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  1. We do not. I did not say we do. I was just pointing out that the balance is not done at level 1,000 and that DR works between level 150-200 just fine. We surely do not want every frame to be some version of Inaros. I really like the Protea design. Different, yet works fine in SP survival, both on the damage and on the survivability side. We do need diversity.
  2. I see we already went down from level 5,000 to 1 hour. Does not 1 hour start max at level 145 and ends in lower level 200? And no what works against level 200 enemies is not the same as level 1,000. I main Valkyr. I could sustain damage comfortably for like 1-2 hours on any SP survival, not that I do that at any frequency. Level 1,000 I will die in seconds. There is a reason people do this stuff with ultimate cheese (not true potential), either staying invisible all the time, with AI doing the damage (also known as Octavia), or running something that CCes the entire map, and avoid maps w
  3. But newer players tend to not have many rivers, especially ones they would want to re-roll. And the point was, all other rewards are better than the ayatan, for newer players, which is already redundant cuz there is endo.
  4. Having both endo and ayatan dilutes the pool too much. Even for newer players, all the rewards, except the Kuva, are more useful than the ayatan.
  5. Cuz the VoR monologue is very well written. Where vast majority of what Nora says is dumb S#&$. Not just the glass stuff. Everything she says.
  6. But level 5,000 enemies are not end game, they are hypocritical. Level 150-200 are end game. I do not plan to spend 12 hours+ in one game. Not even 30 minutes. And yes, damage reduction does work. The game is not designed for staying in missions for hours, or even remotely balanced around that. Otherwise, we all will be playing Octavia. Are we? Anything beyond 1-1:30 minutes in SP MoT is not worth talking about.
  7. I do not think Temporal anchor is terrible, but it is not needed to spam skills. It locks you in a position. I dropped the skill for a skills form the Helminth. It needs a functionality change. Something that increases duration of active skills would be nice.
  8. I think it is a good idea, but there will have to be limitations. Not cuz I want one, cuz the value of rivens will drop, if perfect rolls can be done easily. Maybe a limit of 21K per week (which is 6 rolls).
  9. I am unsure why there needs to be anything. You unlock the node so you can replay it. Just like the regular star chart.
  10. Mirage would be a much better frame if you can select which buff you are getting. So much better...
  11. Also, officially, comas must be used. I work in accounting, and you will never see a financial statements the numbers with more than 3 digits not having comas. This is not a US or outside of US thing. This is universal.
  12. There is a lot of similarities between Xahu and Ember. First skill buffs damage. A skill that reduce damage. A skill that strips armor. Ember gets fire damage bonus, instead of void. You can strip 100% armour with no intensity. You get consistent damage reduction versus dice roll. And Ember has much better CC. Xahu skill 4 in particular is a problem. The lack of consistent damage reduction leaves you pretty vulnerable in Pluto and going forward on SP. Even before that, 1 hit can remove the entire shields. On the other side, below level 100, armor strip does not matter much. There are bett
  13. Is not a better solution to reduce the armour scaling? Why the #*!% should 7-8k armour? The status will never be balanced this way.
  14. I have not given Xahu enough chance. So far, I am not impressed. Gaze needs 200% ability str, for 100% armor removal. This does not work well with a frame that also needs a lot of energy, since you cannot use blind rage. The survivability is inconsistent. I played it a bit on SP, and I got close to 1 shot 2-3 times, in the survivability on Sedna (which is not that much of a high damage). Granted, I was level 25, and that was level 135 content, but things miss, miss, then 1 hit, boom. Evasion only works if your frame is already tanky. If 1 hit removes shield and another removes HP, you need 100
  15. Depending on what frame your playing and what mobs you are fighting. If you cannot fully CC mobs, DR and armor are your only survivability tools. Without DR a frame like Mesa does not stand a chance. Not that she is played for high level stuff, anyway.
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