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  1. have you ever played Gears of war 3 or Killing Floor 2 or Metal Gear Rising =(Raiden) or Half life 3
  2. Doves and Crows People never want to see the darkness That dwells inside of our hearts They would rather be blinded by the light And choke their brains on rallied farts We need to unleash that burden Unlevy the tidal floods We need to let go of the pain And all that darkness, understood? We are not all love, we are not all light There are different colors of a rainbow There is shadows, and there is night It is alright, to be dark We love horror and violence Sex, rage, madness, silence We love the gore, the death The colors that all others tell us to regret For it is part of us, curiosity Why do we crave it, the audacity To seek out things we do not know Light and shadow, doves and crows June 15 2019 dude i love CROWS, i love how smart they are i also like pigeons, doves are pigeons like honestly, didn't anyone ever think, crows eat doves they rip they flesh out, tear out their hearts feasting on carcasses, they survive on violence and though we try to refrain, pretend death isn't there it always has been and those in the light are always going to be scared the truth is, we all have darkness inside Yin and Yang. without that understanding We all go insane While you are going, oooh, and ahh, at the tiger in the cage Remember this, while you sit there in vain If he was hungry, he would tear your face off And he, would not complain #doves #and #tigers #or #crows #with #fliers #inspire #the #darkside -it would be awesome to get a crow warframe. a flock of birds
  3. A Fractured Lighthouse The belief in the image Atop the highest man made created steep A temple of falsehood And fake perfective luminosity A lighthouse of no light A place with only a martyr In gossip, and illusioned triumph We only, the followers, build it higher Until we see one brick One misplaced truth The one thing that makes us human Is all of us, and you Mistakes, sins, lies, deceit, failures One flaw is all it ever takes To send any of us spiraling downward Into a cold burning fire June 15 2019 Every religion builds up someone to such lengths To such heights That they become only an image And never a man The followers may never see, never understand That this pride inside Destroys any man Never idolize someone For what you think is gold May only be painted bronze - :0 noice -MUH PO-EM!- -_- thanks.
  4. well first they should bring frame fighter into conclave, so we can earn conclave rep and rewards then Tenno kart, would be done with k drives, on official k drive maps that we can earn conclave rep and rewards on Both should be brought into the lime light, and public matchmaking, and be integrated into Conclave. With actual rewards and stuff to be earned. Tenno kart could have up to 12 - 8 players in it.
  5. The All Seeing Eye Permeated Permanence Of all Perfected perfections That all that is, always is Every emotion, feeling, moment, thought, existence Things, and not things Us, just viewing points for it The eye, that sees everything Just puppets on strings, all of us, connected This eye, not yours, but ours, and its Seeing everything play out, forever Into infinity eternity infinity in bliss The all seeing eye, sees us, and our minds, in time Space, in its loop The dancing two, As space, is a womb And time, the sewer of seeds, life, death, love, doom All from one point, to another, forever A father, a mother Gas, Space, Time, Gravity And mathematics, word, spirituality Religion, science, or magic, individuality Like notes on an endless canvas, we find chaos, peace Harmony, discord, madness Sugary, sour, soft, tart, tangy, spicy, sweet Each rhythm of life, a different fashion, passion, reaction Each one, playing a tune, in a different way, a unique beat June 12 2019 Some say it is evil Some say it is good Who, what, is God, where what, is the devil Consciousness, lets hope we get to dream again For everyone SCREAMS, wake up but once you see You can not unsee and if you see you wish you had not seen obviously Father time (gas) and Mother space (gravity)
  6. Gas City came out, no gas frame, but it reminded me of one of my old, meh, concepts based around farts, and gas So i was just thinking of maybe a slight rework or rethought about him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grixus 2.0 (Gas Master) -The focus of Grixus is in CC - Damage over time attacks, that deal Corrosive + Gas damage. -Grixus's attacks latch onto enemies, and stink with them, the stink will spread, to nearby enemies with 6m of those enemies -The latch range cannot be modified, and jumps onto close enemy allies. [the stink lasts for 8 seconds and corrodes enemy armor, and deals gas damage to their health. Grixus's Passive is Called [Stench] -Grixus has a 5% chance when damaged to release a gas cloud that can latch onto nearby enemies with 12m. -This stench lasts for 8 seconds, and causes an