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  1. deimos was a bit too much. like seriously burned out on that nonsense
  2. i was trying to think of a joke, but the free roam to uranus beat me to it.
  3. 1Iam the loser that time forgot Nobody listens Nobody thought Nobody cares Nobody's there Nobody's there Nobody cares 2When it will happen My body will rot Never a reason Never got caught 3No one to stop me From falling and falling Through all of my failing Through all of my calling Iam wailing and wailing Balling and balling 4The end comes near Nobodies here The night has come Nobodies come Iam all alone Cold as stone Time to stone Deep onto my phone 5I cry and cry Until I die Still wide awake My lies were not fake I tried
  4. my friends hate this specifically, and its a massive turnoff on the game in any regard. cant take a break, if the game breaks you for doing so. warframe has that feeling now, if you dont play, you miss out on a ton of random gunk. it feels like iam chained down to play the game. so i kinda just backed off from it for a while, it feels exhausting to play, and that isnt fun, and now it feels unrewarding as well, with the nerf flood gates always open.
  5. nerfs are usually based off those same streamers though, seen Tactical potato and Quite Shy responsible for way too many nerfs. 2 people causing nerfs in a game played by 100k people, just seems a bit of a jerk move.
  6. a main problem is, Why revisit old content anyways? why fight a boss that has literally nothing to offer? it would be nice to polish all the old content to be up to par with the newer stuff, but as a veteran it just opens the door to the issue of having no reason to replay any of it in the first place, everything in warframe is a content island, that offers 1 or 2 items, then after grinding out those things, it all becomes worthless, quests take 5 minutes to play, but DE 2 years to make, bosses take about 30 minutes to get the 1 warframe or weapon or mod they drop, then never have a purpose ag
  7. nyx, valkyr, loki are the 3 id like to see reworked. I really wish they'd increase the base range of valkyrs 1 by 5m, and give her and her prime form +50 base health. Loki i have and many ideas for changes, like his decoys, he can place up to 4, they absorb damage than explode after a short time in an AOE, they have more aggro draw power, give him a new power, and put his invisibility into his bullet jump, bullet jumping turns him invisible for 24 seconds. Nyx should have more mental powers like controlling the emotions, and, actions of enemies, causing mental chaos at least.
  8. you gotta have more meat on the bones, before you ship it out to the factory yo. A time warframe probably could never exist due to 2 things, Limbo's 4, and Protea's 4. we have limbo who deals with the void, but has stasis, and Protea has a save and rewind power
  9. i think that the base game needs a full overhaul, like every boss, mission, and old tileset. alot of the older tilesets are so flawed compared to gas city, and corpus ships. void, pluto, neptune, earth (has some issues), uranus, void derelict, venus, saturn, ceres, europa, mercury, grineer ships. The bosses too, if they all had their own rooms, and unique battle designs, it would be nice. its just tough though, cause mostly all we do is rerun missions forever. redesigning the core game modes would be something big, but like what could they do. linking archwing/necramechs/r
  10. i just think the base disposition of rivens should be upgraded from a worthless 0.5 to at least a 0.65, some say 0.8, but i dont know i dont like that usage data makes your riven that you spent 100 hours rolling on, completely useless, because every 3 months its hit with another nerf.
  11. i got an idea for the ultimate sergeant, 1. he has 4 spider orbs in his boss room. each has a power disabling aura that disables 1 of 4 powers. all 4 combined disable all 4 powers. he himself uses 3 decoy cppies of himself. he has a red light on his back to distinguish himself from the other 3 which have a blue green yellow light. the room has wind turbines that lnock you around and cryo floor panels to slow you. to kill the sergeant you must turn off 2 engines that make him invincible. the engines give him shields that prevent damage. simply kill 1 spider grab its fuel cell and insert it to o
  12. Where Do We Go From Here And if i fall i fall forever Deep down into the endless pit, whatever Soon is now, and always has been Time is rhythm, quickly seen, quickly never forgiven One glance back is an instantaneous lifetime One glance forward, is insured Nothing ever changes, everything is the same We can not change what is written We will never change our fate The God is time, is our life, these words on a page Forgotten anyways, when we vanish one day Nobody is there, to read our pages Nobody is here, to share them with us We are a once sparkling glimm
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