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  1. From past experience, event rewards usually stay locked up for a while and only come back as baro stock. They want people who got it to feel like it was an accomplishment and not just something you can grab from the market. I only made it to level 22 so I will have to wait too.
  2. How do we tag staff? This would get me watching prime time. 😎
  3. I havent got it to the "survive" part but the amps have brutal damage even to high level enemies. I just wish there was a way to get something for kills. Once you have it mastered it seems like I dont get anything for using the operator. Do they contribute at all to mastery?
  4. I had to go outside and have a real life interaction with actual people for like 45 minutes because of this. Can de possibility give me like 500 plat for the pain I endured (also sunlight... ew)? I will settle out of court right now for 25 plat and a free bump to general with steel meridian.
  5. This is a good point. I love my operator but the toggle from walk to run is so minimal that I sometimes dont even know what mode I'm in. Maybe increase the run speed a bit so they feel like an actual person instead of a bug trapped on a sticky pad.
  6. I would say nightwave needs a cohesive story element. I get Nora narrating but on The Warriors she was keeping everyone in the know instead of just random chatter. Her lines could be adjusted to be timely and relevant to where you are in your weekly challenges. "Theres one dreamer out there missing out on a big reward because they forgot to finish 10 syndicate missions" so I dont realize that 14 minutes before the weekly flip.
  7. I posted a request for operator only missions just yesterday and here it comes. It's like when you ask Santa for a bike and you get a bike. Now if we can just get operator melee or at least let us use the martial arts emotes with our operators that would be swell. Thanks!
  8. If we purchase the digital pack on consoles does it have any kind of access to the actual con in digital form? It looks like that was part of the 2018 package but I cant tell for 2019. I mean I bought it anyway for the gear and plat but digital con access would be awesome since I wont make the con in person. Thank you!
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