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  1. When will you allow people to get quest frames more than once? I saw a lot of new players making the mistake of selling those frames, not knowing they can't get them again without buying them with platinum.
  2. When will people be able to farm quest-only frames a second time? I don't personaly need that option, but a lot of new players make a mistake of selling those frames without knowing they can't get them again without paying/getting a Prime.
  3. Fixed not being able to donate the Mote Amp if you have multiple. And why exactly can't we also donate the last one? Unlike before now we can get a new one easily if we sell it prematurely. I'd preffer not to have it junking up my inventory.
  4. For now I just really hope DE won't forget to buff things like Atlas's Landslide too, since abilities like that also rely on combo counter.
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