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  1. Yeah. I think I still would've preferred Mag over Nyx if I had to choose, but all three would've been great.
  2. I mean, I want the Nyx Prime Accesories. So I'm fine with this lol.
  3. I like how all the people complaining about the holokey drop rates were probably also complaining about the Sevagoth part droprates.
  4. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Recovered items appeared on the mission rewards screen for the mission after I had killed my lich. VISUAL: I didn't get any. REPRODUCTION: After finishing your kuva lich mission, head to your orbiter, then start another mission. EXPECTED RESULT: Rewards from most recent mission are shown. OBSERVED RESULT: Rewards from most recent mission and recovered goods from kuva lich were shown. REPRODUCTION RATE: Once
  5. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Client finishers on Kuva Lich Thralls don't work. VISUAL: I'll add one next time I start a lich. REPRODUCTION: As the client, attempt a mercy kill on a kuva thrall. EXPECTED RESULT: Warframe performs mercy kill to elegantly and quickly kill the thrall. OBSERVED RESULT: Warframe freezes, then awkwardly stands in the middle of the room and plugs into the thrall like its a console that needs to be hacked. REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time that I have tried doing this as a client.
  6. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Updating the murmur gain system and planet progression system without changing the Lich anger gain unbalanced liches. VISUAL: I didn't get any. REPRODUCTION: The growth of murmurs doesn't give a proportional anger gain to liches. EXPECTED RESULT: Thralls would give anger amounts that result in liches appearing on an average of 3 missions into a new planet. (Similar to the Sisters' system and previous lich system) OBSERVED RESULT: Liches take an average of 5 missions per planet to spawn, resulting in a farm that is similar in length but feels longer and less fun than the previous lich system or the sister system. REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time.
  7. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Continuing to do Sister missions with my friend after I had completed my combination and he hadn't yet resulted in a series of bugs that were related. VISUAL: I didn't get any. REPRODUCTION: After successfully stabbing your sister with the correct requiem pattern, continue to stay in the squad that you are in and play Sister missions with your friend who is way behind on their combination. EXPECTED RESULT: Only information, taunts, dogs, and things related to my friends sister would occur. OBSERVED RESULT: My sister somehow stole stuff from me on Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto even though she didn't currently and never had those planets under her control. The dog corresponding to my sister appeared multiple times. My sister heckled me on my friends planets. REPRODUCTION RATE: Numerous times while the situation applied.
  8. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Finisher wasn't available for second sister in Sister Showdown Railjack mission VISUAL: I forgot to get one. REPRODUCTION: Not sure what happened. No issues with the first Sister, then the second one bugged out. EXPECTED RESULT: Each sister can be eliminated. OBSERVED RESULT: The second one couldn't be eliminated REPRODUCTION RATE: Once
  9. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Bug involving extraction from corpus vessel after sister fights VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: I'm not entirely sure what happened, I think one of the other players caused the bug to happen. EXPECTED RESULT: When all the players are at the exit we extract. OBSERVED RESULT: Somehow one of the Tenno managed to get to the railjack before we finished fighting all the sisters I think and then we had to wait for two separate countdowns to finish before we were able to leave. REPRODUCTION RATE: Only happened once.
  10. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Grendel bugs out if the Kuva Liches try to box him while in his Pulverize ball VISUAL: This is a visual of the more enjoyable version of the bug. Two other times this happened and I lost complete control of my warframe and was forced to use my operator for the rest of the mission which sucked. I think that this time I clipped through a wall while the boxing was happening and that's why it only partially bugged out. REPRODUCTION: Go into a bunch of kuva lich nodes. Pray that your lich's anger is able to climb up to a level where they'll actually show up. Once they arrive, enter pulverize form as grendel and bounce around next to the lich. EXPECTED RESULT: I expected to be able to deal damage to the lich and not really face any consequences since I was a pulverize ball. Not sure what I should've expected though. OBSERVED RESULT: Grendel gets frozen in place and either the video happens (one occasion) or the warframe becomes inoperable and operator mode must be used to finish the mission (multiple occasions). REPRODUCTION RATE: Three times. I stopped trying after that because I really didn't like losing control of my warframe.
