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  1. It's just a copy and paste thing. I get the same message - I'm on Xbox and there's no 2FA restrictions on trading. Seems to be a carry over from the PC implementation. Happy selling/buying Tenno! 🙂
  2. Good plan - it may take a little while for me to get the conditions right, but I'll try and remember to do this on my next one and post any findings....
  3. Yeah, think I might give Wukong a go like this...I'll keep experimenting with the sceptre - maybe there's a bug in there somewhere.... Thanks 🙂
  4. I've just experienced the same thing - none of the downed enemies cause the drain prompt to appear. I can't see anything in the patch notes however.
  5. Ranking up syndicates can also be useful - the offerings they sell for standing don't attract large amounts of plat but there's often people looking for the frame specific augments for example. Derelict vaults are another good source of plat - the corrupted mods sell well (some better than others 🙂 ) HTH
  6. Navigation in the dojo shows the Kuva Lich nodes with their icon and red marking, but on selecting one it doesn't offer the choice between the normal and Kuva mission, instead launches the normal mission. Returning to Orbiter and navigating from there allows selection of the appropriate Kuva mission.
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