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  1. What bugs me is that in a game with otherwise hand created lore from scratch that is so very cool, that they'd just take someone from a famous movie and copy her and put her in the game. I don't understand why they would do that. Or is this the way the game is going to go from here on out? Adding all sorts of kooky, famous or zany TV and movie characters to it? If that's what we're doing, sure, let's go all in and do that from here on out. If that isn't what we want our game to become however, let's please not do it again after her time is up.
  2. Warframe is a great game with a lot of original content. Most everything is their own made up lore that is very unique. They have storytelling that really pulls me in the game and makes me forget briefly that it is a game it gets so deep and original. It's unlike anything else and is normally very interesting. I hadn't been playing this month and just logged on for the first time in a while again last night, and I very clearly see something taken directly from a movie that just seems a bit ridiculous to do and takes me out of the game world completely seeing it. Who decided to copy the radio DJ from The Warriors movie and put her in Warframe? It's silly to see and just kicks me completely out of the world. Please don't do this kind of stuff again. I don't know who thought this was a good idea. This is a pretty famous and popular movie. Yeah, it's a great movie and a classic, but to copy something from it and put it in your otherwise unique game is just goofy and kills that very custom lore feeling the game normally has. If you haven't seen the movie, maybe you won't care. You can look up "The Warriors DJ Lady" to see who and what they copied if you feel like it. Imagine if it was something you did know though and how silly it would be to see stuff taken from movies you know and see them here in game. It just doesn't fit and isn't original. In an otherwise lore created from scratch universe she just feels out of place. I don't understand how a game that has some of the most amazing unique lore out there could just go and copy a woman from a famous movie and put her in the game. I literally said "Yikes" when I saw her... If we're going to be silly and add stuff from various movies from now on, if that is where they want to take the game now - I guess go ahead. Let's get all sorts of goofy zany characters from TV shows and add them to the game if that is the direction they want to go. If however that isn't the direction we want to go - when her time is up let's not have this kind of stuff in game again please.
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