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  1. Biscuits? Ok, guess I could make a nice sausage gravy to go with those. Nothing wrong with a hearty meal while playing WF.
  2. " Made a micro-optimization to the code that handles Zephyr's Tornados absorbing damage. So, some kind Tenno want to translate into Old Dude language? Is that handles in a bad way? Or in a good way? At this point, especially where Lady Swan Song is concerned, I'm a tad bit suspicious.
  3. It's not just low end pc's. Well, at least for me and my youngest. I have a mid-range Hp that I just slapped some new ram, and upgraded to a new vid card, and WF is still janky AF. I bought the youngest a new Nvidia lappy for college ( puts my pc to shame), and he's having issues as well. Other 3 boys refuse to play WF anymore, so don't know how their rigs are doing. I don't know what DE is doing, but I've seen multiple issues concerning this in various threads. Any other game boys and I play runs smooth as silk.
  4. So, color me curious here. A massive content change that's at least 50+ pages of negative feedback from the community, and the PTB's can't be bothered to toss it on the test server to see if anything may be a potential oopsy? Huh, how odd /s.
  5. Yeah. Used a Roar Rhino specter with the Exergis for the Luls.. Now to try and find something else for the Luls.
  6. Fixed Ivara’s Artemis Prime Bow Energy color remaining default blue even after changing Ivara's Energy color. So, um, Yay? I don't suppose you folks would be willing to actually fix the status chance of her bow that's been in the threads for a long time now, would you? Or, I dunno, maybe give her bow a slight upgrade that makes it comparable to any other bow out there? Pretty significant when I can run a Cernos Prime ( non-rivened) and it will out perform Ivara's exalted.
  7. Literally took me 2-3 hours a night, for 6 weeks, just to gain 10 Familial debt bonds so I could max my standing with SU. Similar situations and bugs as you've described. The only way I managed to get the last few I needed was run the SP bounty. Ironically, That bounty gave me the last 4 right off, and no bugs or glitches. What the insulting part of all this is, is that the SP bounty is almost identical to the Lvl 5 bounty. Really DE? May I politely recommend you take a look and go "oops', maybe we should fix that? Especially with color palette costing as much as it does.
  8. Now that is just down right unfriendly... Good to know that I'm not the only one. Thought it was just a glitch or something.
  9. Cetus Bounties, Void sabotage, and IIRC, Ghouls as well. Don't remember the drop rates though, you may want to check the wiki.
  10. Your reference wasn't indicated in your response. Additionally, she didn't "need" to respond the the primary inquiry, she chose to respond, which means replies to given statements, especially by DE, are still allowed. Or have I missed a forum rules update somewhere? Yes, actually. It is perception. Your perception is that a vast majority are "demanding" cross-compatible play, where my perception is that someone "asked" a question about cross-compatible play, and received a rather (IMO) "intense" reply. Are yours or my perceptions the only ones that are inherently correct? No. Does my repl
  11. "Misunderstanding Her" is based off of your perception. That is understandable. My perception was that her response was a touch more..... Let's just call it "intense", then was necessary in response to a simple question. In addition, DE has a solid, and documented , track record of treating it's community in a less than professional manner. So telling me that I am not off to a "good start" applies both ways. Mine, and DE's. Just to be clear here, this is supposed to be a forum. Repeated questions happens all the time. It's how the extremely rare responses from the Devs/Mods give us a
  12. Wow.... Ok. Um, appreciate your busy and such, but may I politely suggest switching to decaf?
  13. Your definition of fixed is..... Interesting? According to DE's own drop tables, the only location to reliably gather those items is in the Cambion Drift. Any additional information on gathering them at any other location is vague at best, lacks any drop info regarding percentage chance, and appears to be incredibly difficult to get. Personally, I've only managed to get 3 in the last 4 weeks I've been playing. What I find rather interesting is that I had a resource drop chance booster going when I got those 3 stars, and was not running in the Cambion Drift. So, it begs the questions,
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