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  1. Everyone plays diffrently, Rubico is literally a god weapon in my hands and i see absolutely no drawbacks using it, the mag size and reload time isnt even worth noticing as a drawback. It is without question stronger than any of the other weapons in its class. Its a well deserved balance change. Also you have 130% crit chance on that rubico, nowhere in hell it deals 2200 damage consitently, it does without question more DPS than you can even dream of doing with Hek acording to what you wrote.
  2. My most used weapon is Lanka, used a ton since its release so im kinda bummed it got hit legit only because the eidolon hunts, nowdays i still wish they either remove its charge or make it a hitscan alike Ferrox primary fire.
  3. Kuva is only a issue if you make it an issue, although i can agree theres not enough missions that rewards it.
  4. Seams like theres a lot of people that do not understand, riven changes are made upon weapon popularity and weapon strength, take Rubico for example that, even without a riven, outperforms all snipers in the game even when they have rivens and so the riven mods changes upon that. Same goes for the clear meta weapons such as catchmoon, that also outperforms pretty much all secondaries on avarage, and the populuar weapons like pyrana prime. Just wait for melee 3.0, they will be balancing melee rivens then aswell.
  5. I could make a lot of examples in carpenter terminology why somone inexperienced insisting to do things their way and thus fail or screw up and ignoring the advice or teachings of experienced carpenters would legit have the new guy on the job fit the description of being a dumbass. What differs them from a non-dumbass is somone listening to and improving instead of complaining. New/Casual player takes on challanging and hard content, fail, complain its too hard instead of trying to improve, research, try again, learn and grow then i will legit see that person as either somone venting their frustation or a dumbass. Neither of the described players should be a deciding factor of what content should look like. I dont have much to say for the second part as i agree with it besides the new player and casual player part. New players can be hardcore players eager to learn and improve, casual players usually do not devote as much to the game and thats fine. The issue is that the bad spectrum of casual players are complaining they cant get rewards or do hard challanging content the devoted/experienced players can so DE listens to them and suddenly we have no rewards for devotion nor any hard or challanging content. I see it as lazy players wanting same rewards and being part of same thing as heavily devoted, skilled and experienced players, that imo is an issue. "-Why is Jared getting a higher pay than me? We are both carpenters." "-Jared worked as a carpenter for 10 years and hes highly skilled and devoted to his work, you could start by atleast coming to work at time"
  6. It was a meme example, im awere they didnt have much of a choice. Should have made an example in lines of I dont want some new-lazy-carpenter-worked-here-for-40-days tell me how things should work in the business when i have more experience in the field then he can even start to fathom. I dont want some new/casual player tell me what hard and challanging content should be when i have more experience in the game than he can even start to fathom.
  7. The majority also said Trump is good but we all know that majority are usually as dump as rocks :^) The majority of gamers today are casual gamers who play games because its cool to play games, its "hip". Games are easier to get into today and thats great but when devs starts catering to the casual gamer only they lose the more hardcore and devoted players. The players that stay around for the longest dissapears and the casual players in question arent even comparable to them in terms of devotion. You can solve this by listening to and create content for both groups and thats what DE is currently failing at, they cater to the casual side only. The experienced players looking for hard and challanging content complain theres noone while the newer/casual players tell them to go to other games if they want a challange. The reversed situation is where new/casual players ask for easier diffculties or complain the game is too hard and the experienced players tell them to git gud. Noone of the examples are ideal but if i had to pick one id be on the git gud side. "If you first fail, try again, nothing is impossible for the working man."
  8. Thats part of the thinking EAs top managment likes, its what made EA to what we see them as today. Guess we all have our preferences :^) If you dont get what i mean, research up on monetizations of video games with microtransactions and reward shortcuts directed for more casual costumers/players, literally EA in a nutshell. Business before absolutely anything.
  9. I somewhat forgot about that quest part, will have to replay it, something like that but harder and add more intersting enemies to it.
  10. Add challanging missions requiring high affinity for bulletjumping and movment in air, momentum stacking, reflexes, aim and quick decision making rather than dependant on your gear with massivly punishing returns when you fail. Watch the majority of players tear their hair because its too hard when they in reality just do not want to even try to improve or put effort in the gameplay at all. Sometimes you just have to bite the apple and balance the existing gear even when you get flamed for it. Not doing it at all is rather weak imo. Youre right that the game needs some major re-vamps and new mechanics to improve the game. I remember when DE wasnt a business foremost, looks like they are leaning to become that though.
  11. Casuals wont kill the game, only catering to casuals will kill the quality of the game, does not mean casuals will stop playing it so idk why you call it doomsdaying. EA done this for years and look at their games today, i dont think DE will ever fall even close to them but right now it does not look like they plan to listen to more experienced or skilled players that been around for years asking for challanges at all. You turn your back on those players and they eventually leave, what you got left is the casuals and new players so naturally you dont have to make challanging content since theres no one asking for it anymore. Imo thats when a games quality truly dies. My opinion of what games should be ofc is diffrent to others but i remember games having hard and experience/skill requiring challanges that felt really nice completing. You can have content for all kinds of players in the game but the issue is that the players that dont want to even try improve are whining that content thats supposed to be challanging is too hard, those type of players are usually the casual type of players.
