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  1. Now I'm curious what rivens you are selling that are 'just as good as any on there, if not better". Please do give examples. :)
  2. I think it's less of a problem about punchthrough, but more of a problem with how modding is as a whole. There are too many "key" mods to be able to even fit anything that gives any QOL.
  3. I think the fact people are even putting in effort like this to make a change is telling of the current situation with the game.
  4. I've been thinking they should ramp up damage based on melee combo count.
  5. When you notice meta (and meta by a pretty wide margin) builds are all identical, you start looking into why the really cool and unique damage types and mods fall flat. I think the main point about those threads is why the hell would you make all of these different ways and options to play, when they don't exactly make sense, or are effective enough to be fun in a normal capacity?
  6. Hey guess what, there's a meta build for most guns/melees, and the one of the only things you should swap around on it is the bane for which you're fighting against. There's also the fact that you never have to swap out your bane of grineer, as the other factions are bent completely over even without actually swapping the bane slot out. Why not change effectiveness to other elements like OP suggested to have more build variety that actually matters?
  7. They are just a gimmick 'transportation system'. They are really pointless other than just being 'cool'. Honestly that's all they will ever be good for, I don't think they should waste dev time for trying to better them or change them.
  8. And that's fair! I agree, having a more clear idea of when to expect is always great. It just seems hard to even consider that right now when it seems they don't even have concrete ideas as to what the changes are that they want to implement.
  9. Don't make the mistake of assuming this. "That will come in the next few weeks" =/= next update. And mind you, it's the dev workshop which is coming out in a few weeks time, not the actual changes themselves. You are the one setting yourself up for disappointment with this expectation.
  10. It must suck being a developer saying they're looking into something and having everyone assume it's coming out right away. They didn't specify when and what even, only mentioned about melee weapons attack speed potentially stacking differently (nerf) and that they will want to bring primaries and secondary's up a bit to melee level (buff). No specifications other than that And actually, went and (quite easily) dug out info from the actual patch notes from the highlighted melee changes paragraph that you have even mentioned yourself: For
  11. Ash prime is far easier to farm. Just go for that.
  12. Yeah, I've noticed the same in other survivals too, Ophelia mainly, but there are definite issues with the spawns.
  13. You can actually exchange it already. Prime parts for platinum is a very reliable way to exchange. And prime parts are easier to farm than credits for the most part.
  14. Honestly, trying to figure out is a headache and a half. Being pushed to play this mode is a giving me vibes I should finally uninstall after 7 and a half years.
  15. Railjack stuff is so unexciting. Well, at least Outriders is coming out soon, so it's a good period to take a break again.
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