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  1. I don't see why it would seem desirable in any way to have drones, which is to automate one's offense, or to have anything stationary - the automated and the stationary is precisely incompatible with intense fast paced action. I'm not saying no frame should do this, but should Garuda? What it all boils down to is the impressions we got about Garuda and the disappointment that she somehow became a "blood mage" and in fact that's something of the sort of ALL we've been getting for a while now. First, we don't need 1 of them, second we certainly don't need 3 of them... I'm thinking of Revenant and Harrow, frames with really peculiar abilities which were supposedly complex enough to warrant serious power, who, once everyone figured them out were subsequently nerfed because they were too powerful. To be clear, no amount of % based buff is going to make up for either walking around with no health, or spending half a minute every other minute $&*^ing around with abilities. Everyone's at extraction btw, mission's done, you comin? Oh, moar blood... I see. This criticism isn't a one off either, I'm looking at a disappointing trend against a stated philosophy of fast direct intense action and shiny colors and drama and so on. Anyway , granting Umbra and the primes it's been a while since we saw anything in this vein, 2015 with Nezha, arguably Inaros in 2016, but since then Titania, Nidus, Octavia, Harrow, Gara, Khora, Revenant, stack up all of their abilities and together like 80% of them are peculiar, complicated and slow. I don't begrudge anyone who wants this, but put those against frames like Nova or Loki or Rhino or Trinity. It's the difference between useful synergies with weapons and squads, and the poor dramatic effect of doing automated and static or movement-slowing things. It's as though they were built to replace their weapon kit but their actual casting abilities don't achieve that with respect to how hard we can fight using melee alone and how in the day to day missions there isn't really anything that should slow you down - no, the only reason to slow down is because you want to use an ability you don't really need in the first place, it's at the very least a peculiar direction.
  2. also yeah, GIANT CLAWS *not an exalted weapon.... wait, wat?
  3. what if her 1 was like a nitro overcharging her melee, every time you push it you start bleeding more and get bigger buffs and purging health randomly, running the risk of dieing and continually using energy, you can turn it off by holding 1 and if you blow all your energy you collapse a moment panting and bleeding. you could mitigate the damage with grace, at the first level health orbs and grace would keep you topped off. there shouldn't be any real limit to how far you could overcharge it, but at higher degrees you'd basically wind up needing a trin around spamming bless. anyway, this is what im talking about, synergy with weapons, risk taking, savage.
  4. yeah it does 3 different things, i have no idea why the 1 is stacked like that, it's more like juggling than being savage
  5. yeah... isn't Garuda the name of a giant bird? what if she had some energy wings or something? instead of a globe of knives she could swoop across the room and enemies in the room would do an anime death... heck, what if her powers extended range and damage of melee weapons with spectral energy feathers...
  6. when Garuda was first mentioned i got the impression we were getting something like valkyr, fast paced and direct and then we saw the last several frames, and i said, well Garuda is coming. yknow, i imagined her elbow deep in blood... idk, i doubt im alone in being disappointed in what we saw today. wf can do with some drama, i've always said so, the classic example is the gammacor, even when it was totally meta it still felt like shining a lazer pointer, just bvvvvvvvv, wheres the battery overheating, sparks flying, screen shaking, but whatever, i grab a melee weapon and fly through a map and the slaughter is real... valkyr for instance, she has style, she actually screams, and her abilities (well warcry) actually synergize with her weapons. nothing in this Garuda kit does anything like that, doesn't synergize with squad, short range at best, not dramatic, she doesn't even look like it hurts to spill her blood (frames have blood?) she's not panting, sneezing blood out, she does a little ballet twirl... with that look, with that theme, you can do better.
  7. sorry sheriff! i guess ill just check myself into jail now...
  8. ballerinavent had a beautiful baby with harrow the once a great buffer, she floats around slowly in a small cloud of gore ... most of which is her own ... she's the caster of low health ... the glass ... well ... SUPER glass ... that's not a cannon! *sadface* gah! she's SO BEAUTIFUL! is that a power?
  9. "slow paced" ... it's not just you. CHOICE A: Do a complicated dance that involves losing a lot of health CHOICE B: just go kill em all
  10. Another morbid caster with useless abilities. I don't want a thematic animation, I don't want to have no health - even temporarily, I don't care about getting a minor buff, everything Garuda can do can be done way more efficiently with my weapons and we keep getting frames like this.
  11. Rascal Storm PC Founding Warlord https://imgur.com/gallery/gFVCjyN The Rascal Dojo has nearly 100 rooms, it is complete and well organized, featuring a labyrinth level and many puzzles. Patient construction and good taste have informed every detail of this very large construction project, which, with the resources of my clan, I regard as an unique and immersive adventure. This small album of images doesn't do it any justice, pm me if you'd like to have a look around, there's just no adequate alternative!
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