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  1. power creep. balancing issues.
  2. Imagine another Daily sortie alongside the current ones, but steel path mode and Vitus Drones as well. the 3 missions get the steel path buff and eximus may drop steel essence as well as riven slivers. Steel path sorties have Vitus drones in them like arbitrations that can also drop vitus essence. +100 levels 250% armor health shields +sortie modifiers and Arbitration drones. ---Rewards table--- -Bronze Tier- 7000 Kuva 5x Vitus essence -Silver Tier- Silver Arcane - Gigantulyst ones 5x Steel essence 5x Universal Medallion -Gold Tier- Gold Arcane - Hydrolyst 1x Built Forma Riven Transmuter Lua Lens Blueprint -Purple Tier- Legendary Core --------- Enemies are 160, 180, 200.
  3. the grineer corpus and infested arent really evil or good. neither are the blood thirsty mass murdering mercenaries called Tenno skoom. yin yang could be interesting, but equating it to equinox creates a over similarity complex. itd be a male to equinoxs female in a way. like nidus saryn, nyx excalibur, protea vauban, hildryn inaros or rhino. the issue is that the tenno are the evil ones just slaughtering at the beck and call of the lotus and loot. zombies clones robots
  4. the sonic blast really should have a vortex pull to it on the hit location. it was kinda something i wanted, you fire off a wind bullet that suctions all enemies into its location, maybe loot too.
  5. dont care about tiers or lists, zephyr is zephyr and shes fine. she doesnt need to do damage, shes a mobility utility frame, not every frame needs to be a dps. i love her now. always have. honestly there's so many posts about a zephyr rework and its annoying me because a lot of people who have different playstyles want each frame to basically change to their playstyle. frames are as they are. and zephyrs her own niche that honestly doesnt really need a change. shes solid as she is. theres plenty of frames for plenty of variety and zephyrs mobility is really good. tail wind is good to traverse with or slam down on enemies for cc. the blast is good as cc in a tough spot to get easier kills turbulence is a good defensive ability that can double as a damage boost with projectile weapons like catchmoon or bows and the tornados could be better by absorbing damage and dishing it out but its fun as a cc on many missions. her passive is fun when used with proper bullet jumps to easily glide and maneuver maps. it feels like many "reworks" just mold together to make every frame do what every frame does.
  6. i had a painter back in 2017 too if you mind. painter warframe could be cool if his energy colors affected its elements
  7. hildryn and protea is gg. but balefire is way too good to remove. so many frames are all set. but then theres chromas 1, and inaros. 2 3 4. its just optional switches. can be good. or bad. i like being able to switch passives though.
  8. regardless of anything, new helminth room allows you to sacrifice a warframe for its passive or 1 power to be used on another frame, so what if chromas passive was put on volt, topic solved?
  9. keep the slots, i just want forma build time to be 1 hour and frames 24 hours not 3 days and 1 day. formas are the most overused resource or item across the game, it takes 65 to max all kuva weapons and parascesis. as well as 4 on other formas and weapons and dojos and its OVERUSED. warframe parts at 18 or 12 hours is okay, but 3 days? that's what pushed away so many people i knew who tried warframe. i myself was fine with 3 day warframe times, but others no. i just despise the 24 hours on formas. reactors and catalysts ok. but dude, DE should really look at how much forma it takes to play warframe. 1 hour would be amazing. 6 hours even slightly better Slots are DES moneymaker alongside riven market sales, and cosmetics. warframe floods you with rivens, bit you get 15 slots. its insane how many rivens you get versus how many slots you get. i have spent like 1320p just on riven slots. and warframe has about 389 weapons 44x2 warframes. at 12p and 20p, the rivens still may outpay all of that, 60p for 3, its nothing compared to the 60-1500p people attempt to sell them for. thats like 100$ The idea of in game currencies are basically used as psychological warfare to wage war on peoples wallets, as we lose our connection to true value and real costs over a number that is a scapegoat for obsessive concurrent spending. its a reason why Casinos uses chips over cash, its a mentally manipulative tactic, and it works.
