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  1. (XB1)ShadowBlood89

    ( HUGE Spoilers) So some questions about sacrifice and chimera

    umbra was forced to kill his son isaah an due to aggressive nature of umbra the transference feedback forced us to take in the memories an feeling as they were are own. yes all warframes are infested, the warframes are humans of willing an unwilling infection of the helmith strain of the infestation that would make the human body stronger an more powerful. Tho these raw unprocessed warframes were hard to control an the tennos in there therapy with transference to control there powers was a great way to rein in these wild beasts an make them even stronger. I say unprocessed as all are frames we got except nidus look more smooth an fancy. So i guess the orokin in there need for perfection an beautiful things. did another step an gave these wild frames a make over along with build in items that would give them various enhancments to the powers. As far as we can tell Natah has saved ballas's life by converting part of him into sentient for the most part, to be able to monitor him an finally as i guess sorta a sentient way of punishment for the orokin
  2. (XB1)ShadowBlood89

    Ostron Agent

    This was brought up in a past DE stream an they should be working on it, but being on teh back burner
  3. (XB1)ShadowBlood89

    Falling Victim to the same mistakes

    ok an how much of warframes, dark sector an DE's history do you even know?
  4. (XB1)ShadowBlood89

    The time has come. Primed Streamline

    primed streamline was datamined but it was more along the lines as one of DE's testing placeholder items but guess was deemed to game breaking
  5. (XB1)ShadowBlood89

    are macros allowed ? for slide attacks

    there a partner streamer that has been using slide attack macros so you should be fine it not like your using a bot that aims at enemy heads an shoots instantly getting instant headshots
  6. (XB1)ShadowBlood89

    Chroma Prime Eidolon Build

    a full build for him is pretty much http://warframe-builder.com/Warframes/Builder/Chroma_Prime/t_30_3404232324_12-2-10-13-5-3-19-3-10-49-1-10-55-7-5-257-8-5-411-4-10-479-6-10-860-0-5-922-9-10_860-4-49-8-12-16-19-7-411-8-13-7-479-7-55-6-257-14-922-8_0/en/1-0-64/ a ice chroma color is good as double his armor value with his 2 an 3
  7. (XB1)ShadowBlood89

    Friend who got banned for 16 years (revisited)

    i know its a free to play game, but really, this is barely what i expect from a big-scaled company's performance ^ right there is your problem. warframe isn't as large of a staff that you think it is, we dont know how many people work there but they are doing the best they can within there own number of staff they have to work with. No one from DE support staff have been lacking as like i said they are working hard on the number of support tickets being filled, but hey guess what its been like this for couple of years. Not like 2018 christmas season was a expection to the pile up of support tickets. No one can tell you the personal details of DE's staffing i just give them the benefit of the doubt after learning abit of the companies history. Which i can easily tell you never seen the documentry that has been made about them an there humble beginings.
  8. (XB1)ShadowBlood89

    Friend who got banned for 16 years (revisited)

    No but i understand basic knowledge, as like i had said we had the Christmas holiday so alot of places will only have minimal staff on hand. so making the support tickets pile up along with fortuna still having its bugs worked out so there gonna be tons of players reporting issues that DE has to go through an address. Do you know how the support process works on games?
  9. (XB1)ShadowBlood89

    A Suggestion for Improving the Starting Quests

    Quest cant be broken into 2 parts due to the fact in the start of the game you get something attached to your warframe that can only fully be disarmed after vors death.
  10. (XB1)ShadowBlood89

    Scan Matter (oxylus precept)

    it doesnt show loot it only shows containers, as a cave toroid would be considered loot like a ayatan star would be
  11. (XB1)ShadowBlood89


    it could be at 99.99% full?
  12. (XB1)ShadowBlood89

    [GIVEAWAY] Baruuk Collection + Vallis Domination Collection

    you just copy an pasted your question
  13. (XB1)ShadowBlood89

    Mods 3.0 For 2019

    mags greedy pull used to affect the team but DE nerfed it so only affects mags loot, T-T mags augments have had quite afew nerfs
  14. (XB1)ShadowBlood89

    The New Strange quest has broken

    only 1 synthesis target appear on the map you were following the spiral trail, as i follow it but also spam the scanner view as i dont need to target enemy while looking for it as long as i activate it in the general area game marks them then 😄 i scan an melee slam there ass to get the time needed to scan them nodes when i help ppl with this part of the quest i run them ares as its pretty simple, target spawns close to the objective or on the way to extraction
  15. (XB1)ShadowBlood89

    Support Team Response Time

    possible that a regular at the net cafe might have gotten themselves banned an the IP. might be why but onto the issue with the support team, we are recently getting over the holiday season an so DE's support staff gonna have to go through quite afew tickets an get the issues taken care of so could take a week or two to have them get to his ticket