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  1. I've gotten tired of playing along side Kuva Bramma squad mates not because its powerful, but because it causes bad frame drops and performance stuttering, on Switch at least. I'll be glad when its not present in every single pub mission, often by multiple players. But it is its power that leads to it being overused.
  2. That's not what the notes outright say. I very much hope this is just poorly communicated in the notes, and you are indeed right. I guess I'll find out when I'm done with work.
  3. This is still a bad move. They should have replaced the retired avionic with its equivalent. Some players wont have the equivalent/replacement in inventory, and you're leaving them nothing to equip in the retired one's place. By not replacing the retired Avionic, you are factually stealing from the player.
  4. What are your thoughts on a "Friends" channel that can send a message to all your friends, like "Anyone wanna sortie?"
  5. Thanks for the hard work. I hope the size doesn't cause any additional delays in the switch release.
  6. Count me in. Though I bet this is solely for PC players since its relying on steam keys.
  7. Glad to see some consistency applied toward whats heal-able and whats not. I never understood why things like lures could be blessed, but not excavators, when they are both machines.
  8. I think its more about, if any exploits are found to get spear credits, it limits the damage due to such exploits.
  9. It would be best to not have to do these changes, not have to add 100x blueprints for ciphers, restores, etc, by making the foundry able to queue multiples of the same blueprint. You still have QOL issues with other blueprints, like gems, fieldron, mutagen mass, etc.
  10. Any discussion about making the foundry able to queue multiples of the same item? It solves so many problems whose symptoms keep getting painted over, such as these build time "issues".
  11. I feel like I need to point out, a queuable foundry (queuing up multiples of the same item) addresses these types of problems too...
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