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  1. Please clarify if condition overload is being capped to 3 status maximum (240% dmg) the intial update notes were not clear on that
  2. So how about those acolytes in steel path kuva survival? Heh..... yeah
  3. Primary buffs still happening? Also reworking puncture and impact procs to be more useful (maybe even blast procs while were at it)
  4. Please BUFF VOLNUS PRIME 5 MORE MASTERY RANK FOR THAT?!?!? Thanks for reading
  5. Volnus prime buffs when? It’s worse than the normal version when you include rivens
  6. Much appreciated! Now if only those acolyte spawns could be fixed as reported many times
  7. SP kuva survival acolyte spawns bug out alot
  8. Please fix Taevuni steel path kuva survival acolytes spawning inconsistently (blocked by the eximus spawn when a new tower is created is my guess)
  9. Thank you very much for the sevagoth changes! Once the gloom drain is changed again should feel great. Please add "invert ability casting" for muh boy sevagoth too! so we can use the faster ghost by tapping. Thanks again!!
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