initial 2 second stun, it deals corrosive damage and gas damage to the enemy -It can spread to nearby enemies with 6m, and lasts for 8 seconds on new targets. spreading its gas cloud further [the range cannot be modified] =[side thing, was thinking enemies could try to flee in fear when gassed, after they left the 2 second stun]= (Stats) Health: 150 (375 at rank 30) Shield Capacity: 75 (225 at rank 30) Power: 150 (300 at rank 30) Armor: 115 Sprint Speed: 1.08 Polarities: 1 Madurai (V) 1 Vazarin (D) and 1 Naramon (-) Aura Polarity: No Aura Polarity +--Power 1: Gastly Plume--+ {50 energy} Leaves a trail of gas behind Grixus as he walks, that deals corrosive and gas damage to enemies Enemies that walk into the clouds are stunned for 2 seconds, and try to wave the gas out of their faces They have a 25% chance to drop their weapons on the stun, and are inflicted with stench for 8 seconds, that can spread to other enemies within 6m The gas trail works like Nezha's fire walk, but instead leaves a floating gas trail as Grixus walks around. ^Gastly Plume is based on a 22 second duration, when cast it turns on for 22 seconds. -Its duration can be refreshed if you walk through a Gas Grenades gas cloud -Enemies gassed will flee in fear while gassed, which could help them to spread it to other enemies -The fear causes panic, and causes them to run around aimlessly +--Power 2: Gas Grenade--+ (25 Energy) Grixus throws a grenade that acts as a proximity mine. it is an active trap without a duration. Grixus may have up to 3 of these traps up at a time ^The grenades are sticky, and can stick to any object or surface. basic proximity mine explosives When an enemy comes within 8m of the grenade, it will explode and release a gas cloud for 16 seconds. that stuns any enemies that touch its cloud for its duration. enemies inside the cloud are dealt corrosive + gas damage per second, and cannot move, or attack. its radius is a 12m gas cloud, 8m proximity detonation -As an added bonus, if an enemy dies while in the clouds, Grixus will regain +10 energy per kill, from the grenades gas -If Grixus has Gastly Plume activated and walks through the grenades gas cloud, it will refresh Gastly Plumes duration +--Power 3: Expulsion--+ (75 Energy, recast is free) Grixus Pulls up a mass of Toxic waste from beneath his feet, It pushes him up into the air and now acts as a wall and a floor Him and his allies can stand on top of its top / and walk through it But enemies cannot pass through it, and it deals a constant aoe gas/corrosive damage to enemies near it, enemies within 6m of it are stunned by its stench Its almost like a solid pillar of gas, you can use it like a platform, The pillars constantly ooze out a sludge that pushes enemies back, and out of its 6m stun range, it pushes them back up to 12m away from it ^the pillars aoe damage has a radius of 12m around it ^1 pillar at a time. it has a base duration of 30 seconds. no health, unlike an atlas wall, it is duration based, instead of health, but functions as a damaging wall (When recast the pillar will collapse down, into a radial sludge wave that deals 250 corrosive damage to all nearby enemies within 15m and it knocks them down) (If its duration of 30 seconds runs out, without being recast, it simply fizzles away, no sludge wave) +--Power 4: Tubulation--+ (100 Energy) Grixus creates a 25m pool of sludge around his vicinity, the pool of sludge does nothing, but create bubbles at intervals This pool lasts for 35 seconds. and produces 4-6 bubbles per 3 seconds constantly. These bubbles float up from the ground in random locations from the pool, and into the air 1: if they do not touch an enemy they will pop and dissapear after 4 seconds. doing nothing 2: if a bubble touches an enemy, it picks them up and traps them inside of it for 12 seconds. it will hover slightly above the ground (Enemies cannot do anything while in the bubble and take 50% more damage from any source) ^Shooting or attacking a bubbled enemy will cause the bubble to explode dealing 100% more damage to them as Blast damage ^The explosion itself deals 25% of that damage total to nearby enemies within 8m of the explosion. (damage +the 100% blast bonus damage / 4) -Enemies that are trapped in these bubbles also take constant corrosive + gas damage while inside of them --As a bonus if Grixus tosses a Gas grenade and it hits one of these bubbles, the bubble will explode and the explosion radius goes from 8m to 16m. --This doubles the explosion radius of the bubble, and deals that damage to a larger group of enemies --if Gastly plume is on, and Grixus walks through a bubble, that has no enemy in it, he restores 25 health to himself and nearby allies who are standing in the puddle --a weird way to heal his team, just collect gas bubbles coming from the puddle, it heals any allies who are touching the puddle --Bubbles that touch the Expulsion gas sludge pillar will ricochet off in random directions rather than just float up.
