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  1. Rises with the level of the arcane, so at max you get a 60% chance to add 150 energy to the (for example) 25 energy orb you just picked up. From the wiki Rank Chance Range Extra Energy Cooldown 0 10% 2.5m 25 15s 1 20% 5m 50 15s 2 30% 7.5m 75 15s 3 40% 10m 100 15s 4 50%
  2. Of course! You're absolutely right - thanks
  3. If the capture target (specifically I've noticed this on Lua) is a Nullifier then her Dex Pixia Prime will remove the null bubble, but then cannot damage the target to make him available for capture. This also applies to her Diwata Prime. Capture of the target requires dropping out of Razorwing or switching to Operator to reduce his health.
  4. I'm assuming you're having to juggle back and forth between Loka and Suda as they're opposed - ranking one up should decrease the other by the same amount? However, I think (this is off the top of my head, so I may be wrong) you can join arbiters and run with their sigil. This will give you a 50% hit on your Perrin But you can make this back up again. The syndicates fall into three sets of pairs that can work together and you have 3 of the 4 for the Loka/Perrin Suda/Arbiters set up. However to make this work you will need to only run with an Arbiters or Perrin sigil in normal missions as these
  5. To (hopefully) save you some grief - the final percentage element is 1.1 x the highest %age weapon in the fusion. You can fuse a high percentage weapon with no catalyst or forma into one you've already invested in and end up with the same resulting %age. Also the final weapon has the element of the weapon fused into it HTH
  6. In my (unscientific) trial runs it seems to be similar on XBox using Wukong, Acceltra and Stropha, but I'm wondering if it's something to do with Hotfix 29.5.4 "Enemy Voidrig Necramech Storm Shroud ability no longer provides immunity, but instead provides damage reduction for the duration of the buff." Before I could see when it cast Storm Shroud as the health bar turned grey/invulnerable so I knew not to bother attacking. Now I think (will go and double check) it doesn't show that Storm Shroud is active in the same way as it isn't invulnerable, just hugely damage resistant so I'm j
  7. Agreed - and now even his hostage advantage is taken away. I now use Loki with a Helminth substitute of banish on him
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