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  1. Are you using Wukong? I assume that his passive would still work but I could be wrong about that. Well, I was wrong about that.
  2. What happens if two of the same blessing type are introduced in an overlapping timeframe? Does the time stack? Or the magnitude? Or does nothing happen?
  3. Thank you for your contribution to the scientific community
  4. I have two things to say on this topic: 1. Why can't my warframe throw in a straight line? 2. Don't try and kill Nihil for the first time at 2:30 in the morning on 6 hours of sleep. Real bad idea.
  5. Wouldn't it be easy to see with the affinity boost? Literally just go into a mission and cast an ability with a frame not at max level, and compare the affinity bonus with the expected value.
  6. MR 30s get one every 23 hours. There is no material cost.
  7. I feel like the minimum for the MR 30 boosts should be 5-6 hours. That ensures that you get at least one play session in with it. And depending on how the boosts interact with each other and with other boosters, 25% could be okay, but as someone with no friends anywhere near MR30, I think 25% is a joke.
  8. They look really terrible in the UI as well. The style completely contrasts the UI and the symbols look stretched and out of place.
  9. Has anyone figured out how the MR 30 blessing interacts with other boosters yet? I didn't see anything in the patch notes about it.
  10. I just wish steel path was integrated with void fissures and kuva siphons. That would make it significantly more appealing to me.
  11. When are the new Deimos-related achievements going to be added to the game? I remember them being mentioned a few updates ago, but they haven't been added yet. Also, will the achievements look at our progress so far on Deimos, or will we need to go and repeat stuff to get the achievements?
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