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  1. Thank you! Saw the change in the hotfix, keep up the awesome work! 😁
  2. Bumping again to keep on front page, giving this as much attention as i can.
  3. Acording to the wiki patch history, Garudas Dread Mirror havent had any changes to introduce the multiplier to the Dread Hearth damage, its a wiki though so could have missed adding that. If i recall right it always had that dread heart damage multiplier. Its a cool ability though, love the synergy, shes suited for a melee playstyle too if you like to live dangerously. Trust me though, shes far from broken considering everything else thats available in the game.
  4. No, the ground finnisher on enemies lands wrong 8 out of 10 times and deals no damage. They are changing the finnisher system to a universal wristblade later on so i did not adress the ground finnisher matter due to it probebly being resolved with the new system. They showed the wristblade in the Empyrean update with the kuva lich so we could see that new finnisher as early as then. Its a valid point though. I usually execute a ground slam on grounded enemies for maximum fatality.
  5. Alright so lets start with Garudas ability, the damage capture multiplier on her Dread Mirror is 2.0, she steals 10% of the enemies hp and adds it into her dread heart multiplied by 2.0. Her dread heart damage captures 20% of the enemies health as damage as intended, this multiplier is effected by power strength. Above are two pictures of the Dread Mirror ability description, left one uneffected by any mods and right one effected by Blind Rage giving +99% power strength for a total of 199% power strength, effectivly double the strength. You can see that the capture multiplier is 2.0 (capturing 20% of enemies health as damage) and its 3.98 (capturing 40%~ of enemies health as damage). Dread Hearth doubles the captured damage upon instant kill which would mean 40% with default values and 80% with 199% power strength. Your first post in the topic is literally explaining that your Garuda is working EXACTLY as intended with 200% power strength. Adressing this in bug section of the forum in the manner you wrote it legit looks like a troll post. Please read ability descriptions and possibly wiki them too. Now it would be diffrent if you get those values with a default 100% power strength. Remember that Void Fissure buff yields 2x your current power strength and range, some frames buff abilities can also raise ability strength, Nidus and Equinox for example. Below is some examples with pictures in a spoiler to reduce text wall. And dont put the word effort into this, Garuda recuires more effort to pull this off while putting herself into the danger zone in higher diffculty missions where other frames could do the same job faster and with less effort. Not to mention all the weapons and combo strats with gear doing a better job for less effort and cost. So asking again, did you do any research on the matter at all before posting? Because to me it looks like youre the one who have no idea what youre talking about.
  6. Please construct your topic in a better manner adressing the issue with more information rather than what legit looks like a troll topic. As for your claim, i have not noticed anything like what youre describing and i play Garuda quite a lot. I will see if i can recreate this in simulacrum and see if it really does steal more than intended.
  7. So Octavia isnt broken with scaling feedback damage while invisable with a regenerating energy buff after casting abilities? Maiming strike leaving most frame abilities irrelevant? Catchmoon literally stronger than any other secondary in almost all areas? Saryn stronger than any other casterframe? Why is this is in PC bug thread? Did you make any research at all prior to posting this? Is this a troll topic? Dont answer any of the questions, i pretty much know the answer to all of them.
  8. Most of you viewing this expects its about the weapons gimmick but thats not it. All melee weapons change your momentums direction upon executing a slide melee wherever it is on ground or in-air, but tatsu is missing this part. Heres a clip showing how every melee weapon behaves while executing slide melee in air to change momentum direction, it behaves the same on ground, changing your direction of momentum following your aim. Heres a clip where i am using Tatsu to execute same actions. Tatsu just seam to miss this feature. I tested with following melees: Skana Prime, Glaive Prime, Mios, Arca Titron, Gram Prime, Scoliac, Sheev, Sarpa, Fang prime. I assume this is the same for all melees apart from Tatsu, it has been like this from day one of Tatsus release. Some clarity whatever this is intended as we move into melee 3.0 or if this is just indeed a bug and could possibly be fixed would be awesome. The melee slide in-air can be a big part for momentumstacking and soaring through maps and tilesets as it allows you to change direction in-air if you miss a doorway right after you bulletjumped or executed a bulletjump + double-jump + rolldodge which locks you from most other movment actions in air as you keep going into whatever direction youre currently going in. I know this since i do this a lot and since i started liking Tatsu this really hurts. Would love to hear if anything could be done for this.
  9. Everyone plays diffrently, Rubico is literally a god weapon in my hands and i see absolutely no drawbacks using it, the mag size and reload time isnt even worth noticing as a drawback. It is without question stronger than any of the other weapons in its class. Its a well deserved balance change. Also you have 130% crit chance on that rubico, nowhere in hell it deals 2200 damage consitently, it does without question more DPS than you can even dream of doing with Hek acording to what you wrote.
  10. My most used weapon is Lanka, used a ton since its release so im kinda bummed it got hit legit only because the eidolon hunts, nowdays i still wish they either remove its charge or make it a hitscan alike Ferrox primary fire.
  11. Kuva is only a issue if you make it an issue, although i can agree theres not enough missions that rewards it.
  12. Seams like theres a lot of people that do not understand, riven changes are made upon weapon popularity and weapon strength, take Rubico for example that, even without a riven, outperforms all snipers in the game even when they have rivens and so the riven mods changes upon that. Same goes for the clear meta weapons such as catchmoon, that also outperforms pretty much all secondaries on avarage, and the populuar weapons like pyrana prime. Just wait for melee 3.0, they will be balancing melee rivens then aswell.
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