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  1. Wait, someone still uses primaries for AOE damage? Beside pounding those level 30 mobs, stick to melee bro.
  2. Beside hacking, and killing thralls, you cannot realistically use parazon in combat. Enemies die way before you have a chance to use parazon.
  3. Man.. this is difficult to read. Excalibur Umbra is not the strongest frame by any stretch. The melee Umbra mods are meant as an option. If they are stronger than similar mods, they will be necessary. Melee damage does not need to increase. Adding and Umbra organ shatterer will be a major damage upgrade to all melee weapons.
  4. The problem with ripline, as a parkour skill, is why do you need it and where are you going to use it? If you are playing Valkyr (beside style/fashion), you are playing her for the 700 base armor + warcry. She is a melee tank frame. Why do we need to inject spiderman into this?
  5. I do not know what MR are you and if you completed the star chart or not. If you have not completed the star chart, for me it was Octavia and Rhino. Rhino you do not need to buy. Octavia you do. She is not prime though. Octavia is extremely useful because she is not highly energy dependent (early on at least), and has passive energy regeneration. You drop her skill 1 and avoid fire. Next level? You probably need a frame that has good survivability. For me it was Valkyr. But there are several options. Again, Rhino. Inaros. There are others, just stick with ones that are not very heavily energy dependent (do some research on the frames before you commit to them). I would not bother with primes. They are not needed. Save your platinum. What you surely need to have beside the frames is: Get primaries in this order: Ignis and Fulmin. Neither requires platinum. Do not bother with secondaries for now. Get a good melee weapon. Depending on your rank, this varies. Primed melee weapons sell between 40-80P. Look for the following stats on the weapon: slash damage, 20% critical chance, 2.0 x critical damage and 20% stats chance. I would really spend some platinum on mods. They are dirt cheap and they are the primary source of your power. I would consider buying the following: Narrow minded. Fleeting expertise. Weeping wounds. Blood rush. You have to trade with other players to obtain primed frames and weapons, among many other things. Make sure to check the prices on warframe market website to know how much things sell for. Fyi, do not buy a primed frame cuz they are cheap. Many frames have either niche play or require tons of energy to function. This will not work before you are at least MR 10. Do not buy mirage or Zephyr. Also, do not be tempted to buy Saryn. There much cheaper (and sometimes better) options for what you are looking for. Or Ember. Useless frame unless you have strong fully decked mods + major energy regeneration. There is a website called warframe school. It is decent for beginners to give you a general idea of how the frame operates and mods they require.
  6. Here comes my immortal melee damage machine: Pick Inaros to get the stats. Saryn skill 1. Valkyr skill 2. Mesa skill 3. Saryn skill 4. Do I need to explain why this would be so #*!%ing broken?
  7. Well.. I hate arch-wing with passion and never invested in any arch-wing Rising tide cost is ridiculous. The feedback is rail jack is buggy. Also, if you do not plan to use arch-wing or a rail jack, there is nothing for you to do there. Honestly, the only thing I want is to the sentient ship and to do the new story. But there are so many layers of gating. It is highly in accessible content that I have zero interest in, to begin with. If this is the future of WF, I think we will have to part ways.
  8. If the weapon is not around 20% critic chance, 2.0x critic damage and 20% status, it is not worth it.
  9. Ya, but we already know that DE did not want to make changes before the melee update was out. Which DE was working on last year. And the melee riven changes are expected this month. So there was a reason why there were no deposition changes during last year for melee weapons. Plus, pre-melee patch everyone was using zaws. Want to look at a more realistic riven change? Take Fulmin. In 6 month nerfed twice from 1 to 0.6. If you spent good chunk of platinum on a riven when it was 1.0. You lost big time. And with the melee disposition changes, gram prime, reaper prime, darka prime and redeemer prime will be hammered between 0.5-0.8. If you spent platinum on any of these for a riven, it was a dumb move.
