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  1. Exactly like it says in the title. I have three doggos here for breeding purposes that are bulky and have a single rare fur colour each. Breeding stock kubrows are 100 plat for both imprints. Sanguine, chesa, with rare purple. 100p Mottle, Sahasa, also rare purple. 100p Mr Burns, Raksa, shown in editing mode so you know his colours are all legit~ Rare red. 100p And last but not least, Edgy, Raksa with rare red. The darker colour is common black, I checked. Asking 300p for this prettyboy
  2. Neon is my prettiest Adarza at present; with tufted ears, leaf tail, and cyan energy. Asking 150 for her. Flambe is close behind with fennec head, guppy tail, and blue energy. Asking 150 for him. Grade is quite similar to Flambe, with fennec head and guppy tail, and cyan energy. Asking 140 for him. Powder is super pretty, with fennec head, leaf tail, and yellow energy. Asking 140 for her. Ball ears, leaf tail, cyan energy. Asking 100p for Edges. Ball ears, peacock tail, white energy. Asking 100p for Pinkie. All prices negotiable within reason!
  3. Is the decent Lanka. Asking 2k for it. Willing to accept offers! 400 for the unrolled stradavar and 500 for the unrolled lanka. I completely welcome a little bit of haggling within reason~ Prices are set high to discourage lowballers and scalpers!
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