  7. What if playing a warframe gave you rewards for that frame? such as (ash / ash prime) regular and primes live in the same prestige pool, and rewards are enabled for both +stat bonuses, mostly health and shields. but also tons of new quirks and side things too -one initial concept i have had for awhile was with augments and new optional powers on the side -like 1 augments would no longer be mods, but a tack on in the abilities page, like a yes or no option -you still have to unlock and acquire them, but i was wondering about expanding on every frames Powers and augments -1 augment for every power is earned from syndicates, but every power has 3 augments, the other 2 are from prestige -Time played, kills, powers used, and other thing, rank up the prestige on a frame and unlock awards -like what if we could switch between power 1.1 and power 1.2, where all frames have 4 additional new powers -which by playing a frame we can choose to switch or augments on off, or between 2 powers for 1 2 3 and ultimate. that'd be 2 1's, 2 2's, 2 3's and 2 ultimates to swap from, with 3 augments per power. and allotted bonuses from prestige like health, sheilds, energy pool, armor, power efficiency, power str, duration, range, just maybes along with side perks like weapon damage, speeds (knockdown, holster, roll, dodge, run, reload, revive and more) it really would be a massive thing though.
  8. i have an 8 forma smeeta kavat. with max mods, and it still can go down pretty fast. interesting though that 12,000 hp with inaros is still great
  9. i never got to do more than 1 raid in the 5 years of warframe. never had a team for it i attempted it a few times with friends, but it was pretty bad i hope that add -public raid joining or something. with Mastery rank locks at 12+ mastery 10 or 12 should be the raid gate for players. -requires a rank 30 warframe and weapons to play. so if a random person joined, they would at least have appropriated gear, if not appropriated skill.
  10. i really hope they put all the terrible old bosses into the Reworks page -Sargus Ruk -The Seargeant -Lech Kril -Lech Krril + Captain Vor -Captain Vor -Hyena Pack -Mr. Potato Head - Vay hek Alad V i guess got a touch up with the jupiter tileset thing, gas city. but honestly there is loads of old content just sitting there in cobwebs and dust Void, Dojos, Derelict, Dark sectors ---Trials/Raids. Warframe has a ton of stuff I really wish that the A.i would get an overhaul, along with new combat tweaks + the melee improvements overall And more stealth and cover mechanics. Really wish we could duck and cover in warframe, and that cover mattered. new a.i accuracy changes and such maybe more visible attack animations to dodge them, and more visible projectiles so we could block or dodge those. and its a nitpick, but better gore and blood/dismemberment physics. I really had a huge idea for updating the tileset building system. but as well what if every room had 5 variants of that room. With new placements, hazards, and new nooks and crannys or secret areas. more variations of the same room. instead of copy pasted rooms. just lots of tilesets have doors to nowhere. i really think if a room has a door, it should have the option to be or not be opened. and new paths could be added.
  11. so when are missions coming to Dojos? Remember that Devstream long ago, that had a lobby in the dojos for mission setups. .... its been forgotten i think
  12. pack leader and hunter recovery you mean? do you do sorties. lv100 enemies 1 shot everything and then theres eidolons or sargus ruk, that always kill your pets
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