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  1. Well the operator heals while being invulnerable. Outside of getting one shotted in a very short duration, you won’t die.
  2. As you mentioned in your first post you would rather buy with platinum. Even if you did not buy the platinum, someone else did, and presumably you obtained by selling prime parts. DE making it easier to reroll hits their finances. I am not saying it is a good thing. But it is reality.
  3. Somewhere between 50-100% overall power? Modular frame will never happen. Not due to balance issues (though that would definitely be a S#&$ show) but more due to lack of character. It hurts DEs sales too.
  4. Sadly the approach is wrong. Use a none slash weapon against Graineer/corrupted and see how terribly it works. Before touching anything on the melee/range damage side, armor scaling and status procs need to be addressed first. Anything else is beating around the bush.
  5. Mmmm... I find threads like these silly. We all know why melee is better in most cases. There is no reason to urge over something plainly oblivious. You like a specific gun and it works, good for you. Are you trying to say it is remotely close to top tier melee weapon? It is not. Can we please stop these pointless threads?
  6. While would be nice, I do not think this is doable, specifically cuz of rewards. It needs good rewards, but that would not work for DE. Good rewards equal less grind.
  7. That is some seriously OPed S#&$. The first augment makes you immune to status, all the time. Second augment turns one of already most powerful nuke skills, that works well in SP against all factions, to holy S#&$ mode. I like the enhanced dispensary, but are we talking 120% base ranged damage or 120% overall damage. The earlier is fine. The latter is super broken.
  8. Well, radiant lowest tier odds is 50%. Even with 4 players it is reasonably likely that all 4 will get bronze reward. Might better complain the game is too grindy
  9. After a while you kinda understand that the best way to farm anything below level 100 is melee + movement speed for missions with movement. Nuke for anything stationary. There is no place for anything else. Efficiency rules. If you run a sniper or a hit scan weapons, feel free. But I am running at 150 speed turning everything in my pass to dust. Why spend 5 minutes in a mission that can be finished in 3?
  10. Might as well say: “all frames have skills and weapons, what else do you need?” You know, if you do not have anything to say, no one is forcing you to do so. This is just a poor attempt at trolling. All at once you say? You mean casting the tornado, then shooting at the mobs to remove armour then to kill them. Does the tornado effect all mobs too? No? Can I do that while eidolon hunting (or any similar fight)? Also, no? Or maybe I can slap them once with a melee weapon and they all die ALL AT ONCE. You can keep enjoying role playing Zephyr, but do not try to sell me that these cha
  11. I do not think the changes are bad, they just do not do much for her in terms of damage. It have modifiers for melee or range. No armour stripping. No nuking. Grouping enemies and some CCs are nice; but, not enough.
  12. I agree with you. Nevertheless, hysteria main benefit is the invincibility. Barring some major change in the game design, removing that, especially without adequate compensation, is a major nerf. As for exalted weapons, from a business sense DE would not want them to be stronger than melee weapons. No parts to farm and build (or buy). No rivens. It is not a question of good or bad design, but realistic expectations. If we pitch our tent in the exalted weapons damage we will lose. And yes, operator healing and invincibility through void mode are balance issues, but we cannot ignore th
  13. None of these fixes fix anything. I, and nearly everyone, according to do statistics, dropped ripline for another skill from Heleminth. This skill is garbage in every context. Even for mobility, I dropped this skill for fire walker: Opening enemies to finishers? Who gives a S#&$. I could kill them instantly in melee. Paralysis is not the worst, but it is useless. I don’t have issues with hysteria on live. It could use a slight buff. It will never be as effective as top tier melee weapon with riven. At least the invincibility can be used to cheese some stuff. Lo
  14. Thanks for the work. I am genuinely surprised that Deimos is popular. I find it the worst content added to the game. Not cuz it is inherently bad. However, it is a recycling of what we seen before twice, against the most boring faction and with emphasis on the worst aspects of previous open worlds.
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