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  1. Agreeded. Especially when you consider that a new player who uses star chart weapons from junctions has a hard time with level 20-35 enemies (base level for SO btw), imagine how they would handle a leve 60-70 enemy (base level for ESO). Short answer: unless they were being carried, they can’t. And btw, this guy wasn’t being carried since it would have assists marked down on his equipment. So either he just stood around and did jack all (which he couldn’t have, since the game would see he is AFK) or somethings not right here.
  2. And you could get SE in game as well. What’s the point here? This isn’t some stupid RNG with no failsafe for players who already have a glyph and get 4 more of the same glyph, it’s a simple relic pack that we can use no matter what relic we get. It’s easily 100000000% better than any grab bag, no matter what the drops are.
  3. Except the boltor isn’t a sniper, it’s a normal rifle and doesn’t have access to those multipliers. And how would a simple MR 3 player know to do that, unless they either had a guide that let zephyr survive until zone 22 of ESO, and easily kill enemies without any sniper multiplier? Not to mention how would a player with only 33 hours know what to do when it comes to ESO? None of this makes sense, except where this guy got stupid lucky or knew what they were doing based on past experience. The name is illrelevant to this discussion, the point is that this is a fishy account here that should be investigated.
  4. Holy crap, you listened. I gotta hand it to you DE, you actually listened after months of us saying we don’t like grab bags. Now if it stays that way we will all get along lol. Good job listening, now time to prove you continue to listen to us
  5. Exactly, especially when you factor in time. It’s impossible to do those trades in a short amount of time. However there is one catch: junctions now give a ton of credits, which is where it may have come from. So that actually does make sense in hindsight. So either they waited for days on end to trade the mods with the main account, or they bought them with plat from other players. Either way, it is doable but still unlikely. It still goes back to my point, that they would need to know the mods they had to get in order to trade for them, especially to fit into that 30 hour time frame. Remember, at each MR rank you get one extra daily trade plus the initial 2. An MR 23 player such as myself has 23 daily trades, and an MR3 such as this guy would only have 3. Each trade does have 6 slots, so he can trade up to 18 mods per day. Assuming they’re using a primary, secondary, melee, and a warframe they would need a total of 37 mods maximum (assuming they take full advantage of all the slots offered on the equipment). For arguments sake I’m going to assume they are using simply a primary and their warframe, since the companion isn’t mastered and the Boltor has the most kills. That’s about 20 mods, not counting arcades (which he can use on a warframe). In total, they would need 22 trades to do this. However, they could trade galvanized mods from their main to the alt, since I don’t think they have an MR requirement on them. This would be a very short timeframe, but it assumes the player trading the items has all the mods and arcanes on them and is willing to sell them. See how unlikely it is? To me, even though it is very possible to trade the mods needed, it still shows evidence that the player is a smurf account. Either way, it does technically break the TOS since I believe you can have alt accounts they just can’t interact with each other in any way, such as trading. So if I had an alt, I can’t simply give my alt the prime parts to build Chroma prime. Overall, this guy is breaking TOS assuming it is a smurf account, regardless if they are using a third party program or not.
