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  1. I'd like to see a peek at what the Command Intrinsic's upgrades will be.
  2. How far complete are the Corpus Lich and Corpus Railjack sounds?
  3. Good to know, I was getting off the pilot seat and back on.
  4. As far as piloting, I'm not against it being like it is where the motion controls aim, but the right-analog steers. There's some pros to this, for example letting the pilot hold steady while someone fires the forward artillery or slingshot, at the same time the pilot can still be a little useful and fire at things without moving the ship. But it is inconsistent from all other uses of motion controls. However, a con to this is it opens up "drift" issues in the motion controls. After piloting for while, when I fly in a straight line, the guns are aimed off at an angle even though my posture hasn't changed, due to how the motion controls have drifted. In "normal" usage the right-analog is constantly correcting for this drift since they control the same thing (aiming/camera). I should have noted in my original post, I only use the Switch in handheld mode with joycons attached. So I don't have any feedback on the Pro controller, or other setups.
  5. I still think this is a more apt place to *remove* the hold confirmation. Its even less "real-time" when there's a full second delay. It would be appreciated if you'd also review the number/placement of snap points the cursor uses. I tend to use the DPad a lot, not just because dragging the cursor is slow, but because the DPad snapping the cursor is usually more repeatable and accurate. But some screens, like color customization for example, there are bars where there are now 2 small color boxes with half the size of normal selections. With the DPad the cursor snaps to the middle of the bar (which by default will result in modifying the first color), but there's no quick way to snap to the second color. Using the joystick to hit the second color takes patience, as its kinda small to hit. Making the cursor move faster makes this harder. Is there any plan for using our Intrinsic forging bonuses in dry-dock? Shouldn't a character have the same forging capabilities whether they are in mission or in dock? Thank you for considering our feedback.
  6. Thinking about this more, it might be that on crash scenarios I had thralls active when the reactor reached zero, whereas other successful crewship demolitions didn't. Or maybe my memory is playing tricks.
  7. Thanks for adding motion control support into railjack things, which also makes side turrets much more usable. But some feedback: When I first launched into a mission, hopped in the pilot seat, immediately the ship started nosing up as if I was holding right-analog down (yes, I invert Y). Moving the joystick would speed up or slow down this rolling, but not enough to stop it. I restored all controller defaults, and that seemed to fix it (though then I had to take time to put all my settings back). Doing so, I narrowed in on it being a bug somewhere in Archwing/Railjack motion control toggling that makes this happen. I wish I could be more specific, but there seems to be some mutual exclusion in the options that didn't make sense, and I basically trail-and-error'd until I found something that worked. Also, I noticed the side turret camera+motion control is different for the Pilot. For the pilot, right-analog only steers, while motion controls only aim. I'm adaptable to this, but it takes some getting used to. It might be better (a more consistent experience) for the pilot to not have this distinction between inputs, and behave like the side turrets, archwing, or even plain warframe, where the motion controls "fine tune" what right-analog does, adding to it instead of being separate. I hope that makes sense.
  8. So I got the latest update last night. When the sentient anomaly popped up, I was finally able to get into it again!. Loaded in, investigated the the anomaly first, then started doing the normal mission. With 86/90 fighters and 5/6 crewships done, I was destroying the reactor on the last crewship when the game crashed. I boarded, Mesmer Skinned, killed reactor, was meleeing a few guys while the reactor counted down. I don't know if it crashed when the reactor reached zero or not, but it was close to it, so maybe thats related. Did some free flights to fix issues with controls (thanks for the motion control support!). Did another Veil mission, crashed again in almost identical circumstances.
  9. Thanks for taking the time to update open threads saying "this should be fixed".
  10. This issue isn't limited to resuming from sleep mode. I have this problem (especially on anomaly missions) after fresh restarts. Ive also had this issue with anomaly missions after just completing a full pub squad mission, previous mission went fine (no lag, no host migrations, etc), "hey anomaly is up, yall game?", then fails to load into anomaly mission.
  11. Same problem. Multiple different tries on different nodes. Makes me wonder if there is a server-side resource issue like a cap on the number of concurrent players on a given node.
  12. Actually, Cy transmissions interrupt forge builds more often than resource popups. Hopefully the next update has this fixed.
  13. Nice to have primary kitguns now. You added primary kitgun handles, which use the same chambers as secondary kitguns.. but its the chambers that gain mastery. So no primary kitguns are going to gain any new mastery?
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