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  1. "nightwave end date" I feel slightly clickbaited lol
  2. Really appreciate you guys listening to feedback that the nerf was much too hard for the amount of work/grind it required to get this ability unlocked in the first place. but I’ve got to say this “post nerf buff” is way too tame. Please reintroduce critical chance to explosion, I do not want to be forced to use slash procs with marked for death for good results. 150% damage increase will require a ton of strength would should hurt your range (xaku syndrome) and it will still be utter trash when not using slash procs. There are more changes I would suggest but bringing back crit exp
  3. Thank you for fixing void dash bug, some crazy people were trying to claim it was a feature
  4. can we possibly get a video just showing the accepted tennogen? was really excited for it.... thanks for working through technical issues regardless
  5. since you asked my opinion yes I would. At least we get to have some fun first then
  6. dang and they said stuff was gonna get nerfed right away.... next level nerfs before it even comes out! real innovation with these new updates
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