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  1. If Ogris' status, which can reach 100% without a Riven, got nerfed and replaced with 25% crit which cannot reach 100% without a Riven, I'd have even less reason to use it than I do now. I absolutely agree with the trigger type change though. I think charge trigger should only exist on weapons that can fire uncharged shots too.
  2. You forgot the most important bow feature that we don't have. Bow fishing, like Burt Reynolds in Deliverance. We already even have a banjo jingle in the game. Make it happen, DE!
  3. I just take Ivara along with a sniper rifle with the Sharpshooter + Hush mods and do a Grineer mission. Never run out of energy or heads to shoot, and no Nullifiers to be annoying.
  4. If the enemies are so non-threatening that using Speed Nova won't backfire hilariously, then there isn't really the need for any kind of meta at that level.
  5. I'd love this. Wall latching is fun, especially with a sniper.
  6. Interception is the gametype you're thinking of. Inception is that movie people pretend to understand.
  7. My favorite mission type right now is Assault, since it involves so many different tasks, which makes the choice of Frame more tricky than your typical Defense or Capture mission. The rewards are crap though, so I really only ever play it when it's in a Sortie. I'd like more Assault nodes, as well as to have them added to the other factions in some form or another, so that things like Fissures or Syndicate missions could happen. Better rewards for the one we have now would be nice but I'm not gonna hold my breath on that one.
  8. Stop making jokes before someone hears you.
  9. Since those are basically mud flaps, DE should let us put a Marvin the Martian on them.
  10. Auto block was a mistake. I want to be able to use Electromagnetic Shielding again. For the times I want to run a Radiation Hazard Sortie with a team, bringing Inaros + Electromagnetic Shielding to keep rad procs off of my allies (as well as myself) is a godsend.
  11. I can't think of a single non-endless mission type worth bringing pugs to. Nonetheless, I see no reason to not add this feature to every mission type in the game since the groundwork for it has already been laid out, just so long as there's still some sort of countdown timer in case one wanders too close to extraction by accident (especially on tiles that can have Syndicate medallions really close by).
  12. As someone who does a lot of trading and has a big pile of plat, I like how Rivens have shook up the market. Mainly because I despise farming Primes (specifically I despise farming Traces just to Radiant the relics I need to farm and still getting common drops) and quite like how all I have to do is wait a few months and I can buy a set of whatever Prime for 60p. That amount of plat is easy to make through Riven sales. Veiled Rivens are the best since there's always demand and I don't have to be bothered unlocking them.
  13. Are you actually gauging the game's fun based on how much premium currency you can shake people down for? With that kind of outlook, you should go work for EA.
  14. Randoms will always be horrible. If you want others to play with regularly and with some semblance of coordination, bolster your friends list or join a clan.
  15. I can't even remember at this point. I also stopped caring once I finished getting all the Nightwave rewards. Now that I know how long a Nightwave lasts for, I know I don't have to panic about completing every single weekly.
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