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  1. What if Inaros/Nidus both gained their own version of Shield gating? when dropped below 10% health, they are immune to damage for 2 seconds. It would be 10% on Nidus, and 5% on Inaros though
  2. The third necramech is something i've been looking forward to, but also i was thinking of 1 addition to add to Arcane Primary/Secondary Onslaught *Adds a 35% Chance on a Mercy Kill to Open a Nearby Enemy to a Mercy kill Finisher. Rank 0 10%, 1 15%, 2 20% 3 25% 4 30% 5 35% (The Range may be 12 or 15m)
  3. What if we got a "predator" shoulder mounted primary sort of Rocket launcher, that you hold fire to mark targets, and released to launch a barrage. i kind of want a true MJLNR like rocket launcher skin. (from halo) longer tubes and bigger barrels
  4. i could see 4 slots for parazon being a thing more than 6, mercy kills were reworked and can really help take out bigger bullet sponges, so it doesnt suck. but meta players are meta players, and the main game i see focuses around Melee and spamming Bramma/Zarr's. i love my secondary weapons though more than anything else. Tenet Cycron, Kuva Nukor, Stug, Kompressa, Tysis.
  5. For empowering, it could be a "nerf" to not allow it's use on Aoe weapons. ammo chain would be interesting on knell, but overall would make a ton of weapons pretty strong with high fire rates. ^The refill pulls from the ammo pool itself? or is it free ammo. could break some rapid fire easy headshot guns like amprex or ignis -id like onslaught, but i just dont use mercy kills to much, as my main issue is how slow they are, this arcane would be interesting to add more to mercy kills. -but i still think that the parazon mod system should be change to have 3-requiem slots, 3 hacking slots, and 3 mercy kill slots. ive used it every now and then, the mercy kills, in steel path, but in lower levels it wasnt worth it since most stuff dies so fast for newer players it helps, because of the scaling over time system new players find, but theres the Veterans, casuals, new players sort of tiers of play. as a veteran, you can seriously deal massive damage with onslaught, or shred through the game with the other 2. its all good. maybe ammo chain could be restricted to non automatic weapons. not sure though i like energized munitions on my gauss though, so it would be intriguing to see what happens with a ammo chain+ EM. 75%+50%
  6. QoL like accuracy, reload, ammo, magazine, fire rate? or like unique passive abilities that do weird stuff? i love the new arcanes and galvanized mods, that kind of made a ton of weapons pretty powerful that i wouldnt use before. took a bit of farming, but it was fun. it would be cool to see new mechanics though/QoL added to a bunch of weapons. like the stug and seer. but iam not sure what it really means. holster speed, aim stability, zoom, lock on, head shot highlighting. mostly people see raw damage, but i've wanted more stuff like the peculiar mods we had. but only got 2 of those. (honestly the kompressa has become one of my favorite new weapons added, -projectile speed +something would be cool to see)
  7. i had a idea for 3 more Primary/Secondary arcanes. [Primary Plague][Secondary Plague] 1: +20% stacking Critical Chance and Status Chance on consecutive hits to a target for 12 seconds, stacks 12x. [240%] [Primary Density][Secondary Density] 2: +30% Critical Damage on head shot kills for 12s stacks 6x times [180%] [Primary Storm][Secondary Storm] 3: +40% Multishot and 100% Richochet per kill for 12s. Stacks up to 3x [120% and 300%] (Richochet bounces off a target when it hits, like the Drakgoon mod) These would be added to the acolytes pool of arcanes.
  8. its sarcasm, the stalker is just a nuisance than any real threat, they need to buff him to be stronger than his acolytes. He only shows up if you have 1 weapon equipped. but even my tenno 1 shots him, so hes basically useless. and so are his drops. i think the stalker should spawn alone if you are alone, or with 1 acolyte per player if he spawns at all. so a full 4 squad would see 1 stalker and 3 acolytes, when he spawns, and he should have more to his abilities.
  9. alot of fans have wanted a beast frame, that runs on all fours for a long time. like since 2015
  10. the stalker is the acolytes apprentice. he was being taught by them, thats why hes so terrible. the ringleader is malice.
  11. Sarcasm [ˈsärˌkazəm] NOUN the use of irony to mock or convey contempt. "his voice, hardened by sarcasm, could not hide his resentment" synonyms: derision · mockery · ridicule · satire · irony · scorn · sneering · scoffing · gibing · taunting · trenchancy · mordancy · acerbity · causticity · mordacity
  12. reality isn't fantasy, and all fan concepts are, are fantasies. it takes alot of work to get anything to deal decent damage to the AMAZING simulacrum... simulacrum makes up about 90% of all of warframes youtube content, its funny.
  13. https://www.warframe.com/2020stats Despair sits at about 0.55% not idea what that means. [40th] Wukong Prime, Ignis Wraith, Kuva Nukor, and broken war are the most used weapons. instead of DE completely nerfing things people use into the ground, why cant they make unused weapons slightly better? like seriously whats wrong with making the stug or seer better. [28] Hate is at 0.82%, [12] Dread at 1.85%, its kind of high my favorite pistol, Tysis gets a 0.30% even though it out damages every single other secondary in the game.
  14. i have no idea, i think inaros needs a rework, like a bunch of other warframes.
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