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  1. I've been testing this augment for quite a while now and i just can't get it to be useful. Basically, shooting an enemy in the head with the artemis bow will create an explosion with a range of 7 meters. However, this damage is not nearly as much as the arrow itself. sure you can kill the enemy you hit with it if you got a headshot, but the AoE is pretty much useless. The bow without an augment can one shot enemies without a headshot, and can also kill multiple targets with one charge So why would i use the augment if the AoE is very bad, and to kill any enemy i need to get a headshot? There
  2. Her pistols are fine as they are but her melee does need a buff. Not a major one but enough to make the melee on par with her pistols.
  3. At first i thought that it just seemed like it didn't do much, but i decided to test it out in the simulacrum. It doesn't work. I was using the Stropha against corrupted heavy gunners (lvl 110), the damage did not rise at all when using the augment. The augment is supposed to make enemies affected by Lantern take 100% more melee damage, and it even scales with power strength, for me it was a total of 229% more damage. Yet it didn't do anything. Does the mod work way differently from what i'd imagine or is it broken? While on the topic of melee and Titania, her exalted sword Diwata needs a buff
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