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  1. Interesting read. Scarlet Spear issues aside, all games tend to have a somewhat repeating loop. To keep vet players around and heavy you will need to inject the formula with enough change to make the experience different, while not fundamentally changing the loop. I think this mostly fails. A good example is the Kuva Liches. Yes, they are grindy and not well designed. However, what I was looking for is something slightly different. Only to realize you are doing the same exact mission, with random fights with a bullet sponge that can one shoot you in melee. There was nothing new, different or interesting about the liches. I do not have as much game play as many vet players. But I rarely find anything to do. If there is a Flood or an Arbitration that I want to play, I will play it. Otherwise, I rarely run anything else. I played the Plague Star and Acolytes this Jan. I dunno why these are considered... events. It is just lame stuff with rewards attached. We are now in month 5 of the intermission NW. To me personally, I played the game for the ground combat. I have no interest in space combat. Yet, RJ seems to be the only content now, and have been for a while. And even when we get ground content, it is basically, run more of star chart mission, and rarely does the difficulty rise enough for content to be engaging.
  2. From my understanding, what DE does not like, is that it tends to be what most Youtubers put in their streams. This is a problem though is lack of high level content. I do not think anyone would be interested in watching level 50 mobs get wacked. I can do that with a broom stick.
  3. That kinda is the point. It is a possibility. And honestly, if it ever comes to fruition, it will most definitely be Mag. Cuz she a starter frame and female (since the first one was male).
  4. She can also do very well in solo survival. And farming. And does high damage in a groups. Ya.. very "limited" uses. Bad frame indeed 🙄
  5. I can list at least 25 frames that what need fixing before Ember as she currently stands.
  6. If it ever happens, it will be mag. It is highly unlikely the prime or umbra streamline will ever exist. Redirection, very likely.
  7. As far as I remember Zephyr, Mirage and Limbo were cheap (though I played for less than a year). Frames that are highly available are typically 30-50P. Frames that are vaulted around 70-80P. Only Saryn and Rhino sell for above 100P cuz they are popular.
  8. I think Umbra Volt and Mag, for back story would be great. They could also create new Umbra mods around shield/caster frame. It does not have to be as extensive as Exculibar. I would be okay with short story, even without cut scenes with some cool designs. I do not see it for other frames though. Too much work.
  9. Any weapon, if you put a catalyst and 5-6 forma in will do good through Kuva Flood level (~100). And can even push through to level 5 liches. Though efficiency is king. Especially if you invest in lens. Anytime I switch to a none main weapon, I am losing experience. I think it is bad design for the lens. But w.e.
  10. I should sell my gram prime riven! I am expecting almost melee prime weapons with more than 2x critc damage, 20% critic chance and 20% stats to go below 1.0 dispo. Many weapons with 0.5 dispo (Orthos prime, Venka prime, Nikana prime) to go up to 0.7-0.9 range.
  11. Dunno man. This augment just came out 2-3 weeks ago... Clearly no one gave it even a slight thought.
  12. This augment mod is useless. It is not worth even an Excilus mod slot.
  13. The problem you run into, is after ~1,000 hours players will have a few top weapons fully decked with rivens. I have like ~1,300 hours and I eat level 100 mobs like candy. Arbitrations need 30-40 minutes to get challenging. Same for Mot. And I do now want to send 30 minutes so mobs become remotely engaging. And yes, I prefer mechanics over bullet sponges, but we have neither. Anything below level 150 can be killed in under 2 secs with most decked melee weapons. Yet most content is level 30-50. I can literally leave the game for 10-15 secs before mobs can kill my frame, then heal instantly while being invulnerable. I am not looking for challenge, I just want content to be...engaging. More level 100 content would be a start. It is not content for everyone, but we need more content similar to Kuva Flood, difficulty wise, to come close to veteran players power.
  14. Not really sure how you struggle with a Zaw (assuming right mods). I can blow level 100 demos in under 2 secs with Gram Prime, more than 6x multiplier (to be fair I have a riven and the despo. is overturned). No ranged weapon comes even remotely close to top melee weapons damage output with 12x multiplier, with roughly an order of magnitude.
  15. Can we have more missions starting at level 80-100, similar to Kuva Flood? I mostly now login, check if there is a either a Flood or Arbitration I could be interested in. If not, I just close the game. It would be much better if we have more high level content.
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