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  1. This is one of the dumbest takes I've seen around here, the difference is that Plague star offers an actual activity, something to do, a bounty that's only doable at that time of the year, whether that activity was dull or repetitive is irrelevant, it's something at the very f*cking least. On the other hand, what we've got here is a glorified gift shop, there are rewards sure, some old and some new, but to get them you just got to keep grinding the same sh*t you've been doing for the last (roughly) two months. There's nothing new gameplay wise to do, they could have added a single bo
  2. Why change the MR symbols though? if it ain't broke it doesn need fixing, such a weird decision.
  3. I couldn't give less of a sh*t about Plague Star and its rewards, this is Halloween season ffs, I want to do something that's halloween related in the game I love, Deimos was the perfect place for this and they somehow did nothing with it, f*ck, they could have added a single bounty, just one that idk, lets us kill some goofy infested with pumpkin heads somewhere in the cambion or something like that, just something, anything....
  4. Wasn't that out of his control? at least that's the impression I got when I did the Deadlock Protocol, I mean why would he try to get us killed if he was specifically looking for us? for whatever reason.
  5. Why the hell is Parvos there? he hasn't done anything to us yet.
  6. What event? I mean there's a shop with some stuff to get with mom tokens, some old, some new, the naberus tale is nice and all but I don't see an event anywhere.
  7. Agreed, people calling this an "event" kinda annoys me, it feels like they lower their standards for what an event should be.
  8. What event? where is it? I just see a shop.
  9. The Spinneret ephemera is bugged, for example, I equipped it on my Nekros and Nidus, then went back to my Frost to get back at what I was doing, as soon as I exited arsenal I noticed the ephemera effects are on my Frost even though I had not equipped it on him, I've got my Vengeful Chill on, so I got 2 ephemeras equipped now, bruh. EDIT: it seems it fixes itself after going out of orbiter.
  10. So much for being an "Interim" update, it's so depressing it's actually laughable.
  11. Especially that passive, the one we got now feels really outdated and you barely see it happening or actually being useful.
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