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  1. Updating my earlier reply. I finally got my color pallette. Had more fun hanging out in stream with the partner I found via the directory and their silly games played with chat, which is worth way more to me than any color pallette
  2. So, been watching the same partner for 4+ hours. No drops. I've already done as much troubleshooting as I can. I've unlinked and relinked my accounts, then logged out and back in. I've made sure I'm only watching one streamer and that I'm marked as active. I've never had any issues with drops in the past, so I'm stumped. 😞 On the bright side, I did enjoy the streamer that I ended up watching and met some new people.
  3. Can confirm this has been around for a long time. As @TomaLevine has stated, it's geometry from neighboring tiles poking through where they don't belong.
  4. I also had this issue. Ran Ur twice. Bugged out at round 10 each time. Will put the key in the conduit and it stops responding. There is no buff/debuff. There is no timer. The demolyst also does not spawn. But the team is able to extract just fine.
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