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  1. Yes, my question was mainly to add to the patch notes themselves - so player's knew at a glance without having to forum/wiki dive. Thank you, though!
  2. Can you guys clarify what "defense objective" is, in context with Ivara? Because it seems like a natural intuition to use cloak arrow on the roaming defense operatives. A "feature", not a "bug".
  3. I like the changes to the relic-selection screen. It showcases many more relics, allows for upgrading of relics, and shows rarity of each item inside the relic per upgrade tier. This is really nice QoL change, one I had been hoping for since relics were introduced. Not a fan of relic-reward/opening screen. It feels low quality and cheap. I think it's two-fold: the bars above the relics, and the small size of the screen. This preference is also mirrored in the relic-selection screen - the prime parts look fine, but the bars above them look cheap/bland. But I still overall like the new relic-selection screen. Keep up the good work! P.S. and somewhat related: can we have "how many owned" overlaid on the prime-part during reward selection by default? Mousing over cuts time away from making a decision, and while not a problem for ME (I have everything and am a long time veteran), there are some people who either have a bad connection and get to the reward screen late OR are very new and need a lot of time to parse the data presented to them: if they have to take time to mouse over each one to see if they already have it, that's time they do not have.
  4. Hurray~~~ Insert Erotic Themes and Situations~~~!
  5. It's in my inventory. But I cannot re-install them.
  6. I am offended. Give them back. I am not hurting anyone by enjoying my snow. You hateful monsters!
  7. Sadness. He does need one though!
  8. Yeah I see vauban/mag and others as inspiration. But like 90% mods and 6060 mods with "gravity" or "spacial" element tag.
  9. 1: unknown. 2: sigma and octantis does. rather disappointingly, tho. it does great damage but it is not very good DPS (so you can kill 1 or 2 enemies in the time it takes you to kill 20+ with a polearm melee - or even just the basic combos of S&O -, for example). 3. If you mean laser cannons on a kavats back, I'm down. If you mean power-ranger-style, no ty! - You never know what direction DE will go. 4. A bit TOO immersion breaking. Would need a new class of pet, and new enemies to handle large+ style gameplay (i.e. tank-sized combat with huge guns ... *looks menacingly at opticor*). 5. Until DE understands that self-damage ruins guns, adding more ruined guns is not a good way to go. And AOE weapons when NOT self-damage are incredibly unbalanced. 6. No idea. I don't like superhero movies. 7. Equinox count for you? Sounds like a ton of work, though. Maybe. 8. Been asked for since forever. For now, just warframe-articula. 9. I hope not. 10. First they need to make kubrows worth using. 11. The list of missing weapon types is longer than the actual weapon list (350+). There is no limit to imagination, even when constrained by physics. 12. I haven't heard. 13. I already dislike weapon renaming - I want to know what someone is using when they are doing good damage. I don't want to see DESUCKSLOLOL or MEGANISMYWAIFU. *super cringe worthy stuff* 14. That would be insanely hard to implement and moderate. If you meant as a submission design option for Tennogen, then I don't see why not! Would be cool. 15. Man in the Mirror or Man in the Wall? - and who knows. DE story development has been known to take decades. Sometimes centuries. Be patient, young tennowan.
  10. PLEASE BE GENTLE So I know this has been proposed before. Who doesn't like the concept of gravity manipulation? But I may as well throw my idea out into the waters of the [DE]Piranha river. Vauban manipulates gravity or space, so why not a new element? MECHANICS Instead of traditional elements where 1 proc = 1 effect, this might have a build-up - 10 procs = 1 effect. On proc: any number of features, perhaps augmented by paired elements: -Base(no pairing): blackhole temporarily opens and violently drags enemies in -Fire: gravity rupture causes a violent spacial rift to jettison outward, knocking down and setting the area on fire for several seconds (due to the extreme heat generated as space rushes back into the space - much like lightning). -Ice: space expands rapidly, creating a massive vacuum that by the nature of vacuums causes molecules to seek equillibrium, rapidly freezing the enemy in place Alternate: rapidly slowly enemies in a equinox-nightform-esque manner: center more slowed until virtually unaffected at max radius. -toxin: micropockets of space expand and contract within the enemy unit, causing cells to rupture. Bleed(maybe tied to slash)proc and reduced movement/aim for enemy/enemies. -electricity: the enemy becomes a spacial conduit - nearby enemies suffer a percentage of the hosts received damage as electricity. I JUST WANT SOMETHING NEW Feel free to pick away at these ideas - the more input the merrier! I just want old systems to be revisited, and the elemental combo system is as old as it gets.
  11. Oh yeah, Also, any riven that you are going to USE should be ranked to max with endo - I had a feeling this might be part of your question. 7,000 endo is a lot, and the weapon usually requires several forma to fit a max rank riven, but it is worth it.
  12. These stats are amazing for an opticor riven. Not GOD TIER, but an opticor doesn't NEED "God Tier" to wreck level 100 Raptor's or Ambulas's's's! So I would say no, do not waste your kuva. As for the -damage to corpus, who cares - trash corpus units (osprey, bursa, techs, moas, etc) all die by breathing hard in their direction. ESPECIALLY with a hurricane of lungs that is the opticor. And remember, if you DO decide to cycle it, you can always pick the stats that it started with before you clicked cycle riven. You get to choose between "new stats" or "keep as is".
  13. As for the Krokhur, yeah it's still a good critical weapon despite the low multiplier. And Krokhur/Twin Krokhur have very high riven dispositions for when you get one, which easily gets you to 4/5x critical damage modifier!
  14. Well, earlier you said "above 70%", so I think it is vitally important that I mention these 2 mods: Blood Rush - https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Blood_Rush (fandom is down currently, wait a bit) and this one: Drifting Contact - https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Drifting_Contact (this is my prefered Combo-duration increaser. It costs 5 capacity, does 8 seconds of combo count, AND increases status which means more procs - which is good even for pure crit weapons because they are usually very heavily slash-based, and that means more slash procs!). How Blood Rush (BR) works: Base weapon critical gets multiplied by equipped critical chance mods (rivens, true strike, sacrificial steel, maiming strike), and THEN multiplied by BR's counter once every combo counter increase (1x, 2x, 3x). This EASILY gets you into orange/red crits when base critical before BR is 50%+. So try to find those two mods 🙂 They are very cheap (5-10p) on warframe.market.
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