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  1. there is no promotional period up right now, all it did was set up mixer drops like how we have warframe drops. was to allow for both mixer an twitch Dev an Prime time streams to have people watching on either platform able to get the drop. once we have another promotional period players can support there fave streamer during that promotion instead of having to keep checking on the twitch stream to see if the person is still streaming or had passed it onto another warframe streamer
  2. FAQ How do I know if I’ve received a reward? After watching a Warframe stream during a promotional period, you’ll get a message in your in-game Inbox with your item. Log in to get your free items! Do rewards work for viewers watching on mobile and on console? Yes! As long as you’re logged in to your Mixer account and you’ve linked your Warframe account to your Mixer account, you’ll receive rewards from watching streams on mobile and console. Do rewards work for all platforms? Yes! Tenno on ALL platforms are eligible to receive Mixer rewards. Can I receive duplicate rewards for watching on both Twitch and Mixer? Users will have the ability to link both their Twitch and Mixer accounts to one Warframe account, but they won't have the ability to receive double the drops for watching with both accounts!
  3. thats why in missions if i have a leecher i will do what ever i can to make sure they die an run out of revies. 😄 im not picking up someone who is purposely standing around doing nothing. if they were running around trying to earn stuff in a mission, yes i will pick them up. but overall yes leechers are huge problem as they expect players to carry them around an just harm themselves as they not actually playing instead are just using everyone else to stuff for them
  4. well i havent seen that info before so i was saying what i knew, as i did say not yet, so i had thought it wasnt implmented just yet. thread is abit pointless but still proves usefull to the OP
  5. oh i will test this on console as didn't see anything about this option 😮 hope it works your still having to finish the rotation at every 5 waves
  6. from what i seen its pretty cool an nicely set up fight as your not too resitrcted on what frame you should bring. but as most will say no limbo for this as its not really a mission that would require his skills
  7. but you will need them all to build the hive mind clem, he will rule the origin system with a iron fist gripping the holy grakta grail
  8. well i havent heard all of what she had said in ropie fight as audio quality in some streams are not good enough. but with what i do know is that i want to make peace with the sentients an form some kind of pact or alliance with them we are not like the orokin we can learn to be better than those who used an abused us. Natah we know you hate what they did to you an know she will never agree to be the brainwashed lotus. instead cant we have a blank sentient body equip the lotus helmet an plug it into lotus pod an restore lotus. as she was a program that was using natahs body as a vessal so another body is just needed, heck it doesnt even need ot be sentient right?
  9. you will have to file a support ticket to DE to have them change your connected email to a valid one you will have to supply. plz bewared as for reason of making sure you are the owner of the account they might ask you various questions to prove you are the owner like what was the last time you bought plat or a acess of any kind, what mr are you, what was the last item you took from the foundry, how much plat you have. what was the name of last enemy you hit that was ragdolled into the future
  10. ......... well there always the people who had stockpiled it when had chance
  11. we are releasing them to Master Teasonai, who else would take good care of are unloved doggos an kitties
  12. this is not anything new as titinia hovers when not moving an you think she would hover isntead of walk when you move around. wisp has no feet she constantly hovering thus her movement is the way it is. animations give the warfame idle an stationary animations nothing else
  13. sorry your rant is already fixed. on survials if you have to leave at 13 minutes as your getting yelled at to get off the game. your able to simply stand at extraction an game will wisk you out of the mission an your free to do what ever you want. while we dont have it yet for open world missions
  14. then have people complain about the token system being not good enough. i cant get enough tokens to get so an so item, buff it then have people saying nerf the amount of tokens. its rng, if you cant handle the fact that you have no luck either buy wips with plat, leave warframe behind or learn to accept that rng is vital part of any game with grindign for items
  15. this is mostly not a warframe side issue but rather your own nets issue. pls do a full router reboot, an while router is rebooting do one for your computer. a full reboot followed by runing disk cleanup. afterwards check your download speed
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