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  1. interesting. you may want to submit a ticket. the recent prime vault update mentioned this issue specifically and it is resolved when I try it. not sure why your controls would still not function.
  2. Given that the Edo Prime armor set in particular was just bundled with Nova Prime unvaulting, this error is hopefully coming to the attention of more people right about now. Just hoping it comes to the attention of the people at DE that can get this addressed. I will add thought, that I think it's her armature's stances. If you put another frame's animation set on her it can correct it. Here is a picture of her with Titania Noble animation set.
  3. The left and right Kuva Shoulder Plates visibly and noticeably clip at all times when equipped on Saryn. This is true for all skin variants except Saryn Orphid Skin.
  4. By any chance, are you also looking into the view controls not working in captura since glassmaker update? Q, E, Space and LShift, do not tilt, ascend or descend when in free camera mode 😢
  5. As of today's hotfix, the following items are no longer available in the syndicate offerings: New Loka: Silver Grove Shrine Scene The Perring Sequence: Mycona Colony Scene Red Veil: Harrow's Temple Scene, Hunhow's Chamber Scene Steel Meridian: Kuva Throne Scene
  6. Captura camera controls do not function. When you enter free camera the Q, E, Space and LCtrl do absolutely nothing. The camera will not tilt, ascend or descend in any way. This makes captura virtually unusable. Please address or at least acknowledge that this is being worked on because today's hotfix brought no fix or mention of the problem and my last post in bug forum from last week did not receive any reply.
  7. CAPTURA CAMERA CONTROLS ARE STILL BROKEN. They have been broken since last week's hotfix. Today's hotfix did not address the issue and no mention or reply to any of my forum posts regarding it. Will somebody there PLEASE FIX CAPTURA?
  8. As title states, currently when I am in captura and press the G key to toggle free camera, when I then press the E, Q, Space, or LCtrl keys they do not function. The camera does not move or translate in any way when pressing the designated keys. I have checked my keybindings and they are all bound as normal. The same keys all function as normal in standard game play.
  9. If you have no problem doubling intrinsic gain without concern for whether or not it is fair to the players who have already done the grind for 10/10/10/10, then you should also have no problem doubling the drop rate for mutagen samples.
  10. The 100/100 requirement to get the bonus needs to go away. Nobody likes it. Nobody wants it. People do not want to receive 1/3 the pay for their time just because they chose the wrong server to join. Maybe give 1/2 the bonus upon expiration of the timer, and the other half if reached 100/100. That way people who did not join a successful flotilla can at least feel somewhat rewarded for their time.
  11. Please just REMOVE THE 100/100 REQUIREMENT FOR PAYOUTS. As it stands, 2/3 of you battle pay is tied to whether or not the flotilla reaches 100/100. This encourages people to avoid low completion servers and invokes chance to determine whether or not people who join flotillas early in the cycle will be screwed out of the lions share of their rewards. So currently there is no reason to immediately join a flotilla at the start of the round and actually a HUGE incentive to wait and see which ones are guaranteed to reach the goal before joining. Once more players catch on to this, this event is going to become a giant game a chicken. I joined one yesterday at the start of the cycle and by an hour in it had only reached 25/100, 15 of which were my squad. Nobody was joining and nobody was going to because not enough people joined early on to get the number to look promising. So the flotilla stagnated and eventually I saw 2 space squads and 4 ground squads fighting in vain and I decided to quit for the night and chalk my efforts up to a waste. I got ~7k points and my rank3 badge this morning, but obviously no 10k credit cache. This event encourages people to only help the tenno that need it the least.
  12. The bonus dependent on the flotilla reaching 100/100 is TWICE AS MUCH as you get from actually playing. And your flotilla reaching 100/100 is totally out of any single squad’s control. If you join a flotilla when the timer resets, play for an hour in that flotilla and score several thousand points, but you are unlucky and the flotilla you chose doesn’t populate as time moves forward for whatever reason, you don’t get your reward because there is nothing you can do to make it reach 100/100. This means you can literally waste your time because of factors out of your control. The 100/100 requirement for bonuses NEEDS TO GO AWAY. I spent 2 hours in a flotilla from the start of the timer. At the end of the two hours I saw that my server was only at 48/100 and NOBODY WAS JOINING IT. It showed 4 ground squads and 2 space squads and it was obvious I just chose the wrong flotilla when I started. I got my rank 3 badge alright, BUT NO CREDITS. This is absolutely disrespectful of my time. People will not join a flotilla that doesn’t look like it will reach 100/100 for this very reason. So anyone who joins a flotilla early is TAKING A HUGE RISK on whether or not theirs picks up enough steam for players to be confident their time won’t be wasted. As time progresses, less and less players join these at risk flotillas compounding this effect meaning this will only get worse as players notice this for themselves. Right now I have no intention of joining a flotilla until we are at least an hour into the cycle and I can clearly see that it has potential to complete. There are too many factors involved in whether you get this end payout that are out of your control to justify gating 2/3 of battle pay to this end payout. YOU NEED TO REMOVE THE 100/100 REQUIREMENT FOR THE BONUS AND RETROACTIVELY PAY EVERYONE THE BONUS FOR EACH FLOTILLA THEY HAVE BEEN IN.
  13. We desperately need a way to know which flotilla instance we have scored in because if we get kicked or disconnected (happening a LOT) we have no way of knowing which flotilla our score is in so we cannot reenter the same fleet and add to our cumulative score. This is a HUGE issue as the rewards are based on your total score in that particular instance. Major oversight.
  14. The new score rewards are only going to further the divide in reward inconsistencies for time spent in murex raids vs time spent in ground assault. There is already a huge issue with not enough people doing ground mission to supply codes for murex raids and this will make it worse because you can earn twice the points in the same amount of time doing railjack vs condrix. This just means the most stubborn railjack players will receive the most rewards while others feel forced into doing ground missions for less.
  15. Tricked my clanmate Z3R0M0N5T3R into doing this entry with me. Don't worry, minion Banshee and Excaligru aren't real, they can't hurt y... [/IMG]
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