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  1. I would say most frames fall into the fodder category. Frames balance is ridiculously bad. Yaraeli still better than many frames cuz she has K-drive. And to be clear, this is not me saying she is good, but how bad most frames are. Also DE tend to release frames at in a very undertunned state. I am all for being conservative, but DE releasing content in alpha state has taken its toll.
  2. Well… who cares? Is it better? Sure. But there is no reason to use it. Honestly, unless using it increases damage and/or survivability for a duration after the kill, it is pointless. This ain’t Doom. This is mass slaughter of garbage with unlimited resources. Why waste time in animations for 1 kill?
  3. Ya… I get why you need to get them outside of SP. But why not both? If they are available from arbitration shop I might go for it. From playing arbitrations is a hard pass for me.
  4. I am unsure how parasitic armor works. Does it increase armor by a percentage? Does it scale off the shields? Does the amount of shields matter? Golden instinct is cool. The rest seems kinda pointless. The status immunity could be nice, but why not just use Saryn Helminth ability, which removes status and taunts enemies.
  5. I think these changes are bad. If their goal is to make melee not the go to, it still will be, by a large margin. I am not in favor of “on kill,” since it does not work against bosses and so forth. This does not address armor scaling, which is the main culprit in many things not working. This is just a melee nerf, that won’t do much, with no much else. Also, the buff to primary seems to be primarily to aoe weapons (head shots is not viable strategy when fighting 15 mobs). This reduces the build diversity to like 5 weapons. Honestly, armor scaling and status effects are what needs rework the most. Without addressing these we are just beating around the bush.
  6. Indeed they do. Volunus prime needs it stats around Orthos prime. Also, it needs something to do with glass. Maybe apply in aoe blind every few hits. Astilla needs much higher damage. These are the worst two prime weapons we had in a while.
  7. I am hoping her primed skin does not look like boiled potatoes when you use the glass. The last deluxe skin looks really cool out of combat but a piece of crap once you use skill 2.
  8. But the question is, is it needed? It does not work as a straight mobility buff. You cannot use it in many situations. And Protea has more than enough mobility without it. It is not a question of people deciding to drop this skill, but if everyone who decides to use the helminth drops this specific skill, then this skill has a problem.
  9. No, you cannot if you want to progress the story or access some of none RJ content. I don’t play RJ and the main quested released over a year ago is locked for me. I still have not played the sentient tileset. I won’t be able to do the Tempestari. How much you want to bet that new war will be locked by previous quest and will require RJ? I rarely play warframe for a reason. I do not enjoy the space combat and this is not what I was looking for when I started to play warframe to begin with.
  10. Or even better, play a different game than warframe.
  11. I don’t think this is necessary. First, it needs 16 capacity. That is a huge steep cost. Second, while it is always nice to have, it is primarily used on melee frames. Most frames don’t need it.
  12. Pretty fitting theme wise? Sure. Worth using? No. In most situations, your better off just melee-ing the enemies. Using skill 4 leaves you slow and vulnerable. And most enemies that you need the extra damage on, are immune to stats. So what is the point.
  13. You lose combo counter of exalted weapons when they are closed. So yes, if you deactivate hysteria, it loses all combo counter.
  14. Garuda definitely needs a buff. After playing her for a long time, skill 1 & 3 are great. Skill 2 has many issues that prevent it from being a reliable survivability tool. Skill 4 is garbage. It would take me less time and effort to kill enemies without having to waste time casting the skill. And where it really could work, like eidolons, they are immune to status. I would not bother with the passive. Sitting with zero HP while fighting level 120+ enemies is not a good idea.
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