  10. "VOLT" iam pretty sure an electric warframe should do electric damage regardless of energy color
  11. A shadow of the depths of Anyones nightmares, a frame who embodies the absence of light and fear. he is able to manipulate peoples perceptions and become one with the shadows. -one with the shadows- -passive: damage while stealthed or on unalerted enemies is increased by 300%, does not suffer from heavy landing staggers and falls. -Into the Shadows- 25 energy 1: Cruxus sends forth a shadow of himself that runs forward drawing enemy attention, on cast Cruxus enters the shadow realm, in here he is unable to take damage or deal damage and can pass through enemies, when his shadow collides with an object or enemy it will explode into a black mist. this explosion resets all enemy alert states for 8 seconds, cruxus is in the shadows for 18 seconds. while in the shadows hold the power to leave them. or while in the shadows tap to recast to extend the time and send out another shadow to unalert enemies. the explosion has a base 15m range the duration of unalert is 8 10 12 the duration of shadow time is 18 20 22 this power is a mainstay for his kit and passive. Cruxus is technically invisible as a shadow, but unlike invisibility he is intangible. -Pool of Darkness- 50 energy Power 2: Cruxus throws a black ball to the target location, it explodes on contact and creates a circular black puddle vortex on the ground, like an antlion trap hole, the hole is 12m in size, all enemies will be pulled towards its center and take scaling damage over time while also being ccd, damage dealt to them by allies heals those allies by a % as lifesteal, like well of life. if you cast cruxus's 1, the shadow will merge with the hole and move it with it. able to drag it forward pulling enemies with and into its radius. the hole lasts for 22 24 26 seconds base radius of 12 15 18m damage per second is on Eh% ignoring armor and shields, it is true damage. damage to enemies in the puddle is converted as a 5% lifesteal the hole could disarm enemies and eat their weapons. HOLD the power to explode it early and deal accumulated damage in 1 go based on the damage it has dealt out. enemies take a 2% increased damage per second in the pool, the longer they are in the pool, the more damage they take. -Shadow Spin- 50 energy Power 3: cruxus spins quickly in a circle like whirlwind 1 time really fast, doing a 720 spin that pulls in all nearby enemies right up next to him, this stuns them and unalerts them for 4 seconds, opening enemies up to finishers and his passive damage buff. enemies are also marked for 8 seconds with a ON death proc they have a 50% chance to drop energy or health orbs. Shadow spin can be cast while in the shadows to leave them early and surprise attack enemies, doing so will slash/puncture enemies as well, applying a slash puncture proc onto those enemies. -Final Death- 25 health Power 4: Cruxus warps to a targeted enemy and backstabs them with a dagger of darkness, this deals finisher true damage and gains the 300% damage bonus from his passive always. -Can be cast from the shadows, and if so, killed enemies will awaken as a shadow thrall for 13 15 18 seconds, but at half their normal health. casting from the shadows deals an additional 150% finisher damage. -Final Death benefits from equipped Parazon mercy kill mods. -the final death dagger is not an exalted weapon but is effected by your melee weapons mods and stats. as well as finisher damage mods on that weapon. -if cast from the shadows, you dont leave the shadows. its a way to attack as he is untangible -can be cast on targets trapped by pool of darkness to benefit off the 5% lifesteal --(Stats)-- Health 400 At 30, Shields 225 at 30 Energy 187 at 30, Armor 325 at 30 Sprint 1.13 has a Aura mod pol as his aura ( any pol) 1 madurai and 1 vazarin on his regular -Appearance- His head is wrapped in bandages, his body as well, with smoke coming off his back face and hands, he is black and purple with armor like obsidian, a dagger under his right armor and another 3 around his waist, assymetrical design with 4 eyes on his face, cloth ripped and torn floating all around and on his body.
  12. really think itd be funny as heck to have it go up to 9999. but a teshin themed simulacrum room could be nice. what if we could build our own Conclave arenas. with a easier to use snap map system. really wish conclave or pvp was revived and rebuilt on warframe. warframe Battle royales. extermination game type. 50 players each get 1 life.
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