  6. Ok so first of all, unless this guy has insane amounts of money (or got traded mods to do this) there is zero reason a zephyr can do ESO to that degree, especially at that low of an MR. As others said, rivens are out of the question. And it’s also obvious that he has had external help, since name one MR3 who can do at least up to the second dream on their own without any tips, and extra mods. Short answer: I think he is 100% a players smurf that they’re using to hide behind. But let’s look at it objectively: First, they would need to be able to not only have access to, but farm/buy the mods required such as adaptation for survivability. Secondly, they would need a god tier build for their weapons, which they could find on sites like overframe. Third, they would need an insane guide to easily complete ESO as effectively as possible, without any prior experience. Do you see the holes in the story now? Firstly, the mods. They would need to be able to know what mods they need, and how to farm them. I find it unlikely that a simple MR3 could do such a thing. Secondly, they would need such god tier builds that happen to be SO unknown that the min-making part of the community, who dedicate their lives to finding the most effective builds, skipped over it. This would mean people like Gaz TTV, who do a lot of build videos, in all their time analyzing build combinations, never found this specific one. Third, completing ESO. It’s actually very likely an MR 3 can unlock SO, but being able to handle ESO is another issue. Remember, most MR 3-5 can barely handle the nodes they’re at if they simply follow the star chart and use the weapons provided from junctions. It just isn’t possible to me that, a simple MR 3 with about 30 hours of in game time, can do ESO so perfectly that they have the record. All 16 or so zones, with levels going past level 100. They can handle that to the same degree a ESO vet, who might have thousands of hours, can? And if they’re following some guide, how is it that we have never heard of it? Or better yet, why hasn’t DE nerfed the items that make it possible? Think about it, if there were mods or weapons or frame abilities that made ESO so stupid easy that an MR 3 could get that score solo, they would have noticed. After reviewing the evidence, I actually am shifting to believe there is some third party thing going on. I 100% still believe this is a smurf account, and that their main one has given them the resources and mods to do this. But I also believe this isn’t possible just by that, hence why I believe there is a third party software going on here. I highly suggest that any DE staff reading this look into this player, as it is clear that this isn’t simply someone being insanely stupidly lucky. However, there is the extremely, EXTREMELY, low chance that this is actually simply a really insane MR 3 player. But the odds of that are the same, if not lower, as the odds of getting the 5 SE drops from the grab bags this week. That’s just my take on this issue. Once again, DE please look into this player.
  7. I count an estimated total of 4 unique items that vets can get in this nightwave season. 4, meaning the rest are all nightwave credits. And that gives them an estimated total of 800 credits to spend before they can earn credits directly past rank 30. I’m willing to bet most of those same people have all the cosmetics offered, save for the new ones introduced. So honestly, they need new content added to nightwave. Because to me, adding the Eros wings, a Valentine’s Day cosmetic that was painfully easy to get FOR A WHOLE MONTH, as a reward you can earn isn’t what nightwave is about. Why not add something else? Maybe a decoration of some kind? Because if DE has the time to add in a new ephmera to nightwave, that leads me to believe they have the capability to add in some more items save for a few glyphs and decorations.
  8. About time. They were a bad idea at launch, but at least you are trying to solve the issue
  9. So I can no longerset my account to ignore the 22 million losers? Danm, rip in peace lol Hopefully this nightwave lasts for a decent period of time, and not half a year like Season 3
  10. Railjack is meant to be a time consuming activity, and people are impatient. The only reason they are there in the first place is the rewards. Why do you think the Ambassador and Liches and Sisters were moved to railjack? So people would have a reason to do railjack to get those things. As for your opinion that people would rather speedrun a 2 minute capture mission to open a relic than do a 10 minute mission in railjack is some rumor we spread but ok buddy. I like railjack, but not enough to do it for no reason. If I’m gonna do railjack, there’s gonna be something I want out of it aside from fun. It’s the issue we find ourselves in, because news flash: not everyone is playing the game to have fun. Some like to collect every single weapon and frame. Some, like me, want to take it casual but shoot for MR30. And others wanna sit in their orbiter boasting about how amazing their fashion frame is. We each have something we find fun in this game, and for many the simple experience of playing railjack isn’t that. Plain and simple
  11. I think the other issue will be constantly disconnection or possible bans due to the software detecting you have another application open on the phone. I personally tend to listen to music while playing the game, so I can see it being a possible issue. However, all DE needs to do is be smart about how they implement it. And if they aren’t, we’ll do what we always do: call them out on it until it’s fixed.
  12. So if I, a player who avoids playing multiplayer like the plague, see one I am robbed of any loot in there, I hate the fact I’m saying this, but this door would be better used the way it is. I will admit it is hard to figure out a way to repurpose this door, so I won’t fault DE for something like this considering the alternative is letting the wukong on my team simply speedrunning capture missions while Im just loading in.
