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  1. Equipping smoking body ephemera has the expected visual effect on the orbiter, but on launching a mission the effect has disappeared. Getting downed in the mission and self reviving (I was testing this solo) restores the visual effect. Further testing shows this applies only to the host; client shows ephemera as expected
  2. It would be good if the closing date for spending credits is made fairly apparent in-game. A lot of players could be caught out if they don't visit the forums.
  3. First alert has dropped very little for me (ironically the only drop was the mask) so I switched to repeating the second one. Sledge parts seem to drop much more frequently from that one. It may be just the luck or RNG and it's admittedly a small sample size, but the first one seems to be a very low drop.
  4. I've found that if dual wielding you can't channel, as the alt-fire takes precedence (even if there's no alt-fire on your secondary). I assume these issues are in line to be resolved when channelling gets attention at the next melee update.
  5. Also remember the Nightwave event - early rewards are a warframe slot and two weapon slots
  6. Apologies if this has been said before, but the automatic switch on melee to the combo stance results in unwanted character movement. I have now found myself attacking multiple targets only to perform a melee manoeuvre that throws me off the terrain, thus losing built up abilities such as scarab armour, vex armour etc. it also can cause unwanted effects such as Limbo leaving his cataclysm. With quick melee this didn't happen; you retained the ability to stand your ground and slug it out with quick melee. I appreciate I could remove the stance, but with an associated capacity loss. Perhaps a generic, no combos stance?
  7. Ah I see, thank you. So the 4 bolts, along with the ghost effect really do make this the least stealthy stealth weapon!
  8. I've been playing about with Ballistica Prime and Ivara, and I cannot get a single stealth kill bonus multiplier to show up. I'm not killing with charged shots, so no ghosts, enemies aren't alerted (i.e. go up behind them and I get the Stealth attack prompt) and even when I get one enemy in a room alone so definitely no witness, there's still no stealth kill multiplier. Repeat the exercise with, say, my primary (Rakta Cernos in this case) and the stealth kill multiplier obligingly appears as expected. Anyone else found this?
  9. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, but I can't see it in this thread... As far as I can see there is no indication in the game as to when the event will end. Assuming that Wolf Creds have to be spent before the end, it would be beneficial to have some message so that people aren't caught out and unable to spend them. I've not seen if the creds will follow the Plague Star standing model and carry forward to the next iteration of the event, but some form of "spend it soon" warning would be appreciated.
  10. Whilst using Ivara Prowl it is extremely difficult to see if channelling is toggled on or off. Whilst dual wielding secondary and melee channelling is not available, only becoming so if switching to melee only. Auto blocking prevents charge attacks when under fire.
  11. Whilst dual wielding a secondary and melee, channelling does not activate on clicking the right stick. Channelling does activate if I only have the melee weapon equipped through pressing B.
  12. Has there been any word on our score of Thermia fracture closure carrying forward to the next occurrence of the event? I expect they don’t in the same manner as plague star points. We’ve only just started on console, but I’m sad to say it’s all ready started to feel more like work than fun if it all had to be done in the 15 days allowed to get the rewards. I’m quite happy to grind for things, but having just spent an hour getting kicked around the Vallis by Corpus for nothing I don’t like the feeling that time is running out.
  13. Auto blocking seems to interrupt charge attacks making (for example) the heal of Sancti Magistar difficult to pull off
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