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  1. People buy plat for it to exist. Platinum. Like all in game currencies. Is just a scapegoat to facade true prices in favor of addiction and maladictacious spendings.
  2. You are the problem. You are why trump is president. And kids in africa cry at night. 1000p (80$) for an in game item That can at any moment be ruined or nerfed Its equivalent to you buying a Lamborghini Then one day the dealer comes to your house and smashes your car with a bat. Then they just make it a every 3 month thing. While braindead zombies who think the dealership was right. Sit there and applaud. Acceptable is like 300 or under 600 more or less. But these people who think 1500 or 2000 is okay? They make me look comprehensibly not schizophrenic... Lol So its like if you bought a ps4. Then sony smashes it every 3 months for balancing "reasons".
  3. Seeing psychotic cancer people trying to sell a mod 2000 or 1500 p in game. Then whine about EA or activisions Greed...
  4. Some abominations try selling rivens at 2200 or 2000p. I wish those people would die of cancer. Like the cancer they are. DEs riven nerfs have killed my entgusuasm over rivens. The trade was already "god" awful Nerfing rivens after people paid plat for them. It was like a slap in the face. And kick in the groin. You spend a month rolling a riven. Farming kuva forever. You finnaly get a decent supra and opticor riven. Then. De releases supra vandal. Opticor vandal. Due to those now being high meta used weapons. De nerfs your hard earned riven 3 times. Not for any reason other than to persuade players to use other weapons. The nerfs are not based on balance. But on what players use more. I despise this. Spend 350p on a riven. Then spend a month grinding out kuva for 80 rolls To fine tune 1 of your 90 rivens 1 month 350.000 kuva for 1 riven Then De ruins that roll. Or you sell it to someone. They feel scammed ripped off afterwards. Its bs
  5. It would be interesting if all augments were simple toggles turned on or off in the abbilities page. Rather than a mod taking up what little space we get. As toggles you could use all 4 augments for a warframe. If augments were just items that unlocked the toggle function of a power. That would be better than the constant free slot concept everyone makes. Same could be said for weapon augments. The idea is that all Augment mods become fuse items you sacrifice into the weapon or warframe like a lens to unlock the augment options. You can still gather and collect augments. But they are 1 time use items that are given to the frame or weapon. Still tradeable but now slightly different. Once used. Fused into an item. It is lost but the item will now have the augment toghle function unlocked from the abbilities page on warframes. Or new spot on weapons at the top.
  6. I just want 4 strings on shawzins Instead of 3
  7. Concurrently. Warframe = Charges you 60 80 150$ every 3 months For a reskin of a warframe. And 2 weapons You can get those free with grinding over about 1 week quick 2 days at most luck with rng. As well. We barely get any content Outside of weapons cosmetics and frames Literally just nightwave this year And gas city. But dont worry If you spent 888 plat on a riven Itll get nerfed every 3 months to Like supra opticor and catchmoon did 3 times
  8. These destiny vs warframe threads should be outlawed for causing arguments on the forums.
  9. ... did trump threaten turkey? and how is anyone, at all, okay with that. like um... dude
  10. not really trying to ruffle feathers, my only intention was to share cool music. 17 SAINT-SAENS - The Carnival of the Animals: XIII, The Swan this one is like my favorite of so many classicals.
  11. honestly, i just really like music, and classical music. i wonder about religions in warframe, religions equate to culture's. and the culture of the tenno is interesting. really would love to see more orokin ruins. like in the second dream, or new war. all religions interest me, because of the influences they bring to art, music, and such. most video games draw from stuff like that. and because of it, we get good games. i had tea. tea is good. =o touchy subject yes, in the face of science, atheism vs spiritual stuff. iam very science, but also religious, but see that we kind of each, are our own religion, and more often than not,..... sgdasghs this music dude brains are weird. -God- whenever you say that word, everyone immediately associates it to the 3 biggums. but for me, i see it as us, making a word, that a word, became a being, and the being that was, already had been, but unique to our viewing precipice's. for it is there, if so, and not there if yes. its just a fascinating subject that becomes a exploding porcupine of discussion. When in reality, iam more thinking along the lines of creative, restrictive, freedoms of art and culture as a whole. derivative of the latter. its like 4:13 am here, and i had sugar tea, and classical music, i was 303'ing, (doctor stranging) and just switched into blerp mode
  12. just leave it be dude, warframe is warframe, a grindy sometimes buggy spit and see what sticks looter shooter. it has its flaws, and its good points. been on warframe since 2013. it is fun, but it made its way to where it is as a whole. Destiny, had a massive, massive, blop, of people who wanted to release a big ol' nothing. gimme dat cash, GARRR yeah i dont like destiny, it feels barren, empty, and meh, just a reskinned halo, i liked halo, but destiny, was just a something not as i expected it to be. the music, the graphics, they are great, but "I COULD TELL YOU" about its lore and story, "BUT I WONT" =D .... yay destiny i mean honestly, warframe has stood by and just rats in cage gameplay for years, and when the plains came out, that is the direction people wanted. But me, i just wish warframe had more story content, and more in depth combat - a.i - stealth mechanics. lore and story, like 20 quests yo. i loved the quests. but that was about 2 - 3 years ago. and we get like 1 quest. a year.amongst the same tilesets, and missions, for 6 years now. so much of the game feels, dusty. we get guns, primes, and warframes regularly. but thats the girth of all "content". we got Nightwaves, which act as a semi-transparent coating to ease the feel of having nothing to do or work towards. but me, i look at the 3 year armistice dark sectors, the lost trials, and void, and derelict, and bosses. and then i look at gas city, fortuna, the plains. iam like, we got a turd, with diamonds in it. but hey, at least its not that other stupid game destiny, which literally tossed in a plat system just because warframe did it. even with Destiny 2 being free. it still has nothing on warframe. the devs, the community, it feels like it breathes together. destiny is just a diarrhea in the corner, but left forgotten, buried under the rug, left to dry out wither away and die. =p bleh poor anthem, no one even sees it
  13. 75 energy for tap. and then for the hold, it charges down and then on release, as well 75 energy. 50 would be a bit to little, 100 too much. 75 seems decent even though i would say 75 on the hold aoe explosion, and 50 on the tap's. i really wish all warframes had more context sensitive powers. With the diversity in the abilities, it just seems a lot cooler, like Vauban's new vortex/bastille, or Zephyrs tail wind/dive bomb. -the slows decay back to normal speed would be based on duration. [the damage+ %increase damage from melee lasts as long as the slow]
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