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  1. The Heliocor can obtain Kavat Genetic Codes if it kills Feral Kavats. This helps greatly with speeding up the genetic material needed to make a Kavat companion as long as the slow swing speed is managed accordingly.
  2. were you using synesthis scanner or codex scanner in your gear wheel
  3. its cause of self damage was removed an was replaced with stagger as the punishment
  4. user is pc as they do not have console name next to there username welcome back tenno hope the 2 years of content you missed out will keep you full for awhile
  5. yes but the OP had not played the lich system an should have looked into it like many other players that have been returning since the lich system dropped. i could even argue they could have look up a video on the lich system to understand it. i was pointing out that there was source of information for them to learn about the system
  6. long as there no direct or 2nd part interaction between the accounts playing with friends from your main is alright giving stuff to a friend in exchange for something else from them is something abit iffy but dont think would get you in trouble
  7. you know we vets are very happy to help newer players out xD as there not much for us to do an so once we find new players its like O_O untained one must teach them the ways of the frame
  8. well it also served as test run for squad link
  9. its cause saryn can kill everything an people want to kill stuff
  10. if you have an amesha arcwing will help out as will slow down enemies to make it easyier to kill an help protect you from the head latchers. so you want to kill any enemy you come across while doing your tokyo drift around the edge of the map as enemy spawns will stop the wild life from spawning. bring a weapon that good at long range kills an use a synethis scanner to help you locate as all you really need to do is just do quick scan to see if the animal your after is around an if not kill everything around an return to your search. i was using equinox just so i could sleep the anima
  11. its random how prices work as its based on how nice the item is, how hard it is to get the relics, how many of the parts are floating around. but biggest part is popularity an how many people wanting to overprice item an people wanting to day one get item
  12. you get moa pets in fortuna you get 6 infested animals in deimos. 3 foxs ( uses kavat mods) which cant truly die just become inactive for 30 seconds an infested doggos. they require you to capture weakened versions of the animal which means a enemy needs to hit them atleast once an can not be you. you get a vampire kavat from either trading for the imprints or getting a normal kavat infected by feral ones in the plains an making imprint of that an do again to get 2nd needed imprint or risking with 1 vampire kavat imprint with a non infected imprint. amps are used in afew things other th
  13. there is no nightwave pass an you cant purchase tiers in warframe nightwave.
  14. also remember to throw the bait when host is in tunnel or you will cause it to be a waste
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