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  1. the xaku changes arent live on switch yet
  2. i’m still missing a couple of flowers for my subsumed warframes. the abilities i have in my helminth doesn’t match the number of flowers i have. i’m missing 2 :(
  3. why does conservation feel so unrewarding that fortuna or cetus? or i just don't like giving away my tags to not get floofs
  4. whats the point of doing perfect captures when doing conservation? in other open worlds they give more standings to that rep. but i feel like this doesn't make sense when doing it here and its muuuuuuuuch less standings 😞
  5. entitled gamers complaining about free S#&$. UwU. Thanks DE. I watch the stream regardless of the drops.
  6. I'm not sure if its just me but I can't pull up the menu when I'm accessing the nav
  7. ooof. i had the impression of the treasurer spawning every 5-8 min in an endless mission. ripframe.
  8. i was doing lith survival and 30 mins in, i only saw one treasurer spawn. ripframe.
  9. when i equip proteas noble animation on other frames, they don’t play with a ball like protea would. is this intended? nova noble bales frames make void balls. volt noble let’s frame conjure sparks. idk. it’s just weird frames twirling/playing with stuff that isn’t there
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