  10. If you have riven for a fairly strong weapon and you have kuva, you should be able to get fairly close. I have Orthos Prime. I had a poorly rolled riven for it, which I rolled to be epic. Orthos prime is one of the top 10-15 melee weapons. Lets say Gram prime is the top melee weapons (it is actually very difficult to tell which melee weapon is the strongest among top 10-15). It has 1.44 disposition. Would spending 1k+ platinum on it be wise? #*!% no. Not only Gram and Orthos prime are near identical in terms of damage output, the riven disposition for gram prime will most definitely be hammed to 0.5-0.7 with the next melee riven disposition update. Sure, some people like to collect. No issue with that. But this is obsession and has nothing to do with performance. And logically, should not be done, unless you have near unlimited well of resources.
  11. Why? It does not even make world bosses much faster. And there are alternatives for every weapon. I have never purchased a riven for platinum and never will purchase one. Why would I? I already use the weapons I have a riven for. I will not spend any resources (earned in game or real money) to deal 1-2% more damage. Especially that there is no point in doing that. And of course, DE typically nerf disposition for strong and popular weapons. So that 20K platinum, will only be worth 1K in few month. In the end of the day, it is supply and demand. It does pay-off however to use your resources wisely. No matter how much you have, they are not unlimited.
  12. I do not think Hysteria needs changes, as it currently stands. If you mod the claws right, they can dish huge damage in a very short amount of time. The invulnerability also allows for cheesing many mechanics (especially in assassinations). Rip line, even if the damage of this skill increased by 10,000% it will still be useless. I can already one shoot a group of level 100 mobs with a melee weapon. Why would I bother using an awkward skill to kill one mob with risk of it missing and completely displacing my location? This skill must be removed or a buff attached to it that either increases Valkyr melee damage or suvivability (which is not needed). Paralysis, I think if the range is doubled, so its 20 meter, and the slow is moved from Warcry to it, it will work great. Warycry, just reduce the cost to 50 energy, since the slow will be removed. Possibly also increase the duration to 20 sec base. Overall, all Valkyr currently needs is a bit more melee damage, which is supposed to be her area of specialty. And that should be done through skill 1, either by removing the skill or attaching buffs to it. Shuffle some stuff between Warcry and Paralysis, and things should be great.
  13. To an extent, we have this in arbitrations. After 20 minutes, it is all rotation C. I do not want to spend 30+ minutes in a mission to be rewarded. I already need to spend like 40 minutes in arbitration or Mot for things to get remotely challenging. If the content starts at level 100+, I am down with that. But if I have to spend 30+ minutes to get there, no.
  14. Well.. you cannot have a nemesis that you can kill in seconds if not for the Parazon gating. I can literally kill a dozen of level 5 liches together, if it was not for the parazon and 1 shot scripted mechanic (and even that I can circumvent). In my opinion the whole parazon and its mechanics are bad design. And you know what? We can move past all this if: There are some mechanics to the fight with liches. The grind to vanquish/covert the lich is streamlined to be around 2 hours. Rewards for playing lich missions is substantially higher. The current design has too many layers of RNG in terms of progress (not even talking about weapons), it is really lame. And the rewards are... bad. You spend between 1-4 hours (depending on your progress luck) with no rewards to end-up with mostly a MR fodder weapon, which hopefully you do not already have. I could use this time to run 20 minutes Mot like 10 times and end-up with 40 relics.
  15. Much of the weapons are MR fodder. In any looter shooter, there is always going to be plenty of garbage. On the melee side, I think we have decent variety. Primaries and secondaries not so much, but not terrible either. Overall, I think there is good variety. Orthos prime is one of the strongest melee weapons, after the melee update. But, I am all for raising the riven disposition! Tipedo prime, not so much.
