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  1. remember that we are still in world wide pandemic lockdown an DE is all scattered to there home bubbles so development is stalled. we can hope that the corpus queenpins will be here soon but will be like maybe 2 to 3 months for them to get all the stuff they want for the update to be ready. Don't want them to rush it an have too many annoying bugs in it
  2. this is best news so far for are new tennos. as when i would try to take them to get the natah quest having to rush when we heard the sound of the scouts appear an hope got there in time.
  3. its always been like that, it is so you remove a layer of RNG it would be unfair if you were to put in 4 pistol rivens an got a shotgun riven or 4 melee riven an got a sentinal weapon riven. putting in a shotgun, rifle, pistol, an melee riven gives 1/4 chance at any type of those 4 being the new riven.
  4. might need to try an swap off the quest an back on to try an force the quest to update
  5. the players helping players section is for in game help you would be better off finding a cosplay forums to get better advice
  6. was annoying when you pop yours down an someone else stole it
  7. then player would have to pay plat to get a railjack to bypass needing CY
  8. shadow is pretty much an exalted warframe therefore you cant infuse abilities into it
  9. oh ya forgot about that one, but xD given im still in recovery from 2nd covid shot my sleepy brain cant remember everythign
  10. once riven challenge is completed it draws from the current poll of items that the riven is of what weapon type. so if you know a weapon you like is coming up that DE has showed off at some point for a update save the riven of that type before trying to unlock. if a weapon you like that coming up is a prime weapon then feel free to do rivens of that type at hopes of getting it as the only prime item is euophona prime which has no standard version an every other prime weapon has a normal version of itself.
  11. sevagoth is 2 frames in one. when you swap to shadow you dont get any exp for sevagoth tho when you use reap belive you get some exp for shadow best way to lv him is to focus on sevagoth himself then his shadow with its claws. as if your sevagoth is decked out you be able to fill his meter much easyier making in turn lving shadow an its claws all the more easyier. the aura mod on sevagoth doesnt take effect on shadow an vice versa. so you can put energy siphon on sevagoth an steel charge on his shadow on shadow if you have arcanes use melee ones as to boost its ability. shadows 2nd ability is more useful as a movement skill, while its first is good for draging foes inward like a mag pull so makes it good for grouping enemies up
  12. it would be a ghost tier clan with the cheapest amount of research costs but depending on where in the game you are it can be hard as each room requires a forma to build. so if you do not have a handful of them already gonna stall the progress of having use of clan facilities. dependant how far into the game you are running a clan solo of ghost tier can be hard or rather simples. tho clan events will mean you will not have easy time getting the full rewards from the scoring system if say you get a volt set of blueprint you keep those blueprints if you leave the clan. when you leave a clan you lose access to GET those blueprints that are dojo only aquireable. but any blueprints you have gotten from the clan will remain with you. only thing you really lose when you leave a clan is the build clan key as each time you join a new clan you need to make a new clan key.
  13. Example: Kuva Kohm (A) has 40% Heat Damage and an Orokin Catalyst. Kuva Kohm (B) has 52% Radiation Damage. The player has two options, to fuse (A) with (B) or to fuse (B) with (A). Since 52% is higher than 40%, the result will always be according to the percentage of (B) and multiplied by 1.1. So 52 x 1.1 = 57.2 , (57%)
  14. a previous dev stream i think is when they shown some progress on it. as they do have to make custom model, animation, an rigging.
  15. last time i used moas it wasnt enjoyable as well........ they like to get themselves killed...... alot..... along with one time my moa stood at start of the mission so had to abandon it to do the mission. along with last time i used one it doesnt really keep up with the player too well an so can get left alone an get itself killed quite easily
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