  13. Well to those that disagree, I will gladly let others play with me when they don’t just go to do jack all, get mad cause I’m flying my ship, DE lets the squad host have their railjack be the one used, teammates perform better than the dumb AI I have, I don’t spend 5 minutes loading into a mission only for the whole squad to leave due to a host migration (or freeze my game and force me into a solo mission), and not complain about random crap while I’m trying to keep us alive. Then, and only then, will I consider playing multiplayer. Truth is, there are very few areas where multiplayer works and railjack is 100000% not it. Corpus missions force everyone to regroup into the ship before starting the stupid on foot part of the mission, when in solo you simply enter and get started. And I’m solo, all I have to worry about is myself. No need to worry about host migrations, crap loading times, idiotic teammates, and more. Just me and my three crew members against the enemy. The fact DE said railjack would be hard solo is funny to me, since they’ve made what was meant to be a game mode that encouraged teamwork to one that is infinitely easier to simply solo.
  14. I think the game should let players be as independent as possible. There are countless avenues for them to ask for help, from the insane amount of warframe “content creators” who claim to know everything about the game to areas such as the Q&A chat that was specifically made for that. We have areas such as the Q&A section of the forums, the official discord server, the much better community ones that have players that still actively play the game, and countless videos online. If it’s a build they’re having trouble with, we have sites like overframe. Looking to buy or sell something? Warframe market exists for that purpose. There’s so many areas they can seek help, that it’s pointless to add another one imo
  15. A shrewd warrior once gleamed the following gem: grab bags suck and we don’t like them. I mean come on, would it kill you to do dedicated drops per stream?
  16. You can, but unless I’m doing it wrong I can’t call them in. I have them basically on call from the menu even though they aren’t on my railjack, and they can’t be summoned like normal crew members
  17. Gonna be frank, have you tried selling a non-ephmera sister? It’s extremely hard to do, which is why many rather keep them. Plus if you consider the average player who most likely doesn’t trade a lot if at all, they won’t do that. My point still stands: why bother converting them if the other option is much more beneficial even if you don’t want the weapon
  18. Sorry, I needed them all to commit a war crime and he’s sold out. Check back in a few months
  19. I don’t think he is, in fact I kinda wish they would let xp be carried over in specific amounts if they do stuff like this in the future. While it’s a reasonable argument that OP is making, overall as someone who could and does care less about the system it’s not that big of a deal to me
  20. Hit opinion: it depends on the issue. I am someone who’s voiced their opinions about subjects such as the recent hemlith additions, and we were ignored completely. Sadly when it comes to some stuff DE just up and ignores us, which is frustrating to me personally. I’d say it’s an on/off love/hate relationship, where sometimes I love what DE does but other times I hate it and don’t feel like my opinion is being respected. Overall, while there are times I fee they haven’t respected my opinion there are also times I feel like they have.
  21. My issue is why the hell would I convert a sister? I could use them for a defender on my railjack, but my elite engineer with my god tier tenet envoy works better. I can’t call them in as on call crewmembers, which annoys me. If they pop into a mission, they barely do stuff (which is understandable cause AI in this game ain’t the strong suite of DE). Long story short, even if your farming sister ephmeras, just vanquish the sister. You get a hound part, hound mods, and credits for selling the hound (or ranking with SU) and a tenet weapon you can fuse or sell.
  22. Nightwave intermission 3 is ending either today or within the week, so sorry mate but you missed the boat on this one
  23. Yeah it always sucks whenever I see one of these types of posts, simply because I see DE punishing people for doing endurance missions. I understand there are some who would want to exploit trading and need to be banned, but for most trade bans I see they’re all due to people simply testing how long they can do an endless mission for. And the worst part is support generally only notices when attention is brought to them via the forums or a ticket. To me, it’s such an obvious and widespread problem that I’m surprised they haven’t fixed it. The other kicker is that there are presumably more people like me, who have made solutions to this issue. We are a resource that can help fix a problem in the game, and we all got good ideas to solve these trade ban problems. Hopefully DE decides to listen to us and fix this issue.
  24. I’m not sure if it’s been said already, so I’ll mention my few ideas: option 1) infinite ammo for all weapons. How would this work for bows? Ammo recharge delay could be a start. For weapons that have standard clips, they would still have to be reloaded but you don’t have to worry about ammo anymore. option 2): ammo drops give a specific % of ammo back based on the weapons max ammo capacity. Overall the most simple solution in my opinion, but barely solves the issue option 3) sort ammo into 3 categories: primary, secondary, and heavy weapons. No shotgun, rifle, and sniper ammo drops. Simply all classified as the general equipment type the weapon falls into.
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