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  1. Ya, this sounds so cool then it pops out in my mind, but my teammates said, there is nekros's terrify. Still i wish among those 4 themed frames, may their skill not relevant to their theme, but their looks are more important skills imo.
  2. I'm afraid of the stealing weapon thing. I tested in simulacrum, using Ballistica Prime on Exo Gokstad Office, after killing the enemy, they did spawn their machine turrent, but the damage is hilariously low and laughable. I hope this won't be happening in Xatu. As for Xatu's 4th ability. The skill its own is ok, but when if DE add a little tweak, like if recast 4, they recall the armors that shattered and nearby enemies are dragged towards Xatu instantly. How's that idea ? If this added, it might be synchronizing well with Xatu's 3rd, the fear thingy
  3. There are a lot of themed warframe in this game. But i realized there are mostly fire and electric elements. It is not difficult for players to realize that there really not much choice of ice based frame, Frost and a little bit of Gauss and water based frame, only Hydroid alone. It is not about the skills element type, but the theme of the frame. there are some ideas from my weird brain 1. Ice themed ballet female frame (damage frame) 2. Terror themed scarecrow frame (control frame) 3. Chime collector elf theme frame (support frame) 4. Water controlling whale theme frame that
  4. Get Primed Flow and Arcane Energized, Protea needs these 2 to work easily as most of the people said
  5. True, don't get so hyped up is the easiest way to not get salty like one specific content creater with low quality of video but impressive arsenal idea. Gonna watch he gets salty soon
  6. Tried but remain the same, SEA server
  7. Is it me only or the chat is not functioning. It happened since the small update 10 hours ago and I was not playing the game last few hours before the Tennocon. Just wondering.... is it chat suspension ?
  8. There is a types of weapon don't need ammo, for example, GUNBLADE
  9. The least favourite among the three already got primed, whose next is not important anymore. Disappointment max
  10. I myself do daily sortie and forge the daily forma and that's it, my daily gameplay in WF
  11. If you think it is only " THAT'S IT " then don't do steel path The core of steel path is the challenge and rewards are just side snacks. Don't like it, don't play it, easy.
  12. Built an umbral wisp, wish can sustain myself in steel path, as it is too simple in normal mode.
  13. Really disappointed when it is not nezha prime. After all the inmature xoris nerf, and so many things lately, I kind of feeling sad with the progress of this game. Sadness plus boring prime frame, not sure gonna stay any longer until nezha prime came.
  14. Well, there are video games for you to choose, If you like competitive with other players, League, Dota2 and some from mobile If you like grinding and customizing, then warframe is a great choice, simple as that.
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