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  1. Thanks for the hard math and the info folks, much appreciated.
  2. So, still curious about this, as I haven't been able to find any meaningful answers. Damage Resistance Mod Math Changes: The following changes occurred due to the following scenario being shared: A player reported that combining Umbral Mods + Adaptation + Lightning Rod on any Warframe made them fully immune to all damage from the Hydrolyst Eidolon. Prior to this discovery, we already made sure we couldn’t reach 100% Damage Resistance because that would just be excessive in all cases. You can see this in action when we capped the ‘In Air’ Damage Resistance Mods. Even though the Mods theoretically could reach 100% Damage Resistance, there is a hard cap at 90%. In response and to avoid future oversights, we have changed the way Damage Resistance works. It now works on ‘Damage Remaining’ instead of having all the Modifiers combined and operating at once. Example: Consider the case of: 4x 25% Damage Resistance Mods: WAS: (25% + 25% + 25% + 25%) = 100% Damage Reduction NEW: Take 25% Less Damage = Only take 75% Damage 0.75 x 0.75 x 0.75 x 0.75 = 31.5% damage taken AKA 68.5% damage reduction So, has Umbral's and Adaptaion been nerfed? The supposed "change" doesn't really clarify that. I don't have Lightning Rod, so no clue what that does. Also while I'm at it, anyone know why Ivara is getting dumped on again? Or what exactly is the script ran for Nezzie and Monki?
  3. Nice. Now to re-read patch notes, as I missed that wonderful bit of fun.
  4. Well. Wonders never cease. Good news for a change. Thank you for the info.
  5. Disagree. His premise has been consistent, concise, and well articulated. As for making things up, also disagree, as all of his input in his main thesis has been easily verifiable. As for your rebuttals.... Hmnn. Well, let's just say you a flair for reconfiguring someone's context in a selective manner that better suits your own narrative, and we'll leave it at that.
  6. Not at all. Unreasonable conditions? My question posed a non-meta frame ( I. E. no nuke), and no AOE, Kuva, and rivened weapons, per DE's stated vision of 'Wanting players to use the full arsenal". How is my question unreasonable? Especially considering all the weapons available in Warframe's arsenal. Additionally, may I politely suggest you re-read that which you quoted? No where in that context did I stipulate that a player couldn't use a frame. In fact, I stipulated A non-meta frame. There are plenty of frames that are considered non-meta. Also, from your highlighting a selective portion of my post as your quote, I was asking how much the individual in question was relying on WF abilities, whether by itself, or in conjunction with weapons for informational purposes. It would probably offend you less if you actually read the entire missive and comprehend the entire context of the post, instead of cherry picking a select section in order to self justify your snark. But then again, it is WF forums, so, who knows.
  7. Yet, you failed to mention how efficient/effective they were, how much ammo consumption, and how often you had to switch to melee. Additionally, I did not state that guns do not work on SP, but which 5 primary/secondary weps would be viable to use without them being kuva, aoe, or a riven on them. Exergis: Good wep, can reach over 100k+ in damage depending on mods, and is single target, has a slow recharge rate. Doesn't require ammo, IIRC. I'm guessing you used Mag's bubble to group baddies, and then used the Exergis to nuke? Wise choice. Cernos Prime: Another excellent choice. Vertical or Horizontal spread, can be built for crit or hybrid. Ammo dependent. Good riven dispo, but we're not using a riven for the sake of this experiment. I'm guessing you used Zephyrs wind shield and hover abilities, and sprayed arrows from above. Good tactics. Frames: Both good choices, as we want player choice to be available, and not a meta requirement. How much of that hour were you relying on your WF abilities instead of using your weps? Or better yet, in conjunction with your weps in order to drop targets? Ok, so we have 2 primary weapons out of 5 potential recommendations, and no secondary mentions as of yet. Any others? According to DE's 'vision', they want us to be able to use our full arsenal, hence why they're doing this. I would be interested in seeing some other recommendations for weapon choices.
