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  1. Let the ability [Despoil] on "Nekros" work on "Arbitration Drones". 1. Give "Arbitration Drones" a dead body. 2. Let "Nekros" re-roll that.dead body. 3. Do not lower the drop rate of "Vitus Essence" or add items to the "Arbitration Drone" pool. If you do not want to do that, then add more drones which to be fair would make warframe more gun-play so people can test out their "OP BUILD".
  2. Can we list all "Secondary" and "Melee" weapons that can set "Mirage" on fire or inflict a status on Mirage to give her max "Eclipse" damage boost. Then list all weapons that can create "Light" for a duration, that "Mirage" can use to boost herself to max "Light" damage boost (100% of the time so people don't play with semantics).
  3. I will not list a game mode that is not "endless", because it does not matter. (What are you gonna do, make quests or exterminate take 1 minute? I would not dislike that though). The reason why it does not matter is because endless, is where people go to get bulk grinding done. NOBODY, except the 1%-5%, wants to spend time running around killing enemies that too long to get somewhere, or even cannot get to point with the player.
  4. I do not care how you do it, but give "Mirage" dynamic Lighting. Instead of here going completely Light or Dark, when her environment is a mixture.
  5. Your game has some of the worst map designs. 1. You put a massive map on a defense mission, causing the game to take forever to get through. 2. You make interception maps have consoles in places that "I" find difficult to locate, memorize, or get to. 3. Your Defection missions, have maps that the A.I. cannot map through because they go everywhere even if the path separates them or takes longer. It is little things like this that add up and make your game hard to play, when the difficult should be coming from the enemies.
  6. It still needs to be fixed because something in their game does not do what it is supposed to. The thought patter causes a lot of issues across the game, let alone not telling me the sell price type. I do not always have time to go to the relay and then find the kiosk, and being able to use the game as it is expect to be used will be something . Having the player given more options to get something done is a benefit. It is simple things like that which enable better game-play, and it makes a difference.
  7. If you go to the "Pause" menu, then "Inventory", then "Prime Parts", then "Sell Price", the game will not organize your prime parts by sell price of "Ducats". If you need a video for verification, I will upload a video and link it in the reply section below my post. Keystrokes, Keystrokes, Keystrokes. (So a random bot doesn't say this is not long enough to be considered a post).
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