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  1. Well... I know of a way to escape poe. And currently. Being "underwater" would be a huge issue. Itd be interesting to add stuff under the water. Like sentient stuff. But also... On uranus ive had sharkwing glitch out and water became air. Instead of swimming. I was able to walk underwater. It was a strange one. Like escaping the boundaries on maps. I know many spots where you can easily just walk out. Never tried orb vallis yet. Warframes full of glitches. But the cut corners on tileset texture mapping. Its pretty bad at times. I constantly spawn outside the map as well.
  2. Imagine if warframe could at least hit a million players. Instead its about 131.000
  3. I did. But i still think index is king. Double credit booster and smeeta is still kind of cheezing a gift though
  4. The only real issue in forums is moderators with god complexs that bully the community with their power. Also. The kill 10 sentient riven works for me on PoE vomvalysts
  5. (PS4)Tomplexthis


    Sdggcdfs? Sgsfdg dhf sddfsd fhgh. Sfddf hgg gfdgf dfsdds SDFSD!
  6. Bethesda is more interested in selling player mods then making their own polished glitchless games. Have you seen "new minecraft"? I hate it. Microsoft redid the entire ui for minecraft and its awful. Everything loads slower and its impossible to navigate and constantly tries to shove player paid mods in your face. It removed free trial skins and old skins in favor of a swap in out model to have you pay 99 cents per skin part. Microsoft is milking minecraft. And for the first time ever. I hate minecraft. Bethesda is led by a villain named todd howards. Who's lies people gobble up and praise more than gabe newel. Warframe gets white knighted just as much. But that can be said of every game under the banner of "fee to pay". Just because a game is free. Doesnt mean it gets a pass on criticism.
  7. The constant nerfs are getting out of hand. The grinds worse and nerf or nothing is too much. -the melee changes are welcome but also destroyed status gameplay..
  8. Hey Talinthis, i just got to 41... So uhh woo hoo.
  9. Indeed... Plausible deniability dictated that perhaps your 37 was succeptably acceptable. Perhaps ill allow it. Yes :0 but seriously 37 is insane i just got to 20 😄
  10. Sfarfield and Tes6 will be running off the 20 year old engine thats in Fallout 76 Bethesda is lazy and will never learn
  11. No proof. 😛 need vee dee oh. xD I drank a 5 hour energy drink so i think thats why i managed it.. Though i feel like my bloods clotted. I accomplished my goal. Woo
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