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  1. At the very least, I'm glad you're able to take steps to at least lessen the pain if not eliminate it entirely. I wish you the best on your operations and recoveries. On the same dish?
  2. Glad your girlfriend's dog is doing better. Also cute cat. Hopefully you didn't wreck your shoulder too much. Sorry about your back issues. Hopefully you can get stuff sorted out soon. My week was pretty much the same as the previous few weeks. More job searching (currently on my sixth(?) month of unemployment) and more efforts in learning Python. It's my first coding language and I'm a month into it. I've been having trouble grasping a bunch of early concepts, which is a bit odd to me considering I grew up around computers and my dad knows a dozen languages himself. I can'
  3. Well my first times encountering it have both been only after Tempestarii. Good to know though I guess. Any idea what actually causes it so I can try to avoid it?
  4. I didn't realize toroids were bug-ridden. I haven't had issues thus far and I'm rank 4 with Vox Solaris.
  5. Yeah, dying and reviving fixed it for me too, but that doesn't mean it should happen, or that I want to have to off myself when it does. Not to mention having to tell my teammates not to revive me when I start bleedout. I hate Dropbox sometimes. I changed the links, hopefully these are more public/website friendly.
  6. To start off, I tried searching the forum for previous reports of this specific bug but I didn't find anything, so here goes. I've only seen the bug twice, and I'm not certain yet what causes it, but when it happens it adjusts the limits to how far up or down I can aim while in my warframe. I think most likely it's altering where my horizon is relative to my warframe. Both occurrences for me so far were in Railjack, the first with a random public squad and the second while solo. It doesn't affect my Operator, or when I'm in a gun turret or in Archwing mode. Going into and out of any of th
  7. Most people go through a phase like that. It's generally called the "dumb kid" phase. I went through one myself back on the very first forum I was a part of, but eventually grew out of it and was welcomed by the community later on. If anyone is curious, that was the Ambrosia/Escape Velocity forum. But it is a shame when you see others who never grow out of it.
  8. I fail to remember most of my dreams, and even when I do they fade quickly before even midday. So I can't be certain I've never had a dream more than once, but I don't think I have. But I have times where I wake up and don't even remember dreaming at all, so grain of salt and all that.
  9. Initially I read "beekeeper" as "barkeeper" and was really confused when you mentioned hives. :D But I'm glad they pulled through. You're right to be proud of them, but be proud of yourself too. You kept performing maintenance even when you didn't think they'd make it. That takes dedication. Know that this stranger is proud of you for that.
  10. Wow. Hard to get scummier than that. Back to my note on Railjack, I can confirm AI crew make excellent gunners when you give them hit-scan turrets like Pulsars. They seem to perform only slightly less adequately when given turrets with travel time. When piloting they leave something to be desired (as I expected). Pathing can be an issue for them, and they won't go after loot for you, leaving you to do so yourself. They also don't know how to dodge boarding pods while piloting, so expect to find hostiles aboard. When defending your ship, the gun you've given them is what makes or br
  11. I mean, it was an MMORPG with a poorly written TV tie-in. I'm honestly surprised it lived this long. In other news I'm enjoying the Railjack rework. It's nothing ground-breaking but I'm having more fun with it. And playing a lower level Orphix mode also feels more fun, mainly because I'm not dying as much. Still need to eventually do a solo run and see how reliable the crew are. So far I've only been playing with friends. Also, I just reached rank 3 with Loid yesterday finally. Yay me. On the same day I finally unlocked my first Waybound node outside my primary school of Unairu. Just
  12. Well they already said the Orphix would be in, so that's not too far off. BUNNIES!!!!!!
  13. You should probably go see a doctor instead of sitting here on a forum.
  14. My cat has a tendency to look into my eyes while sitting on my lap. When she does this, my partner's heart melts from the sheer love and devotion displayed. Does that make her more of an Ember?
  15. You named your cat Mag? 😍 Do they have a polarizing personality? Do you find yourself drawn to them? Jokes aside, cute kitty. While I agree with you and applaud your efforts, by this point trying to get the average Warframe player to not freak out about upcoming changes is about as effective as bringing an un-Forma'ed Stug to fight Steel Path Sentients.
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