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  1. What is your clan name? My clan's name is Nexus Quills What is your IGN and the IGN of your co-Warlord(s)? The IGN of the warlord is my own: Soma_chan124 What is your clan tier? It is a a ghost clan What is your membership count? We have ten member What is your inactivity policy? The inactivity policy is pretty lenient, 45 days (without any notice) Do you plan on expanding in the future? I currently don't plan on expanding What is your policy on toxicity and inappropriate content? The policy for toxicity is: try to keep it under wraps if you cant notify me about the issue or if it is with someone try to talk it out. Added info: If you would like to get some clarification on some of my answers of have any more questions please feel free to PM me here or on discord: Soma#0019
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