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  1. they have said there still looking into it. guessing they are trying to get all the info on what would be transferred over an not transfered over how platform exclusive skins would work how would you link each platform account to each other how this would affect users being in a clan, would there clan be existing on multiple platforms an if so what would happen if that clan name already in use on another platform stuff like this
  2. shortest version i can make of breeding Both kavats an kubrows have 3 imprints that can be taken, this is do to with addition of a new kavat breed that has special means to get that requires imprints so 3rd imprint was added in. if you check the breed of kubrow/kavat mods you have before you start up the incubation you can tell what breed is your baby as once the incubation has started the game send you the 2 breed mods right away. kubrow sizes are random, whats shown on imprint that gets carried over when you use 2 of the same imprint is the body build, breed, fur color an pattern. say you have imprint that has bulky an other with lotus being the key trait you want in the kubrow there is a 1/4 chance that it will make a bulky lotus. if both imprints are bulky an one is lotus you will have 50 50 chance of it being bulky lotus. if someone says omega bulky lotus is them pretty much saying tall bulky bulky lotus, as the omega is then wanting a kubrow that is the tallest it can be an is bulky. as the size of a kubrow is random an those only wanting to buy omega bulky lotus imprints dont know or wanting for collection reasons. a helmith charger can be made by having a warframe with a pinky neck cyst on it interact with the incubator an when picking to incubate a egg you will have option to pop cyst an your growing a infected dogo. the warframes fashion colors dont affect the helmith chargers colors at all, an the cyst will grow back on the warframe. also in market you can get a skin for it that turns it into a infested charger do to the fact that helmith charger was released with nidus DE didn't have the model for it set up right away, an players did want to keep the infested charger look to it so 😄 DE allowed players to do so if they wanted with a credit purchase skin. kavats when your making your very first one your farming out 2 kavats to make one. this is cause it takes 10 codes to make a kavat an it requires 10 codes to make the incubator upgrade. (unless you buy the upgrade with plat then you only need 10 codes for first ktity) only differences to kavats to kubrows in looks is that kavats head an tails are all that are different in them. to get a Vasca kavat requires having a kavat who has aleast 2 of its 3 imprints unused as you need to infect your kavat on the plains at night by a wild Vasca an get imprint of it an re-infect it. the colors of your kavat you infect will still carry over to the Vasca as it still the same just breed has been changed. best to use two differnt kavats to get infected if you want to save time as you can get the imprint of one going an then the other with only 2 trips into the plains at night. a Vasca imprint will have red light to it instead of the normal blue
  3. if you play on multiple platforms an you have twitch account linked to each of the warframe platform type, you will get the reward on the first linked account. if you play on both pc an say switch an you want the goodies on pc but you linked your switch account to twitch first then switch account will get the goodies not pc. you would then have to unlink switch account from twitch to have pc be the one that gets it. also DO NOT WATCH the stream on multiple devices under the same twitch account this is a thing many people last year did an lost out on the tennocon reward
  4. welcome to warframe 7, you missed so much but don't worry 😄 you will adjust to all the crazy new things ps make sure your watching the twitch stream today at 12:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. ET Get that hydriod prime
  5. you need to be watching from twitch don't be watching from multiple devices as last year people did an got upset they didn't get the tennocon stream goodies
  6. 需要向此人发送消息以激活您的Warframe市场帐户 https://forums.warframe.com/messenger/882612/#
  7. no it will be a baro clone that will have its name backwards Reert' ik orab
  8. it has to do with the activity of your account. as i have been around for years now an when ever some new stuff came out my codex would show that item while those i know who have been on an off for many updates would have missing enteries of the new items that my codex shows but theres doesnt.
  9. you would need to pay the rank up from the negative sydnicate ranks but the postive ranks you wouldnt as you never had been those negative standing ranks before
  10. it would still be against the terms of service as your still trading between the two accounts. you could get away with it if it was one or two items or giving the alt account some plat so the alt account can use it for stuff for itself. The creation of alternate accounts will be handled on a case by case basis, and we reserve the right to remove accounts used to circumvent any form of restrictions to the game or the Service including the official Warframe forums.
  11. its always like this when baro is about to come or is here. there are ppl wanting to buy prime stuff just to turn it into ducats an there are people desperate enough to trade them.
  12. yes its called cross save progression an DE is still looking into it but hey 😄 maybe next time do a forum search as this topic has been asked many times an still gets the same answer
  13. once you return from a railjack mission your rewards are often not loaded with that instance you have to leave the dojo an return. this is the case with most players that are not the host of the mission
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