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  1. It sure does. I didn't get Argon Scope from Torment 28 times in a row and then on try 29 and 32. Luckily, I don't aim for any other rare acolyte drop except meme strike maybe.
  2. This points have been said before, but I want to leave my feedback here, too: - It's nice to have the possibility to farm the acolyte mods. Before I only had blood rush, now I got argon scope and body count, too. - However, limiting a few mods which are considered mandatory for many builds (especially argon scope and weeping wounds, since meme strike has been nerfed and blood rush drops from lua spy, too) to an event which lasts for approximately 3 days per year (each acolyte lasts for 3 days roughly) isn't nice. If you can't spend those 3 days entirely farming for argon scope for example, you are pretty much screwed. 4 % drop chance on an enemy which takes, depending from the mission he spawns on 3-7 min to kill but is available only for 15 min results in 2-4 runs until he vanishes again. Then it takes 45-70 minutes until he is found somewhere else and the 15 min time window starts over again. - A suggestion from my side would be to make it token based, like plague star. Every time you kill one of the acolytes, you get an acolyte token and depending from the acolyte with some low chance a certain ephemera or armor or whatever. Then you can spend 1 token to get the common drop and up until 25 tokens for the rare ones. This way it is fairer and you get the rare drops guaranteed after 25 runs.
  3. And thank you for trying to release Updates simultaneously on PC and Consoles! Fingers crossed that this is a valuable step towards cross save :3
  4. Wow, this sounds really amazing! Thank you very much for all the effort you put into switch 🙂
  5. Wow, those changes sound quite good! However, is there any way to integrate the murmur farming into the casual gameplay? I am very tired of asking "murmur farming anyone" in recruiting/alliance chat because a lot of people either got all weapons or don't want to farm them. And playing alone is no fun 😞
  6. Apparently, coaction drift doesn't apply to power donation. You can't get below 10% power strength (power donation + overextended), but the builder says you get to 0.33% using coaction drift + power donation + overextended
  7. Hah nice, I just happened to build the latter one yesterday cause I didn't have enough standing at Ostron for Vargeet II Jai ^^ Currently it isn't gilded yet, but I definitely will try to optimise the build once it is! Gonna try how exodia epidemic and enduring affliction work together, too. At first I was lost how you got that 75.6% stat chance and 220.4% crit, but then I understood that I had to add weeping wounds and blood rush (at combo counter 12) to achieve that. So far, I don't own this mods, but I was told that acolyths should come back soon 🙂
  8. So you'd recommend something like Plague Kripath + Seekalla + Vargeet II Jai? It got 1.117 base speed 36% crit chance 2.2 multiplier 10% status chance 221 base damage
  9. Thx for fixing it fast! Happy to be able to use it again, it's a great tool!
  10. Cool, thanks for the fast response!
  11. tbf, I played it yesterday and hemocyte got stuck once (in total, I faced 10-20 hemocytes). We were still able to kill it cause his heads were sticking out. 5-10% rate of the boss being harder than expected to kill isn't too bad.
  12. I'm not sure if it's me or the website, but everytime I select a warframe/weapon/whatsoever, the window where the slots and mods used to be is now just grey 😞
  13. Mandatory "when cross save" question from a Nintenno: Where is cross save in your priority list? Is it more like "nice idea, but we wont put too much effort in it" or "We want it badly and will release it before the New War"?
  14. How did I not know this lol I seriously thought that doing invasions or crafting it for too much resources was the only way of getting Mutagen Mass/Fieldron/Detonite 😄 Thx so much!
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