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  1. volt can go as if you want to get it again you just go into your clans dojo an head into the tenno lab an pick up the parts for volt keep rhino as he gonna be your tank frame.
  2. more so with the vulpas ability to infinitly revive themselves
  3. once you complete a mission your rewards are saved so you did not lose out on the holo keys. only time you would lose out on rewards is if game considered you idle aka not moving for long enough time while the rewards popped up
  4. loki was designed to be stealth trickster warframe. your desired rework doesnt fall under what DE designed him to be
  5. Its pure RNG as just randomly picks from its list of weapons it can have. DE used to have it set where if say you just did a lich with a kuva kraken then the kuva kraken would not show up on the larvaling.
  6. all k-drive hitsboxes are the same so no matter the look of them is just cosmetic. could be your using differnt mods on the board. tho if your just doing alot of tricks just to get exp to get mastery on the board maybe try grinding the pearl which is boring but still better than trying to do tricks an constantly failing
  7. Shadow Claws damage is affected by the Ability Strength stat of Sevagoth, but not on Shadow.
  8. overall wanting to delete Lokis stealth frame status to be a deffense dps hybrid warframe
  9. not really as its utility choice of modding. we can add in larger clip size but still using the same amount of ammo just less often needing to reload or add more max ammo an have to worry about having to pick up ammo as often. DE wants to allow players to have variety in there builds an having such options grants players there own personal challanges
  10. you know console players are able to tell what is coming up by simply looking at PC baro visits. then 2 visits later comes to consoles. Just cause Baro doesnt bring something new every visit doesnt mean what he brings is barely worthy. What might be worthless to you might be something worthwhile to someone else. Not every visit will have a brand new item that DE has to add into the game. Exactly as Baro is a random cycle of goodies, that lets newer players have chance at goodies. :O oh your a 2 year older senpai o3o/ thanks for beta testing all them updates on pc. Wubs you PC players for letting us console players learn from your struggles
  11. not really as would make converting liches useless as would have players constantly destroying there lich weapon to get one in high demand an then sell the converted lich
  12. good for people who like to make guides or want to use footage from part of a quest when making a video
  13. warframe market is NOT part of Digital Extremes an thus this will never happen. Danger would be the people who ran warframe market are not affiliated with DE an so nothing could stop them from stealing peoples account info, hijacking accounts, selling off users accounts.
  14. can reffer to the tenno faction as the relays are ran by the tenno faction.
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