  8. What a shocking idea. The potential, let alone use of said mythical artifact to assist in any problem solving would be mind boggling 😏
  9. Fair enough. I didn't specify primed mods and frame buffs. So, for the sake of this experiment, let's toss in the primed mods for the top 5 weapons, but let's exclude the specialized frames. I.E. no Mirage or nuke frames. Let's continue this hypothesis with the idea that a player wants to use a frame of his or her choosing instead of a meta frame for whatever reason ( player choice after all), and they want to do Steel Path with it. What weapons will the player have available to use in the above mentioned criteria from my previous post? Also, you recommended a riven for the Acrid, which is counter to my above requirements. Good choice on the Prisma Gorgon. Let's take a look at the base stats from the Wiki; Statistics Mastery 11 Slot Primary Type Rifle Trigger Type Auto-Spool Utility Ammo Type Rifle Projectile Type Hit-Scan Fire Rate 14.17 Spool Up Rate 7 Accuracy 20 Magazine Size 120 Max Ammo 840 Reload Time 3 s Disposition ●●●●○ (1.30x) Normal Attack 17.25 3.45 2.3 Total Damage 23 ( 75%) Projectile Type Hit-Scan Fire Rate 14.17 Status Chance 15% Crit Chance 30% Crit Multiplier 2.3x Looking at the numbers, you'd figure that if built properly, including primed mods, that it might be effective in Steel Path, right? Now, remember, even though riven dispo is good, we're still not slapping a riven on it, because DE wants us to be able to use our "Full Arsenal" ( their stated reasons). So, my question remains the same. How much ammo are you going to be using to drop baddies, and how efficient/effective is it going to be, before you need to switch to melee to keep the mobs from swarming you? Just to be clear here. I am not deliberately attempting to start an argument. I would like to see some credible/viable weapon choices to be able to use on Steel Path, per DE's stated vision of being able to use "The Full Arsenal", per the given requirements of my above criteria in my previous post. If any vets could toss up weps given that criteria, and with corresponding numbers, I think it would be a valuable point of discussion to assist others for when the new update drops.
  10. DE "Our goal is to encourage you to use your entire Arsenal in-mission." 1) Ok Dev's, name 5 primaries and secondary's in the entire weapon arsenal that are non-kuva, non-aoe, and non-rivened that are effective to use in Steel Path without burning through a crap ton of ammo, AND, are highly efficient at killing mobs before we get swarmed and have to switch to melee... I'll wait. 2) Yes, I'm aware of Brozimes vid on top 5 weps to use. Guess what, they're all kuva, and aoe ( rivens were optional). Still doesn't answer my question now, does it? 3) May I politely suggest you turn off your Dev tools, play as an actual player who has had to spend countless hours enduring your layers of grind and nerf's, and then post a vid of your random primary/secondary weps of choice clearing Steel Path with the limitations from my Q #1. I would really be interested in seeing such a vid. 4) Random question, but since I'm on my soap box, What exactly is your overall vision for Warframe? I'm a little confused here as to what it is. It appears to be disjointed, chaotic, lacking cohesion, and tbh, not really doing anything to improve the overall enjoyment of the game. If anything, especially over the past 18months- 2yrs, it appears to be more "us vs them" mentality. Especially when you have comments that directly support this theory from the Dev Streams. Just curious, I don't really expect an answer.
  11. I'll agree to that somewhat. Especially on lower end content. Anything below lvl 60-80 range, and the Cedo build I use will vaporize a mob with multiple status's. But, if we're comparing perspectives on SP, then it really is no different from the Nukor, Bramma, or any other AOE proc wep used there. Additionally, I had to use 6 forma to get it to the point of being effective on SP. Pretty much comparable to the Kuva weps, yes? Point being, players are going to use what ever wep is necessary for them in order to be effective on SP. Since I don't have the Big Boy toys, I have to make due with my disgustingly overpowered shotgun.... That is, until DE reads this and decides to nerf it as well 😁
  12. Yup. I use the Cedo. Build for status to use on SP mobs, proc and then go melee ( I don't have the nukor, so this method is ironic.). On anything below SP level, the Cedo levels with minimal effort, and has good mid-range sniping for those satisfying head shots. Additionally, physics are amazing with the Cedo, as I've banked the glaives off solids for ricochets to hit mobs in another area. To whomever designed the Cedo, I owe you a steak dinner and a beer. I enjoy using shotties, and this is definitely a top tier room sweeper. My thanks.
  13. Out of curiosity, Why? As you've stated earlier in your post, it's Warframe. Having mechs in normal missions essentially trivializes having Warframes and everything associated with them. TBH, I'm not really interested in having a Mech Warrior clone, where everyone will want to focus on all the new wizzy toys for their mechs, as opposed to what the game is actually about- Space Ninjas.
  14. Interesting. No love for the Catchmoon ( secondary) I see. Same for the Orthos Prime, or for that matter, the Ohma.. Just as an observation, maybe you fine folks at DE should be looking at the weapons themselves instead of spread sheets of player "meta" usage. I'm also in the camp of "not impressed" when ever a new prime weapon variant drops, with minimal stat changes. It kind of reminds me of a used car salesman trying to convince me that what he's selling is way better than what I currently have. As an amusing anecdote; My Guandao Prime got a slight increase.... Ironic.
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