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  1. hey i want that new epehemera but holy crap that farm is ass can u like change it pls
  2. sentient ephemera farm is the worst grind i've done in any game ever please take a look at it (or the timer on the sentient ship in general) up 1 hour down 2 hours would make players much happier
  3. Thanks for all the fixes and replacing the credit caches
  4. You deleted my previous comment. Here I'll say it again DON'T DO THIS
  5. Wonder what will get insanely broken today?
  6. remove requiem mods from the cash shop
  7. Taking some extra time to buff the prova vandal even more I see
  8. Really hate these recycled rewards as someone that tries to keep up to date with the new stuff I feel pretty burnt rn
  9. Rubico again really? take one PA off nerfing it holy crap oh wait u literally can't nerf it anymore, you finally killed it
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