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  1. For the most part, the liches are nothing more than recycling already existing content and weapons. So their value as content is minuscule.
  2. Mostly yes. Bounties are decent. I have not done Exploiter Orb, Profit Taker. Thermia Fractures, meh, boring. My disappointment is for such a big map, the bounties are all done in very small portion in it. I was hoping for more open world content that encourages exploration. It has some of that, but it is mostly unrewarding. Next open area maybe.
  3. It does not have to remain as the an exalted weapon, however, the Garuda Talon treatment means it is will be non-existent since it is outshined by melee weapons. Honestly, I think it is good as it stands, design wise. Either allow acolyte mods to be used with exalted weapons or buff its stats to be around other melee weapons strength.
  4. You can do that with Inarios too... you know.
  5. Okay, so I play mag in sorties and even solo flood missions. As long as you are running the mod for polarize you will be okay, unless you have to deal with nullifiers and arbitration drones. She cannot deal with them (or anything you cannot CC), and does not have the survivability to handle any incoming damage. This could be resolved by making skill two a free cast on location versus a target (and possibly increase mag prime shields a bit). Passive is 100% useless. It is a weak vacuum... And this "few decently balanced frames," statement... You know there are many frames that have 100s of ehp and deal more damage than she does? Is the fact that she is loaded with CC a reason to have no survivability, when the CC does not work when you needed the most?
  6. Open relics through fissures in a group of 4. If you run 4-5 fissures you can easily net one a day. Other than that, their drop chance from any other content is close to non-existent.
  7. Is not this what WF always was and is? It started as a passion project, and to an extent, still is. It has a lot of stuff, and not all of it is greatly balanced. Clearly the appeal comes from its unique setup, game play and world. If you are looking for a top of the line shooter or action game, with extremely refined mechanics, it is not WF and never will be. And personal opinion, it is the best game, I have seen, combining shooting, parkour and melee. Neither of the 3 elements alone is great, but how all three combine and synergize is what defines WF. Plus one of the most interesting SciFi settings.
  8. She is currently one of the better frames. You have good survivability, armor striping, some CC and good dps. Her skills synergize well together, so it is not just spam. You need to think (not so much). The augments do offer decent bonuses, including a team damage reduction. She is good solo, good in a team, good at low levels and good at high levels. That is not saying she has zero issues (skill 3 is a bit bugged) or out performing. Hopefully we see more of this in future remake, where the frame end-up viable in almost all content.
  9. Is Garuda week? No. But she is the exact opposite of smooth. The recent buffs did not address much of what the issue are. If you play her, it is mainly for fashion not efficiency, but she can do okay in high level content.
  10. I surely do not. It is nothing more than grind of old content. Neither the liches nor the thralls have any mechanics that make the counters interesting or unique in any form. The grind itself is way too inconsistent in how long it takes. Maybe there are weapons that have value. The two I got were nothing more than MR fodder. After I ran two, not sure why would I ever run one again. It is recycled annoying content. And honestly, I am highly disappointed that the encounters with liches have zero mechanics, beside do not get close, or you will be on shotted (parazon stab on an incapacitated target does not count).
  11. I do not think he looks powerful. Surely looks constipated though.
  12. I really wish DE would put a hard limit on mobs scaling, somewhere around in the upper 100s, so people stop using hypothetical level 250 mobs, that require 3 hours in one mission to even see, as arguing points for balance.
  13. Can we do the same for Valkyr too? All the shields do is get in the way of hunter adrenaline.
  14. I am 100% sure you can strip armor and hit them with inferno. You cannot CC them. This goes for all frames. Are they immune to status? I do not think they are, but they probably take reduced damage from slash, and maybe viral has no effect.
  15. This goes both ways. Tanky frames also benefit from melee weapons frontal damage protection. It is not an advantage that Banshee has over Inarios. And as always, it is not a question of what damage you can avoid, but the damage that you cannot is what hurts you. If CC cannot shutdown every single enemy, and 1-2 hits can kill your frame, arbitrations are out of your reach. Assassinations are out of your reach. Anything that dying is an issue is out of reach. And with the melee rework, most late game damage is just melee and go to town on mobs. Only things that matter is armor strip, buffing damage and survivability. CC does not, even if dying is not an issue. Mag has no damage advantage over Valkyr against level 120 mobs. Valkyr does (warcry). And obliviously, far superior suvivability. And honestly, DE already realized this is an issue. Look at the last 4 frames. Baruuk, Garuda, Gauss and Grendal are very tanky. Recently remade frames, all got buffs to survivability. This is not a coincidence. Heck, even last primes releases, Wukong and Atlas, are quite beefier than the none primes. It is more of question of when, instead of if, most frames survivability will get buffed.
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