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  1. Except even without Handspring you can still get up before they pull you to them. Movement buttons will let you roll back onto your feet, and you can roll away from them this way to gain distance if you want to shoot them or just stay out of range of their melee. Multiple times I've even rolled toward them, causing me to end up right behind them so their first swing misses and they don't get a second swing. By "lasher" do you mean an Ancient? If so, your possible solutions include putting distance between you and them because they're slow, and crowd control. Warframes are excellent at
  2. I'm more curious what's knocking you down so often. I don't use Primed/Sure Footed or Hand Spring, and I rarely get knocked down. Melee can block grappling hooks and Arson Eximus flame walls, and enemies who have to run up to you to physically knock you over can be dodged if not killed. Weapons with self-stagger just need a little more forethought.
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/s/uqan5l1i2oikjq5/20210109174425_1.jpg?dl=0 I know I'm extracting, but wait for me to board before you go bursting through the floor like that! EDIT: For clarification, that odd object on the ground in front of extraction is the top of the Nightwave landing craft, which I currently have set as active.
  4. My attitude isn't so callous as that. People will be disappointed no matter what happens. That's just Real Life(TM). The difference between you and me is I don't let it get me down. But that doesn't mean I get off on it.
  5. I can kinda understand why you're being so negative, but it really is all a matter of perspective. My Warframe account has actually existed since 2014. I joined alongside a friend who had just found the game at the time, and back then we weren't too impressed. It was fun, but we had no idea what we were doing and the content available seemed somewhat limited to us. We left the game. Fast forward to late 2018 when I saw ads about the changes that had come in the form of PoI and Fortuna. I decided to give it another go, and this time I liked what I saw. I was not disappointed and have stuck arou
  6. Respectfully, these are two different examples. Dragons are generally not a humanoid shape, but Warframes always are humanoid. Translating a dragon's aesthetic to a humanoid shape will require some concessions regardless of the franchise. And to be fair, the original concepts I've seen only depict one example of "dragon" when in reality dragons stretch across multiple cultures in varying forms. Personally I think the Chroma we got does a good job of representing dragons across the spectrum, if you'll pardon the pun. However, taking existing signature weapons and Priming them alongside the
  7. Too late. It felt personal the moment you called my argument bad for the sake of calling it bad. I gave reasoned explanations for why your examples were maybe not the best. You simply called my examples bad and left it at that. And here you're even taking my words out of context. I never said the Karyst looked Egyptian. I said it was exotic, and it's arguably the most exotic blade in Warframe. What's the one thing a layman knows about Egyptian blades? They're also exotic. So from a generalist point of view, it makes sense. No, it's not Egyptian, but they already made a Khopesh skin with I
  8. I admit, the Aksomati Prime on Ivara Prime is a bit of a stretch, but I also noticed you didn't even try to argue with the rest of my post. I rest my case.
  9. So recently Chroma got a sort of buff by getting his elemental change unbound from his emissive color and instead can be swapped on the fly via his Spectral Scream ability. That got me thinking: what if Octavia could do something similar? We can already save multiple tracks for her Mandachord and switch between them in the arsenal, but with such a short loop they can quickly get old even in the course of a single mission. What if we could setup a playlist of sorts, maybe limited to four tracks, and while in-mission we could swap between these tracks at will? We could be true Warframe DJs and m
  10. All three of those examples are frames who don't have signature weapons, thus they were given whatever Prime weapons DE had ready at the time. And they do carry some logic to them. Allow me to explain: Inaros: Karyst Prime is an exotic blade, not unlike the curved Egyptian Khopesh. And since we already got a Khopesh-like sword skin, that couldn't be added here. And Panthera Prime has a certain brutality to it, just like one would expect a mummy to have. Titania: Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee? Pangolin Prime can be perfectly described as a wicked sting, and since the phrase
  11. First, you need to learn what a rhetorical question is. Second, you need to learn how to multi-quote (as I just did here) and stop cluttering up threads.
  12. You got the Hydroid Prime trailer. What more do you want?
  13. Prime Warframes have never come with changes to their ability functions before. Only buffs to their base stats, and maybe graphical changes to abilities. Examples include Rhino Prime's Iron Skin (covers his entire body where Rhino's Iron Skin forms clusters on his body), Ivara Prime's Prowl (extra particle effects inside the cloak area compared to Ivara's Prowl), and Inaros Prime's Scarab Swarm and his sarcophagus (Scarab Swarm has additional glowing white particles while charging compared to Inaros' Scarab Swarm and Inaros Prime's sarcophagus is adorned with golden decorations). And as others
  14. In the future, this kind of thing should go in Bug Reports. Unfortunately I don't play on Playstation, so I can't confirm this or offer solutions, but my best guess is something might've broken in the most recent update.
  15. We'll get Nidus Prime as soon as Covid is dead and gone, to commemorate the defeat of a plague with a shiny new plague in humanoid form.
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