so slowly. so I'm stuck down there dying slowly and re-rezzing myself.
  12. might as well help out or get help while I'm waiting for people to join for trades or railjack missions or what have you.
  13. iirc archive might've been from the archwing quest? Just remember it being a quest item. it's not bugged. my friend also has it. "Duplicate Stalker sigils hasn't been a thing for awhile now." oh good, they fixed the bug. but I still have all of mine. ALL OF THEM.
  14. Agreed. Would make it easier to transfer colours.
  15. Buying cosmetics has never been more of a pain in the arse when I just want to see how something looks like from a certain angle.
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