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  1. Will you improve Void storms to make them more desirable? For example give us ability to open 3+ relics at the same time AND more importantly, CHOOSE from all those relics at the same time? Please? It makes sense, after all, during the void storms, you are literally bathing in the void stuff, it should allow you to do this. Will you also some region with random Railjack missions, the selection of which would change every now and then? This would allow you to have some way to simulate deep space exploration. I personally dislike going for specific missions, I personally want to be able to
  2. Hats off to you DE, while you sometimes make mistakes, there is one thing you always nail: Beautiful tilesets. The new loot dungeons, especially the ice-mines are all beautiful. But it brings a problem: After I am done with Neptune, there is literally no reason for me to farm them anymore... Even if I went to RJ to rank up some stuff or do some other things, I won't ever meet the Ice mines ever again, because I'll most possibly chose Pluto or Veil proxima over anything else, because the levels are there beefier and more satisfying to kill (They don't die immediatelly, their shield-gating actua
  3. Here it says it is untradeable, but the warframe market already has many offers. So is it or isn't it tradeable?
  4. I was attempting to sacrifi... I mean subsume my Ash (with a cyst, if that helps) and when I was given the press x to sit prompt, it didn't do anything, even when I smashed x like crazy. I reseted the game, same issue. I tried to approach it with different warframe after multiple of resets and still nothing. When approached with a cyst frame, it does not even show me the direct option to remove the cyst. Anyone else encountered the issue?
  5. Weren't we also supposed to get placeable NPCs and a major decoration price lowering?
  6. Are there any hopes for infested RJ in the future? Exploring and purging of infested derelicts is my dream, but I want to do it on the regular, I don't wanna redo same mission over and over and over, hoping that it would spawn.
  7. Honestly, quite sad, I would have wanted the neon wings too as an ephemera.
  8. A long term idea, but perhaps creating a sort of "open zone" that is left to explore would be neat. It would be like its own proxima, but it would be made out of random nodes filled with random encounters, random gamemodes and random rewards would be neat. It would make seem railjack to be bigger than it is, as if you are exploring various previously unexplored parts of the solar system.
  9. And they have been making the zephyr deluxe skin ever since much sooner and we don't have that one either, so patience boy.
  10. That doesn't make it a railgun... It is more like a rebar gun at that point, not a railgun.
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