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  1. Nobody once said it would release today/Tuesday. That is all. You’re kind of the one that appears fairly rude (and impatient).
  2. LittleBigPlanet 4’s looking real different from the last games lately...
  3. Yeah he must not have touched any games other than warframe at all. Tons of AAA games are horrendous with bugs nowadays. Let’s not all forget Batman Origins.
  4. A skip button won’t be implemented. This game and DE does not cater to you or your opinion. You have been presented options by the thread, but disregard it, so either keep practicing, or go play something else, because nothing will be changed to gravitate around you. You can’t continually repeat the same thing and say “this game has this so by logic this game should,” as that is not how game industries work. MAYBE DE could one day lower the timers on the orbs slightly but there will NEVER be an MR skip option as it defeats the purpose of their system. If you find yourself heavily bothered by this test and refuse to take any criticisms or keep trying, only saying “accept my opinion and put in an MR skip” will not help you at all and makes you appear rude and entitled, and this game may not be for you if you can’t cut it.
  5. Still hoping to get this noticed, want to be able to mix my Tennocon armor with other sets.
  6. Armor across the board needs some PBRing and touch ups to feel nice but right now my biggest concern are the cosmetics I spent actually money on.
  7. Yeah I specifically used the Syrinx chest plate to show it off as contrast with the 2018 and 2019 gear itself. It’s frustrating honestly.
  8. There’s a lot of inconsistencies when it comes to coloring certain pieces, especially when it comes to armor and skins, but this one only sticks out most since it costs actual money.
  9. I would very much like to be able to color pieces individiually. At the very least by shoulders, chest, and leg plates.
  10. To whom it may concern, I had purchased both the 2018, and 2019 Tennocon digital passes and had been especially excited for the armors to come with them, however an issue with the tinting makes it absolutely frustrating to use and even turns me away to using them when I like to mix and match armors often. Generally, the Tertiary slot is used as a non-metal detail while the Accents slot is used for metals, but on the Tennocon 2018 and 2019 armors, these tints are reversed. The metal material is linked to the Tertiary slot while the graphics on the Tennocon armor are tied to the Accents slot. If it would be possible to swap the metal to be consistent and in the Accents slot, that would be appreciated as I had spent money on these, but haven’t even used them from this alone. https://imgur.com/a/C18oIPn
  11. While I quite like the challenges we’ve had so far (save for things requiring RNG or heavy grinding), I do have to agree that for somebody who works most of the week, the hour long survival challenges should be cumulative. The rest I’ve been fine with so far as it sort of pushed me into doing other content I haven’t really touched in a while, and it’s been fun. Personally though, I think there should be more challenges throughout the week at once/altogether, as for the moment it feels as though earning standing to reach rank 30 will be tight. I also feel the fugitives should drop a small amount of creds per cap, say 5 per fugitive or 10 rewarded on capturing the whole group, since not everyone will be able to prestige, and new players won’t be able to really get much out of the new alert shop system due to being excluded from the Elite weeklies. It would at least give more of a reason for actually bothering with the fugitives when they spawn, and give new players a better time unlocking rewards from the new alerts system like important mods and materials. That, or some actual missions still that just award flat wolfcreds.
  12. Here’s hoping for another two months of straight tweaks, fixes, and changes and stuff like we had at the beginning of 2018, can’t wait for all the melee 3.0 tweaks, buffs and changes (and some PBR would be nice, my Valkyr and Zephyr skins need some love!)
  13. I mean, have you tried pub Eidolons? I have no problem teaching people but sometimes it gets overbearing how many pubs don’t know what to do, and sometimes I can’t get squads together. I’m not even max rank (I haven’t even gave in the parts to get to Doer yet) and I think this is fine. Don’t forget this is technically like endgame content in what is a VERY early on unlocked area.
  14. Will it ever be possible to cover Umbra’s scarves/additive armor separately? As awesome as it looks, it noticeably clashes with some schemes as it matches what normally would be a color slot for small details. Will the Tennocon armor ever have the metal tint in slot 4 instead so that I can finally mix and match armor I paid real money for technically?
  15. I don’t pause AI it’s annoying and messes with numbers. I don’t exactly have time to do hour long+ endless missions either to test either, but her mark guarantees slash and bleed, as well as shreds armor and all, so not only are procs tearing away at enemies, but (in cases like Grineer) they take more incoming damage without armor. I’ve also noticed that incoming procs are immediately slash for a lot of weapons with testing, and proc more bleed and such. Very strange, but even in an “on paper” basis it’s still good numbers that come up. Don’t be a jerk because of my testing, Simulacrum is there for testing builds and weapons. That’s the point. Plus, not everyone is available 24/7 to be able to extensively play Warframe, and your little “Starchart? Really? Sigh.” makes you seem like you’re trying to just get under my skin. I don’t like that. Starchart clearing for Arbitrations and high tier bounties on Fortuna and Plains are all I’ve got going on right now until I manage to get all my builds in order.
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