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  1. I missed the Devstream Yesterday But I just saw and OMFG, They showed Equinox Prime.😍🤩
  2. My animation Software is on the Fritz Again. Hi Hi and Hello Tenno. After carefully reading the rules in hopes to qualify I put in alot of time into trying to make an Animated submission for this contest only for my file to be corrupted right before i was ready to submit. But not all hope is lost, I forge a little movement guild just in the nick of time. Are you ready to Step into the Ring with This BAD BOI?!!?? Had a Real Tough Time figuring out where to put my Image just to upload a URL so i just linked it back to my website :P This Jiggly Sumo Gif i found was Perfect for reference I'm So excited i got this finished, I hope someone see's this in time for the "Choosening".
  3. What would make since is that there would be a Day prime aspect and a Night Prime aspect and maybe something called an Equinox prime link to fuse them and of course some orokin cells
  4. "SO I LEARNED SOMETHING TODAY". Just like the Winter and Summer Solstice, there are 2 more days that fluctuate the times of Night and Day. An Equinox is the instance of time when the Earth's Equator lines up with the center of the Sun. On the day of an "Equinox", daytime and nighttime are almost equal in duration all over the planet. This occurs twice each year: on March 20th and September 23rd. The March 20th date oddly enough lines up with the the prime access ending. I hope the Community keeps their eyes peeled for any teasers for what would be the perfect day to reveal Equinox Prime.
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