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  1. Warframe is really not a fun game to watch someone else play, and the popular ones are quite... embarrassing to watch.
  2. There are so many vintage skins... It would be nice to get an option for all of them! I understand getting rid of a skin due to it not being in the aesthetics... but with all of the very varied deluxe skins, I think it wouldn't really be visually clashing at this point.
  3. It's been taken out ages ago, but I really miss it. Used to be one of my most used guns back when I started playing and seeing the box design on wiki brings back a lot of nostalgia. Is it possible to bring it back as a market purchasable option? I believe the helminth charger had a similar option when the new skin was implemented, just to be able to keep it as an old charger. Please consider this, I know I would really be happy with this coming back, and I'm sure others would be as well!
  4. Yeah! I remember that. Instagib warframe. It was actually a ton of fun. I think I'd happily play that nowadays just to pass the time and farm conclave skins.
  5. The thing with rivens on weapons is to raise the usability of guns, with higher stats, you won't increase the actual usefulness of a frames abilities. It just doesn't make sense.
  6. As you are clearly new to the Warframe community, I would like to welcome you officially. You'll understand the community eventually. :)
  7. When have they ever made such an exception? If they change up the formula now, people like you guys would just get your pitchforks that there aren't 3 items every PA.
  8. Fusilai is already strong. And it's a thrown weapon, they actually want to sell these prime accesses, you know how unpopular those weapons are?
  9. My elec burns through a 170 manic bombard in less than a magazine. It's riven'd with dam ms -slash. Also aoe on elec is beneficial, especially when paired with a grouping ability. I've noticed elec is much better with it as it gets most effectiveness with enemies in close proximity with it's innate enemy punch through.
  10. There is literally a dev post from yesterday homie.
  11. Viral slash when the weapon allows it, viral heat for when it doesn't, and viral elec on phantasma. That's about it. There is no faction variable that changes the build.
  12. Thanks! Can you please let us know if there are any changes planned for status in the future? There are so many lacking elements, and it's a bore to have the same build to feel useful in missions.
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