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  1. On 2020-07-11 at 6:11 AM, vanaukas said:

    I don't understan either why we have the prelate mission and no other special missions... I hope we can, one day, have even grendel missions on steel path, S#&$ must be true hell

    They exist, they just aren't required, and they indeed are true hell. Although there is no unique reward, you can still switch your star chart to the steel path and initiate any of the grendel missions whereas the enemies will have their levels scaled to that of the steel path (enemies were 140 when I tried the defense and failed) and will also get the steel path modifiers for bonus armor, etc. If you really want to experience hell in warframe. Pick one of these missions on the steel path and use a stalker beacon. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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  2. This is just bad. There is literally no way a human being looked at this at any point prior to implementing this armor in the game. How on earth does one leg plate end up correct and the other end up ON THE BACK OF THE LEG ENTIRELY. This is just bad and needs to be fixed. Someone fell asleep at the wheel here. 

    Final edit: It is currently like this on EVERY frame. Not limited to any of the frames pictured below. The right Kuva Stragh Leg Plate is bugged on every frame in the game currently and is facing backwards. Fun stuff.


    Editing because it's like this on Nezha as well



    and Khora




    And Ash



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  3. I have a melee riven with the challenge of "Get the killing blow on 6 sentients while invisible" and it will not make progress despite killing numerous different sentients in different locations with different invisible frames. I tried with Ivara, Ash, and Loki to kill sentients on Lua, inside the hidden laboratories on Jupiter gas city, as well as on the sentient anomaly in veil proxima. The riven still remains at 0/6 completed.

    Pictured below is a sentient corpse with the riven progress display showing 0/6 as well as my invisible Ivara that is responsible for it.


  4. The Steel Path trophy for Deimos is much smaller than all of the others and the planet is oriented backwards in comparison to how it appears in game.

    Here are two pictures: 1) up close of Deimos in the correct orientation showing the base oriented backwards. & 2) All obtainable trophies side by side showing similar scaled size of each, except for Deimos which appears much smaller than the rest, and backwards when the base is oriented correctly.


  5. The flashlight that automatically turns on when you enter a cave or dark area with your warframe is extremely disruptive to captura. There needs to be a means to disable it to allow for captura in dark areas to have true color. All my dark frames look washed out and white when the flashlight turns on, regardless of scene lighting and levels on the 3 light setup.

    Sorry if this has been requested before. I could not find any results searching the forum.

  6. The drop rate stated in the PC drop tables for Protea Chassis is 11.11% rotation C of Extended Granum Void. I have now ran the Extended Granum Void 55 times with no drops of Protea Chassis. This photo shows I have obtained the Velox Receiver (29.63%) 15 times, Stahlta Stock (29.63%) 17 times, Stropha Receiver (29.63%) 23 times, Exemplar Granum Crown Decoration (16.67%) 12 times, Corpus Ship Hanger Scene (16.67%) 10 times and Protea Chassis (11.11%) ZERO times.

    Comparing my results to the drop tables shows my experienced drops results of Velox Reiver 27.27%, Stahlta Stock 30.9%, Stropha Receiver 41.81%, Exemplar Granum Crown Deco 21.81% and Corpus Ship Hanger Scene 18.18% with Protea Chassis still not having dropped a single time. The chances of 55 attempts at an 11.11% drop without success is 1.7 in 1000. Every item can within 5% of it's expected drop rate except the Stropha Receiver and Protea Chassis. The Stropha Receiver drops were clearly abnormally high is addition to the Protea Chassis being abnormally absent. This clearly shows that these two drop rates have been incorrectly stated with whatever lowered chance the chassis has of dropping being attributed to the Stropha Receivers drop rate.


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  7. Given that the Edo Prime armor set in particular was just bundled with Nova Prime unvaulting, this error is hopefully coming to the attention of more people right about now. Just hoping it comes to the attention of the people at DE that can get this addressed. I will add thought, that I think it's her armature's stances. If you put another frame's animation set on her it can correct it. Here is a picture of her with Titania Noble animation set.


  8. Captura camera controls do not function. When you enter free camera the Q, E, Space and LCtrl do absolutely nothing. The camera will not tilt, ascend or descend in any way. This makes captura virtually unusable. Please address or at least acknowledge that this is being worked on because today's hotfix brought no fix or mention of the problem and my last post in bug forum from last week did not receive any reply.

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