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  1. The Zanuka Hunter has a 1.5% chance of spawning for marked players on Corpus missions within the first four minutes. Each additional marked player in the squad increases the chances by 0.5%. Upon spawning, one marked player will have their mark removed, much like the Grustrag Three. Running additional invasion missions for the Grineer is also a good way to find the Zanuka Hunter as the chance is doubled after getting the mail for that invasion.
  2. will there be any more info on the kavamp? any news on the new war? will clem become captain of his own ship
  3. Craft a weapon requiring Mastery Rank 5 or higher Defeat Vay Hek at Oro on Earth He can be found on the Oro node, which can be accessed only by players of Mastery Rank 5 or higher so you will need to raise your mr by 1 tho for the war within quest it would be good to bring in something you can kill an survie with as one part will be a def which has enemies on 2 differnt floors of this room an rampart that will be the only spoiler for the quest i will give.
  4. Kinetic Plating -1.28% battery per second while active. -1.0%-6.5% battery per hit received. +?% battery per melee hit to enemies. tho doubt that gunblades shot count towards as a melee hit
  5. starters are the 3 frames your able to get early into the game volt - get in dojo mag - get from phobos excal -get from mars if they were to change it would probbly remove volt an put rhino in as he on venus the starter frames are frames your able to get quite early an provide no real advantage over any other. cause your able to farm for every frame To Long Didn't Read meaning a short recap of what you were saying you wanted p.s. instead
  6. Shot Combo Counter, which gives them a bonus to their total damage if they successfully hit their shots multiple times in succession (affected by Multishot mods). Each Sniper Rifle requires a minimum number of shots before the Shot Combo Counter activates, starting with a damage bonus of 1.5x. Another 0.5x damage is added to the counter each time the Shot Combo Counter reaches a number of hits three times the amount needed for the previous damage bonus milestone, ex. If a Sniper Rifle activated its 1.5x damage bonus on the 5th hit, then its 2.0x bonus can only be achieved after the 15th hit, the 2.5x bonus after the 45th hit and so on. The Shot Combo Counter takes into account successful multiple hits achieved via Punch Through, and weapons with Multishot will count each successful hit from the same shot as multiple shot instances, ex. if two bullets from a single Multishot hit the same target, then the Shot Combo Counter will register that as two hits. The Shot Combo Counter will be reduced by 1 after a short period of time that no successful hits have been made, or if the player misses a shot. All sniper rifles have a 2 second combo duration, with the exception of the Lanka that has a 6 second duration. This duration can be extended with  Harkonar Scope. Zoom levels and BuffsEdit Sniper Rifle Zoom Level Buff Komorex 2.0x -50% Recoil, +2 Punch Through 3.5x +100% Damage, +3 Explosion Radius, -75% Fire Rate Lanka 3x +20% Critical Chance 5x +30% Critical Chance 8x +50% Critical Chance Rubico 3.5x +35% Critical Multiplier 6x +50% Critical Multiplier Rubico Prime 2.5x +35% Critical Multiplier 5.0x +50% Critical Multiplier Snipetron Snipetron Vandal 2.5x +30% Headshot Damage 6x +50% Headshot Damage Vectis 3x +30% Headshot Damage 4.5x +50% Headshot Damage Vectis Prime 3.5x +40% Headshot Damage 6x +60% Headshot Damage Vulkar Vulkar Wraith 2.5x +35% Headshot Damage 4x +55% Headshot Damage 8x +70% Headshot Damage
  7. https://notsosubtle.space/wf/ t3 void interception is 11% (mithra) t3 interception is 14% cerbrus - pluto xini - eris berhynia - sedna
  8. https://forums.warframe.com/search/?q=CROSSPLAY this topic has resurfaced quite afew times since the whole sony crossplay DE has stated they are gonna try an see if they can do cross save progression meaning you take your save data across platforms they cant do full crossplay as pc is bug tester as tehy dont have to any cert thus if they do full crossplay that means all updates an hotfixes will take soooooooooooooo long to fix that by the time they are able to get them pushed through the player base will start dropping like flys from the stress of the issues being had are nto fixed
  9. they already know its a segment as title shows they are asking about the personal quarters segment not the room itself xD what you think you gotta build a segment segment to allow you to build other segments as other have pointed out that rooms segment is gained after your operator has done the war within quest an no longer is bound to that chair
  10. >:U i dont care its official to us an you shall shut up an accept that we all love you for you managing that. (>'.')> now accept my hugs of thanks
  11. https://notsosubtle.space/wf/ we have melee 2.5 as 3.0 is still in the works but now blocking is kinda inate when you have guns on if you press melee button your swapped to melee if you have melee you an you aim or shoot you go back to the either primary or secondary depending on which was being used before you swapped to melee melee slams got abit of a change as can have a forward curve instead of straight down depending on afew things therma fratures profit taker an orb mother disruptions jupiter gas city tileset roplyst boss fight for wisp nightwave which just ended an will have intermission coming up on the 20th quite afew new weapons we have railjack coming soon 😄 new war suppose to be out before end of this year if there any you want to try an learn about always remember that the https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/WARFRAME_Wiki is always a good choice to go to
  12. Anasa Ayatan Sculpture - 28.00%* Riven Mod - 27.90%† 4,000x Endo - 12.10%‡ 6,000x Kuva - 12.00%‡ 3-Day Booster - 9.81%^ Exilus Adapter - 2.50% Forma - 2.50% Orokin Catalyst Blueprint - 2.50% Orokin Reactor Blueprint - 2.50% Legendary Core - 0.18%
  13. its called walk by the infested door an nidus mutation activates
  14. Damage absorbed is accumulated and stored briefly before diminishing over time. Stored damage is converted into Blast damage, multiplied by 1x / 1.5x / 2x / 2.5x, and rhythmically dealt to all enemies within a radius faster beat will make it dish out faster damage at lower amounts slow beat will make it dish out slow ticks of damage but in larger amounts
  15. it more like 2 to 4 weeks to get support as they get alot of tickets each day an dont have enough staff to answer every last one
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