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  1. Chakhurr/Zarr Twin Rogga Nami Skyla/Nami Solo/Dex Dakra/Dakra Prime
  2. Of the people I got to try Warframe, none. But I did make friends from Warframe who still play regularly.
  3. Check with support. Maybe you said something else that might have 'slipped your mind'. I don't think anyone here can help you.
  4. This isn't a job, it's a free to play game that needs to retain players not push them away. Bad comparison.
  5. Nope, that sucks. Better way to deal with it would be to give other team members murmur every time the lich is downed, and give the owner of the lich that murmur for when they stab. Don't penalize players, reward them instead. It's a better less stressful system. Allows players to play how they want without much change, and will reward players actually trying to help down the liches.
  6. It's up to them if they want to, I think the problem lies with the implementation. DE should put in some system to help prevent this, or the give a bit of murmur when the lich leaves as well.
  7. Would definitely work with the mulciber armor set. I'm for it, there's already some chunker syandanas.
  8. EH, it's an RPG game basically. It's mostly for RP purposes I think. Not like you can't nuke 95% of the content now with like 95% of the current arsenal anyways.
  9. The one they are implementing looks really bad, luckily Revenant is a pretty bad frame so there's no reason to really play him anyways. Cosmetics are pretty much completely irrelevant at that point.
  10. You sound new to RNG. There is no such thing as luck involved.
  11. Why would you think that? Congrats, you played yourself. The only info they said is that they will try to get it out before tennocon. "Try".
  12. Warframe is really not a fun game to watch someone else play, and the popular ones are quite... embarrassing to watch.
  13. There are so many vintage skins... It would be nice to get an option for all of them! I understand getting rid of a skin due to it not being in the aesthetics... but with all of the very varied deluxe skins, I think it wouldn't really be visually clashing at this point.
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