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  1. I like a Sahasa kubrow with the Dig precept when prowling Ivara. Dig prioritises the frame's needs, be it more energy, ammo etc. keeping it well stocked. Also an excellent companion for extended stealthy mining or fishing trips
  2. I came here to say this, but you've said it all for me! I've been playing the game for years, and I partly attribute that to a similar approach.
  3. Interesting :-) I've never spotted a fourth I don't think - where is it?
  4. It seems as if a previous bug has reappeared. Each faction now seems to have one vault that trips the alarms automatically. The Lua one described above will trigger alarms seconds after unlocking the vault (fully stealthed Ivara for example). The corpus vault that starts with a descending lift triggers during the lift descent and the Grineer vault that starts with a water chute leading to one of three paths. Right hand electrified water, gap under the end of the chute or left through a rock passage. The left route triggers alarms even when stealth/infiltrate Ivara. HTH
  5. @Belrodost Well you can consider that reported
  6. Rises with the level of the arcane, so at max you get a 60% chance to add 150 energy to the (for example) 25 energy orb you just picked up. From the wiki Rank Chance Range Extra Energy Cooldown 0 10% 2.5m 25 15s 1 20% 5m 50 15s 2 30% 7.5m 75 15s 3 40% 10m 100 15s 4 50%
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