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  1. I reported this bug in the master bug reporting thread long ago. It is to do with duplication of loadouts. They make 2 loadouts if you change the frame afaik and this can get you over the limit.
  2. If you swap loadouts when not in the main screen(companion and gear screen) you get a lag spike. Seems like a loading issue because it only happens the first time you swap between 2 loadouts per time you open the arsenal after that I assume it is cached so there is no lag spike. Eg. open the arsenal and go to the gear or companion screen swap loadout from A to B get lag spike does not happen in the main screen. After that, swapping between A and B does not cause a lag spike but if you close the arsenal or swap to another loadout lets say C it will cause a lag spike. Duplicating a loadout causes it to duplicate multiple times. Not sure what causes this but it is a problem might be changing items immediately after duplicating because I will get a exact copy of my loadout as if I didnt change anything after duplicating and another one with my changes not sure if this is true every time because I havent been paying too much attention but this has happened every time so I noticed. Sometimes this causes no companion to be equipped or something random gear being equipped not sure if there is a pattern. Eg. Duplicate loadout, change item(cause that's what I usually duplicate a loadout for) and reload(enter dojo, relay, mission etc) see 2 loadouts with the same name. Can go over loadout limit.
  3. Why are you replacing the credit booster. That was the best booster IMO and now we get this booster that is only useful if you go out of your way to farm the rare mods?
  4. Comes to AND end? Also now we have another booster I would not want to get in the sortie reward pool. Why would I want a mod booster it does not help me when playing normal stuff only when I want to farm specific mods which I never do go out of my way just to farm mods. Same with the drop chance booster whenever I get that I wished I got another booster like the resource booster which I can use on exploiter or profit taker. IMO drop chance is just like a worse resource booster. Even the affinity booster is better IMO even though the focus gains are super small since I don't focus farm and only use basic lenses. TLDR: I don't want to get this booster from sortie rewards.
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