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  1. When will other outdated frames be looked into? will exalted and pseudo-exalted weapons be revised at some point? also, can we get some more Leverian entries? pls.
  2. This happens every time a new PA releases, and people come here posting these same kind of posts, it is what it is, people just go into a fissure expecting eveyone else going with the new relics and if they don't then they quit and repeat.
  3. 'member when Prime trailers used to have lore? I do.
  4. Clownish take and argument. I like using guns, but I admit that most of them are not able to keep up with melee in the bullet spongy hardest content, and it makes sense why, stop fooling yourself.
  5. I get you, there are many things we want Warframe to have or stuff that should already be there (looking at you, outdated Warframes, Leverian, and especially you, New War) but DE being this slow on their updates, pandemic or not, there's really not much we can do. My advice, play other games, not to try to quit WF but to get another perspective, see the whole thing from another angle, abandon hope for the dev team, or rather, set your expectations low from now on to not get as disappointed when sh*t goes down, and this is not just for WF but to all games, personally I've been playing Doom
  6. People said the same about an Octavia noggle over the years until today, be patient.
  7. I relinked my account yet I didn't get Octavia's noggle now, even though I claimed it on the twitch drops section, was this system supposed to fix the faulty drops? because it ain't working. Will relink again, see if it changes something by tomorrow. EDIT: got it after some minutes, I didn't get it instantly nor did I got it after restarting the game, weird, guess it has a delay or something, didn't happen with the old system, in the old system you either got it instantly or didn't get it at all.
  8. Oh ok, my bad then, thanks for the heads up.
  9. Wasn't it supposed to be on the Nightwave shop last week? but then there was a glitch that put that one arcane Ash helmet instead, then they said the mask would be here by next week (now) did something change? did they say anything else? or am I just tripping balls here?
  10. Yeah, they should have lasted at least a week or so.
  11. Yeah, you're right, I forgot that for a sec, even then, I'm sick of profit taker, I just want to be able to hop into Fortuna and get a handful from ticker instead of forcing myself on doing stuff I loathe. Well, guess this post was useless then, since you can easily get them by doing PT, therefore they don't have a need to change anything, but still, wish the alternatives were a tiny bit more rewarding. If a mod happens to see this, archive it, or erase it or whatever.
  12. If they are already then they are rarer than common sense these days, could you guys make them a bit more common, pretty please? because I've seen none every time I check, and I don't feel like grinding bounties just to have the chance of getting 2 each time.
  13. Yeah, I've thought about this idea as well, it just feels silly using an elemental frame and being affected by that element.
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