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  1. Cyberpunk 2077 will come soon just like all the other (forgotten) projects coming soon in Warframe. "Soon"
  2. countless nerfs were premade to helminth based off usage data and what players were EXCITED to use it for. then, that same usage data was used to nerf even more subsumed abilities.
  3. yeah i know. the railjack resource costs are pretty bad. some other non railjack stuff seems ok. but the ones i dont like are, 15000 Copernics, should be 6000 1000 Fresnels should be 300 5000 Asterite should be 3500 225 Nullstones... ew, should be 125 12500 Cubic diodes seems okay but maybe 9500 would be nicer. compared to the rarity of the others its questionable.
  4. kept seeing 4 fass. host doesnt get most the glitches, just client-side issues. still need the host migration issues addressed on ESO. if host leaves it still takes focus timer and efficency still counts down as you wait for a migration. its really annoying on Sanctuary Onslaught.
  5. i have almost 50% of them spawn in rocks. and the hunts in general are bugged and wont respawn. many get stuck in the map.
  6. woo. I'am on 6 subsumed warframes already. but now i can rush it. that esophagus glitch was really common too. -can there be a hotfix to reduce required bounty excavators from 5 to 3 max. 1 solo, then 2 and 3 after. 3 at 4/3 players and 2 at 2 players. and the corpus engineers mission needs a tweak to the sample droprates and upload time increase. he always stops at 14/15 19/20 24/25. the samples really need to drop a bit more. the vault esophagus would be handy if it plopped you right at the next bounty mother for the 2nd 3rd vaults. players do vault 1 and leave, h
  7. i got an idea for the ultimate sergeant, 1. he has 4 spider orbs in his boss room. each has a power disabling aura that disables 1 of 4 powers. all 4 combined disable all 4 powers. he himself uses 3 decoy cppies of himself. he has a red light on his back to distinguish himself from the other 3 which have a blue green yellow light. the room has wind turbines that lnock you around and cryo floor panels to slow you. to kill the sergeant you must turn off 2 engines that make him invincible. the engines give him shields that prevent damage. simply kill 1 spider grab its fuel cell and insert it to o
  8. warframes only content is the grind time you spend. remove the farm time and it becomes shallow. theres nothing left to do if you get everything with 0 effort. effort = reward. took me 1 try to get xaku parts. but my friend 8 hours. took 1 week to get 1 ivara chassis. another guy. 1 try
  9. Added the stats. strange gun Goo all over the place, like splatoon
  10. as i was waking up i saw a vision of a new weapon in my head clear as day, it was a grey metal big gun with a bladed tip on the end, it read Ghul Stug Groodhug Blueprint. looked kinda awesome. its a ghoul based improved stug primary. the gun was grey like steel. with a inflated casing and blade on the end. its functionality is intriguing. Primary fire fires stug bullets, the balls explode on impact for impact blast, then leave pools of DOT corrosive acid on the floor for 4 seconds that deal scaling damage over time to enemies in the pool. ammo per shot The secondary fire sprays the g
  11. new segment that requires mr 30 to build for helminth, that allows you to swap 4 powers per config. not just 1
  12. all 4 powers need to be explosions of varying size and nothing else
  13. or why not let operators have shields, buff the amps to deal %eh scaled damage. buff operators school powers. adult form would have 2x health, 300 shields and move like a warframe. super operator vs teenage edge angst ones.
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