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  1. Wait ~50 days. Then you will have an answer to that question. (Prime Vaults and Prime Access take turns being updated every ~50 days)
  2. Aren't the endless missions on Deimos all excavations tho?
  3. My little brother wanted me to play a Gameloft game with him for a bit, and that really helped me realize how nice it is with DE. All of the events in the gameloft game required 24/7 commitments, a significant amount of monetary investment, and still only gave minuscule chances for getting any of the headline items from the event. It felt so bad to be playing it in the long run, but it was a skinner box. Warframe literally has devstreams where they listen to our feedback and do their best to implement it in-game. My experience with Gameloft is a big part of why I am going to buy the Khora
  4. You forgot the link. But thanks for fixing this!
  5. What do you mean? I thought that wind energy magically made all of Texas's power stop working.
  6. Vauban and Protea exist. Nekros and Wraithe exist.
  7. I love this idea, but warframe players like predictability. People complain about Mirage's unpredictable ability all the time.
  8. Yeah the release of the command intrinsic may require DE to rebalance the railjack difficulty.
  9. Yes pls. And while we're at it, I would love for the vehicle section of the arsenal to be cleaned up. Its such a mess currently.
  10. The only secondaries that are better than the Sepulcrum are the Kuva Nukor and Pyrana Prime. That's it. It is one of the best secondaries in the game.
  11. The icons on the open world maps (specifically orb vallis and cambion drift) do not appear when entering from their respective hubs. Issue does not occur when entering from orbiter. Repeatablility: has happened every time I have gone to one of the open worlds this way (~5 times at this point) https://imgur.com/a/wC76ztL
  12. People will complain. That's the main reason I think.
  13. Yes it does. Nyx is great for rescue
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