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  1. Oh come on DE, come on!! I was so looking forward to having that syandana equipable on my other frames and you do this... So much of new fashion frame possible with a whole different kind of syandana and this happens... At least give us some different kind of cape that you can equip on other frames... such a missed opportunity.
  2. Welp, as long as it helps them to make the New War as good as possible, I can roll with this.
  3. Is that through mail or is that a secret? Because I have Kuva Nukor, but I received no mail...
  4. Oh I am fully capable of throwing out ideas till kingdom come. Have I ever said that game doesn't need challenge? No, you did. I crave challenge, meaningful challenge. Bulletsponge enemies certainly ain't that and nerfing players only makes enemies more bullet-spongy. One solution I always wanted to happen would be the critical or elite enemies. but not just some buffed up enemies, but more like minibosses with variety of attacks and specific mechanics in order to bring them down. Something you can't mindlessly nuke out of window and that have specifically telegraphed attacks. Like in Risk of Rain for example, or Dark Souls, where you can clearly see the enemy is about to hit you and if you don't evade or hide behind cover, you get the damage. Or mega slam with glowing depicted area. The mortar moas in Orb Vallis are a nic example of that with showing the area where their bomb lands. Or clearly visible auras, like an elite enemy projecting a small Radiation aura similar to that of the sortie modifier. Even regular enemies could get this treatment. Their attacks could be less random, more telegraphed, but would hit harder. Lancers for example. They would not shoot random bursts, but would first give a hint, like aiming laser and then fire a strong salvo. Problem with current enemies is that while their models are neat, in most cases they are simply random and unpredictable. Even the amalgam enemies that were claimed to be new and interesting only ended up being pretty new models with zero impact. Even their attacks have no real meaning, you actually never notice them nowadays. The only amalgams I ever got a good look at were the demolysts. Creative enemies, enemies that matter, these are the way. Little things that spice up the gameplay. Omnidirectional shields are classic, but very fitting for a game like this. But things like these take effort and actually playing the game, knowing its mechanics. Things DE has already lost.
  5. I meant in terms of game design. They always have a way around in terms of game design, they can mix things up mechanic-wise in order to give us mechanical difficulty, they don't have to hammer us into the ground.
  6. There is always a way around, saying there is no way around is just a lack of imagination.
  7. Oh come on, I was looking forward to the Steel Path finally having meaningful rewards, them mods were lookin' sweet. Nvm then it seems...
  8. Not every warframe is a stripper. Nidus certainly ain't. And the weapons also should be able to kill stuff on their own. That's the point of the weapons. To kill stuff. If not, what is the reason for me to use guns and not just go ham on everything with my warframe or my melee, which does good job on its own, whereas some weaker guns require the buffs from outside sources. And that's plain bad. Also, don't even attempt to start on the possibilities of Helminth allowing me to give stripper abilities to my favorite frames. The Helminth system is there to allow for variability, to mix things up, to have fun. It should not be a requirement to have that one specific stripping ability.
  9. Wow... I always offer you the courtesy of hope that something will improve, that the new accounts you made will get you some insight, but apparently, all for naught... These changes only prove you have no idea what to do. The mods and the arcanes look pretty neat at the first glance, but all they do is they will only buff the already strong weapons. My Trumna will love the arcane merciless. But some weak weapons? How can weapon benefit from an on-kill effect, if it can't score a kill in the first place. That is one issue. Also, many players don't want to bother themselves with keeping up some random buffs. Some players like stability. With this, the game will deteoriate into a chase for buffs and for kills. And oopsie, enemies won't spawn for a moment (which ain't player's fault btw), all buffs are lost, gotta begin anew. And this is not good. The upkeep of buffs playstyle is possible, yes, but not everyone likes it. Also, the grind issue. I fully understand that Warframe is a grind game. But what we want to grind for is something new, some new interesting rewards. New weapons and New, original mods. We certainly don't want to farm for new mods, that are supposed to cross the divide that is there the whole game. This is like saying: You will be using melee the whole time and maybe, just maybe, if you go into SP, you can also start using guns now. If you slash your way through all the enemies first. The divide was supposed to be fixed for everyone, not just some players. The galvanized mods were never supposed to exist. They were supposed to be upgrades of the old mods. Or you know, how about buffing all games. Just sit within a paper for a few hours, and raise some numbers up. TL; DR: You are forcing us to farm for something that should be accessible to everyone automatically... For NO, REAL, REASON. As if there wasn't enough farm already with the new lich guns.
  10. Well, why turn it off, why not expand it? I suppose that the liquid inside is going to be colorable, so you can have it green, like the stuff Noxes shoot at you, or some acid. Or I'll have it black or petrol-like and I'll use it on my ignis. I don't think the tank makes it... less merciless.
  11. Me who has grinded all of the Vent kids and has the completion of all races achievement: Pathetic...
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