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  1. yup this is good as the low duration shortens the time between each pulse, causing rapid pulses.
  2. user probability didn't think that the players helping players section would be a good place an thougth the feedback area would be where they could get feedback on there issue?
  3. so them fixing something that came first is a bad idea? so them fixing a issue others have been complaining about is not good? yes lets have DE ignore all kinds of things community has been talking about for afew months as we totally didnt need the kuva larvalings to show what weapon the litch will have. so we can spend weeks trying to get the kuva weapons we all want an end up saying screw litch hunting i have had the same 5 weapons for the past week an i cant get any of the ones i want. that they are working on the modular arcwing system to maybe be one part of a big railjack fix never been a thought they might be doing?
  4. kickbot has certain words an phrases that will trigger a auto ban which could be a afew , a week or two, to even a month. please take note that frequent chat bans may lead to account being ban
  5. nope your fine as you were given choices of the weapons you want to take an when you hit the next mileseont you will be given choice between the remaining weapons. tho if your confused an think might have sold one of the weapons you can always contact support to have them double check your account
  6. first off a rhino requires no redirection as iron skin uses power strength an armor to make it stronger. along with any damage he takes in the short invuable phase will add more armor on. you to join a clan as you will have access to your senpais who have tons of knowledge an probbily afew gifts to make you strunk like hylidrn. it could be your mods on your weapons as if you try to fight a enemy with a damage type they are strong against they will be harder to kill. you should always be playing in a squad as it makes more enemies to have more loot to pick up
  7. you have 48 hours after mod been deleted to contact support if you do it after then they will not return it
  8. nah its not the kuva queen as there are more than 1 of that on the sentient ship. my guess its some kind of sentient building fluid of some kind. also a lil note is if you stand on it too long you get thrown out of the sentient ship
  9. these counter act what your saying as you would require someone telling you where the acolyte spawns at as your game state isnt updated at all. as you would require leaving the orbiter an returning to it to actually see where the acolyte is at. once the signal for the acolyte is found, the mission on the planet is not shown till a player in a mission has found them. it doesnt leave that mission node till enough missions with the players beating it to make it move to another location. as there are now more acolytes out now you should be able to do back to back acolyte missions
  10. this wouldn't work as we have 3 kuva weapons that have no normal varient. they added in a system that lets you see what weapon the litch will have if you stab the larvaling an it can take quite awhile to get the weapon you want but atleast you will have better chance instead of doing litch after litch as you try to get one with the weapon you want
  11. we require more info of what you were saying in trade chat as kickbot might have picked up something you said as instant ban
  12. you would need to have kept screenshots of this to prove legitimacy of your claims. had recorded party chat of a player that being toxic as hell an filed report to DE about them but think he got one or 2 week in game suspension. while him just reporting you in game i think it's more of a strike system as if enough players report you then would trigger DE to take action against the account, but if he jsut did it that time then no your account would be perfectly fine. While if he did multiple reports withing short amount of time then he is the one in trouble as filing mutliple false claims in short amount of time. i know i go looking for the acryolyte when i know the team im with is capable of doing the mission, but if i find where they spawn i try to rush towards the team so its closer to them. then i take it out an 😄 mark it as everyone wants them mods. excavations no longer take the entire party out when someone is on extraction, so you would have just had to try an find the mod. while scanning them it would be best to have helios on as trying to scan with a scanner is dangerous. wow xD that person must not ever looked in a mirror or something. but i totally agree with your choice of not marking as the player seems to have just wanted to troll the mission to make it fail but once they realized that the team was B3 badass as fuk an noticed the acrolyte was beat wanted to get the mod but as there actions were deemed to make you not mark the mod. i totally agree with your choice but would have left a wp at some random spot an when they asked where it was at tell them well it there somewhere
  13. yes your intrinsic points will used to level it up as its part of the same system just DE didn't bring it into the build as it requires more work an testing. so they releases railjack without it so we could play around with the ship
  14. atm they cant be traded but DE has said they will be making them tradable
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