  16. Man. This is slooooooooooooooooooooooooow. Surprisingly, corpus ships did not change much.
  17. I hope he has good new outfit. I do not like any of the current ones he have.
  18. May 2019, just after Jovian Concord release (Wisp). WF, is not even in the top 5 games I ever played. My guess most games I played will be in this order: Dota, on Warcraft 3. Warcraft 3. Starwars Old Republic MMO Guild Wars 2. Tekken 3 (I know lol). Actually, If I combine all Tekken + Soul Caliber, it will probably more than Starwars and Guild Wars. Good old late 90s + early 2000s. I currently only play WF and Guild Wars 2.
  19. I agree. I think it should be easy to do that too. You just mark items in data base A not to copy to data base B. Though, I am curios how the system will handle cosmetics on frames that are exclusive to one system. Lets say I have PS4 Sydana on configuration A of Volt. On PC, will it switch it to, no Sydana? If I change then configuration A on PC to another Sydana, which will happen when I log on PS4? I hope that I would not have to switch cosmetics around every time I switch systems (though, honestly, it is a small price to pay if cross-save can be implemented soon).
  20. I think this is the best movement+melee implemented in any shooter ever. Heck, I dunno if WF should even be called a shooter or an action game. It has one of the most interesting Sci-fi settings ever (even though you have to grind for tens of hours for it to get remotely interesting). It has solid lore, story and characters (except the lore, also buried behind much grind). It has impressive and unique art design. It has the most interactive communication and dev team across the gaming industry. I think this specifically is why WF went from an obscure indie game, to main stream. I cannot think of a single MMO, RPG or looter shooter that its community manger and devs interact with the player base at a fraction of DE's rate. There are issues (significant ones). The positives however carry it through.
  21. To be fair, it is not that easy. The actual revenue are tied to console. Steam gets a cut of all platinum purchases (or any purchases). They certainly have signed agreements with DE, including not-to-compete and possibly inclusivity. Getting your platinum purchased or obtained on PS4 and rolling it to your PC account is probably not going to work. On the other hand, PC is typically a patch in advance of consoles. So how would you treat items obtained on PC if you go to consoles? Heck, even the consoles themselves are not usually at the same version. In addition, platinum discounts work differently between PC and PS4 (maybe all consoles as well). PS4 discount is on items. PC, discount is on platinum. I am sure there is more. To not be a Debbie downer, I think these are some solutions to be able to get crosssave: Lock platinum to system. On switching accounts, the data bases will update only for items on both systems. Items on PC not on PS4 would not update. I can do that on excel (vlookup). It should not be that difficult for DE programmers to get right. I understand of course this is far more complex than that, since one account will have thousands of information (probably tens of thousands), but it is the same concept. You can only be on the same account on 1 system at a time (duh!) In my opinion (and not as an IT person), the issue with crossave is storage space, on DE's end, more than anything else. We do not even have an auction house, or game hosted servers to remove lag. So... dunno about crosssave. I would like to believe the fact that other looter shooters have cross-save it would pressure on DE to keep up. Does not look like it..
  22. @Gabbynaruand @Wyrmius_Prime just for my understanding (cuz I have a riven for cassowar so I would consider using it), why would you use it over orthos prime? They are both polearms with identical attack speed. But Orthos prime have much higher damage (234 vs 188 base). Much higher critic (CH 24% vs 6%, CD 2.2x vs 1.4x). Even stats chance, it is 36% vs 28%. Cassowar does have higher riven disposition (1 vs 0.5). Shimmering light is my favorite stance and I have rivens for both orthos prime and cassowar. I am trying to figure out if cassowar has any advantage over orthos prime.
  23. I am curios why? I have a riven for Cassowar, but with 10% critic chance the weapons does not seem functional for me.
  24. Orthos prime. It is the strongest melee weapon I have riven for. I used Galentine prime before melee update. Earlier in the game, Broken War.
  25. I think Gram prime will probably get a 0.5 disposition as well. Reaper prime as well. Most of the other strong melee weapon already have 0.5 disposition. As for end game.. man it feels more and more like Mot nowadays. Ya, I run arbitrations, but nothing useful drops from their. Relics seem like the only end, for the most part.
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