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  1. It wasnt drama, I was venting and if you read the whole thing it ended on a positive note. I beat it the next day and already beat the next one too. Dont give it too much thought, this is old news.
  2. I think that is when we joined the forums. I could be wrong but my join date isnt the date I started playing warframe so I assume this is for everyone.
  3. I had that spoiled before I came back and I was on a mad dash to get it from day one. Only for me a mad dash was carefully constructing my attack before I even attempted the story missions. By the time I got there it was no sweat. I had ACCIDENTALLY met all the conditions for the Pluto junction before I even got to it. Batman and boy scouts got nothing on my preparation game.
  4. I am only mr8 with 127 hours in the game but this universe has me totally invested and I hope it never goes away. Reading this and realizing that not only do you have no fear of being dramatic (but even moreso that you dont have too) is inspiring. Everywhere I see people unable to have fun with things. It's like we can go watch movies that some other human made up in their head but when we write our own stories or get invested in a game like this we are seen as weirdos. In some ways I identify with your story, but I never got into the game when it was first floating around. I tried it when it came to ps4 but wasnt too interested. It didnt have enough bang at the beginning to convince me it was anything more than another pay to win money pit. That all changed when I saw mesa prime. I didnt even know what game she was from but I knew I wanted to play it. Now, maybe 2 months in, I cant imagine a world without warframe. I'm actually glad I waited because now there is years of content I can soak up. Warframe is like the Smallville of video games. You pick it up on season 7 and man, you got a wild ride ahead.
  5. I saw the streams about using it solo, but they continued by saying it would still need clan resources. Has that changed? As far as off topic, I figured this was a catch all for suggestions and random stuff and I couldnt find a topic anywhere else that fit what I was thinking without digging through pages of comments on other posts. I will look for clarification in the devstream but the impression I got is you can have them but only in your own personal ghost clan dojo dry dock.
  6. I found 41 pages of topics on this and I know it's been asked about a thousand times but none of the topics addressed my thoughts. The railjack is going to be a customizable squad assault vehicle from what I can tell. Looks like your typical 4 player squad will control it. Why not have it still be a personal vehicle but based at your clan dry dock? If I have the resources to build one but dont want to quit my clan, couldnt I just have mine show up in the drydock? That way if we have a large scale clan raid system, anyone who builds one could join the fight. They already know there will be tons of players starting ghost clans to have one, why not make it so that doesn't have to happen? Clan numbers are going to take a huge hit just so people can have their own custom warships. The dojo dock could be like the relays and house all the clan railjacks. We could even have our clan or personal emblems and sigils on the side. It would definitely make the space combat more interesting to have a few of these going at once. I know we aren't trying to turn this into eve or elite but all that effort should be used for every possible activity they can pull out of it.
  7. Holy crap this game keeps amazing me... that's awesome, thanks!
  8. Actually now it kinda looks like I might be teleporting forward. It's super weird.
  9. Its hard to describe what is happening unless you have seen Tracer from overwatch do that rewind ability. I was doing a regular syndicate mission at dione on Saturn and maybe 4 or 5 times in the heat of battle I got completely teleported or something back to a few seconds before. There was a visible effect when it happened so it wasnt just like a typical glitch. I did notice a bunch of eximus enemies but that didnt seem unusual. I recorded a bit and it happens right at the 17 second mark. I have a carrier and no special mods to speak of. Is this normal?
  10. I have plenty I can be working on and I'm glad to hear that mr carries over. That was the big issue. Feeling trapped by having to grind maxed out stuff so I didnt get Mr and waste it. Thanks!
  11. At that point I will find a homeless ninja and pay them to do it for me. I've seen it on movies before, theres always a mister miyagi living behind the grocery store waiting to save someone from their own incompetence 🙂
  12. No the game isnt locked but I had some rank 8 guns on my list to build today so I could grind them up tomorrow. Now I have to wait until tomorrow to build them and I'll have no time to use them before I go back to work.
  13. No it let me practice indefinitely even if I did have to watch the load screen a dozen or more times. Load in, fail, load out. That sucks the worst. I practiced A LOT.
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