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  1. Near as I can tell, these changes will make Arbitrations easier for teams, and harder for solo players. Yeah, no thanks.
  2. I like that particular style of combo on Bullet Dance though. Nothing like kiting some poor sucker with constant gunshots from a melee weapon.
  3. What I don't understand is why they can't be made tradeable, like refined ore/gems and fishes are. Hell, I'd even buy them from the market with plat to avoid grinding heist bounties.
  4. 1 of each Fissure mission type always available, per era, would be nice. It's not like people don't have access to the regular mission while the Fissure is sitting on the node anyway. Of course, DE probably prefers it to be "streamlined" so as to not upset people who don't like reading, scrolling or making decisions.
  5. Thanks for the Wolf Sledge drop chance buffs. This will tank its value and save me a good chunk of plat when I eventually buy a couple of sets for me and my Warlord. (There's no way in hell I'm farming something that drops from an assassin from a time-limited event.)
  6. You don't sound rude at all, not to mention you type like an adult which is always appreciated. I wonder if Tectonics (non-Augmented) could be made more relevant by allowing Power Range to affect the size of the wall, much like how Frost can mess with his Snow Globe's size. That, and/or it could get the same base size increase that Volt's Electric Shield got a while back. My main problem with regular Tectonics, though, is the boulder function. It's the one part of Atlas' kit that I can never find much use for; in terms of the damage and CC it provides, Landslide already does that, but with more damage, less energy cost and keeping Atlas invincible. Maybe if the boulder smashed into a bunch of Rubble when it hit something it would be more useful, since Atlas could use it to heal and armor up in between engagements. Concerning Rumblers: I can't say I'm unsatisfied with their current engagement speed (especially compared to Nekros' Shadows or Chroma's Effigy), but I also always run Stretch to give them the 45% speed boost.
  7. Gonna have to disagree with your first sentence (your entire post). I use Atlas, with his Tectonic Fracture Augment, to defend if the scenario suits him. Being able to box in an Operative between three bulwarks, to stop their silly random movement, is quite useful. Being able to box in the opponents' scoring area in The Index is handy too, especially for that Nightwave challenge than demands the Corpus not score at all. There's also the ability to deny Kuva clouds access to the Kuva Harvester. Mass Vitrify can do some of this too, but it's far more fragile than Tectonics if you're not waiting for the enemies to be in just the right positions to make use of their EHP. As a Tenno who either flies solo or as a pair with my Warlord, I like the fact that Atlas can pound enemies into the ground, build walls, and summon the most aggressive minions in the game all in one kit. This is especially convenient during Bounties, where anything can happen. If the anti-Tectonics and anti-Rumblers people got their way and turned Atlas into Rocky Balboa, the number of missions he would be my ideal pick for would drop drastically.
  8. Same thing happened to me.
  9. If you've never seen someone ask for a mute Lotus button, you haven't been on the forums much. As for why Nora gets so much hate? I have two guesses. First is that her transmissions don't really serve a purpose; they don't provide any useful information about the mission you're in or any random goings-on in the game (e.g. Invasions). Second is that her transmissions are pretty long compared to those of Lotus or any other NPC who talks to us in-mission (besides Corrupted Vor, who is pretty much irrelevant ever since Void Keys got removed).
  10. I wonder if DE is even going to respond about the Ogris revert. If they want to keep it reverted, fine, but it would be nice to know why.
  11. It works pretty well with Sarpa and the Bullet Dance stance.
  12. There is one way to strip his armor: Shattering Impact. At least until DE decides to take that away from us too.
  13. I'd be more surprised if I went into a Public Radiation Hazard Sortie and everything DIDN'T go to hell.
  14. Me and my favorite guy attempted the 60 minute Kuva Survival run twice now, and both times one of us had a Nekros, and both times we ran out of Life Support around the 35 minute mark. There's simply not enough enemies and not enough small Life Supports. I'm not sure if maybe this challenge was designed based on spawns for a 4-person party, but if it was, that's not cool. It makes Survival not the best choice for an endurance challenge. Maybe consider Defense or Excavation instead.
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