  12. Id like to point out that theres lore however its not relevant to gameplay, its there for those that enjoy it and it also requires you to search for it and put pieces together to understand it, it is just not spoonfed to you like usually seen in games.
  13. MR27 who played since near start of game here and seen how it evolved based on what new type of players joined the game. I also played a large selection of other games in same genre and multiply others. I also explored most of the metas and other builds and gear combos the game has to offer and can safely say that anyone claiming that having to stay for longer periods of time in a mission for it to FINALLY reach a acceptable diffculty loses their credability in the matter. Quote aside, the game needs clear challanging content that truly tests your skills and give you merit for it, you can argue how much you want against it but looking back at games this is what made a game a Game. Adding content thats only doable using metagear is a bad idea and no real challange seeking player asked for this, you just asumed it like that. Theres a large portion of players who have skills outside that of gear knowledge such as good aim, reflexes, movment interested players, puzzle lovers and more, yet we have little to no challanges adressing these. I aknowledge that any content might not be doable by all players but we are all humans and humans are good at improving when they want. This game has absolutely NO challanging content whatsoever from the point of view of an experienced player, even less so for one with a lot of skills to back their experience up too. As original post stated (which is also true whatever you like it or not) the game is catering to more casual players and since their mindset is "All content should be playable by everyone" it is KILLING any chances of adding new actuall challanging content simply because casual players wont be able to do that content. They dont want to improve or are too lazy in order to do said content and will even complain about said content. This is harmfull for the games quality growth and will have all your non-casual players eventually leave. However out of a business view this is ideal because these types of casual players loves to pay for shortcuts, EA has been abusing this fact for a while and thus their games lost their quality entirely, that is fact. Not wanting to improve or even try because it looks too tedious is never an excuse to lower the requirments for something, we call those people bums in the working society. Shoot for the starts and dont let anyone stop you.
  14. >:V Enemy AI isnt ideal in this game right now but from a coders point of view fixing it to a better state is a long nightmare. Damage, enemy resistances and scaling have been adressed and if i recall right Steve is brainstorming to first fix the damage issues. The current AI is working and the issue is the enemies and their mechanics themself, as original post pointed out some of the suggestions already exist but isnt always visable since enemies simply do not have the time before getting killed to find a pathing in the enviroment to for example find cover or flank and surround the player without looking wierd or jump 50 feet onto a platform behind you. If i recall right there was an issue with enemy pathing making enemies do very wierd movment to find cover or flank in the past. We could add more mechanic-heavy enemies with as suggested flash nades, engineers, hazmat suits and alike, Nox is a good example, hes a pure bulletsponge if you dont hit the weak spot on him, current machinegunners are somewhat good since they dont deal too much damage but have knockdowns on closer players and are quite slow with a large hitbox, same goes for bombards though i wish the missiles they launch would be somewhat more visable and generate more sound to help locate and take action against them. I made a point about mechanic heavy enemies in another thread. "Theres multiply ways to add challanging content, example as simple as introducing enemies with damage reduction and gating values that have modified resistance to lets say stuns and CCs, example Embers 2 which stuns enemies would be a stagger on said enemy instead and gives the enemy a short immunity to getting staggared again for a short time. Add massivly punishing attacks to the enemy that can be interupted with CCs where them being in a staggered, knockdowned or other forms of CCd state have a lot less damage reduction, the attacks could have interesting patterns that could allow players who experienced them find ways to dodge them instead while focusing on dealing damage, lets say the enemy takes more damage while casting these attacks. It adds fun and interesting enemies that can pose a challange to players and make CC frames relevant too." Wolf could use this treatment, would make him a whole lot more interesting to fight imo. For the original post Chuck have displayed most of what one could say, the suggestions arent bad outside of a diffculty view or for pushing more challanging content but they recruire more detail that whats provided. Flash grenades for example would be devastating but would need a indication that one has been thrown and generall area it will cause its effect in, a random unseen flashnade apearing from nowhere to flash you for 2 sec will spell doom right away. Airburst nade sounds like a fun concept to bring down bulletjumping ninjas but 50% accuracy for them at lvl 20 and 100% at 30+ (lvl 35 is hoplessly low level for an enemy from any experienced players view), they would also need the indicator treatment, showing telegraphs or icons where when they are thrown, where from and area they will impact. Not all players can act on such small indications in the chaos at all times, need clear indications when more impacting attacks are being used against you. Also note that any improvments to AI will also be seen as the opposite to some players, im all for more annoying mechanics to enemies to give you a challange but we all know there will be those that see this as "tedious" and a waste of time. Some people just want reward without having to fight for it. DE atm does not seam to want to improve existing content or fix present issues but instead push more new content, nor do they listen to feedback as much as we like so all we can do for now is wait and hope our feedback comes through eventually. Chuckles i didnt want to do this, next time we doing a radiation hazard sortie im shooting you.
  15. Add alternative methods to gain access to the cosmetics of the nightwave later on, for the time if youre not here to do it then you will miss out. Its not like a live concert will wait around for you to come aorund much later so they can do the concert again. In a way nightwave was made to also give players something to activly do, i know friends who logged on every day to do it instead of logging on every weekday now and then. For those that wherent here, if youre not here then you miss out, dont blame anyone else than yourself for that.
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