  11. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Ash's Bladestorm Combo Counter Resets when Using Tenet Livia Melee weapon VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Use Tenet Livia, use bladestorm, combo counter builds during ability and is erased after it is completed EXPECTED RESULT: Bladestorm adds to combo counter OBSERVED RESULT: Bladestorm removes combo counter when Tenet Livia is equipped REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time I do this. Agendus does not have the same problem.
  12. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Hounds are classified as enemies and allies simultaneously VISUAL: I'll add one later REPRODUCTION: Go into any mission with a hound as your pet. Some warframe abilities (like Ash's smoke bomb) don't work on them. Some warframe abilities kill them. Other people can use finishers on them in missions. They get killed by friendly fire constantly. Finding examples is pretty easy. EXPECTED RESULT: My companions should act like companions. OBSERVED RESULT: Hounds act like companions sometimes and enemies other times. REPRODUCTION RATE: Constantly
  13. You can still rank up and forma the weapon that you want and then just valance fuse it when ergo offers the element that you want.
  14. After playing both the new Sisters system and the new Lich system, I have some feedback. The new Sisters system feels pretty good. I wish that the number of planets controlled by your Sister of Parvos increased like it did with the old system, and I wish that the Sisters had a more lore-friendly method of being defeated (not using the requiems), but otherwise it was great. Getting to farm a new pet, pet parts, and a new weapon simultaneously is nice (especially since the new robodogs are the best pets around). But the best part is that the Sisters of Parvos progressions feel balanced and fun. To contrast, the new lich system is a series of steps backwards from the previous system in place, and its painfully obvious how much it suffers now when compared to the current iteration of the Sisters of Parvos. Firstly, the whole only having one planet at a time thing sucks. Secondly, murmur gain vs anger gain is completely unbalanced right now. It takes almost no time at all to get requiem mod progress, but getting lich anger was made more difficult than the previous system made it. I am fairly confident that the reason for this is that the lich anger was balanced around a combination of the previous murmur gain and the fact that planets are not removed upon fighting your lich. In the new system, since your lich leaves its planet as soon as it is defeated, any thralls killed in that mission after your lich leaves no longer count towards anger progress since your lich no longer owns that planet (which was not the case in the previous system). On top of this, anger gain was not changed along with murmur gain, so the amount of murmur progress may have been increased, but that only compounds the anger gain deficit and makes fighting your lich into an annoying waiting game where requiem ultimatum is almost required to fight your lich at all. In conclusion, this makes it so that the lich progression feels unbalanced, especially when compared to the Sisters progression. Both railjack missions are awesome though! And I really like that the corpus fights tend to take place in rooms with command structures. I wish that the liches did the same thing (just have them spawn in the same places that the grineer captains do). Also please allow us to have both a lich and sister simultaneously. I like to just have them up and available at all times so that I can play them when I'm in the mood. I don't really see a reason why we wouldn't be able to have two active at once, and that would allow me to both run a lich with my friend and a sister solo since my friend is more interested in the liches.
  15. Yeah I hate that the update completely changed the lich hunting meta. I liked being rewarded for fighting my lich, but with the new systems in place the punishments for stabbing your lich significantly outweigh the benefits.
  16. Please fix the planet issue with liches and sisters!
  17. I think the teleporting is the more annoying/worse part. But yeah the DR is pretty ridiculous.
  18. I would recommend getting as much heavy attack speed as possible, and just keep trying to use the weapon. It still works well; the muscle memory is just way different now. Amalgam Organ Shatter is really helpful for this. Killing blow is also basically mandatory now. And attack speed still doesn't really matter unless you're using glaive prime. Since glaive prime is the only one that has a halfway decent regular attack. Killing blow + Amalgam Organ Shatter worked really well when I tested it. My build is below. https://imgur.com/gallery/CPb1ip0
  19. I mean there very clearly is a reason. The reason is that Hek already was one of the best primaries of the game and the Kuva Hek doesn't need scattering justice to work well. With the current setup, if you want the weapon with the highest damage ceiling, you use the Kuva Hek. If you really want the justice effect, use the other two variants. One of which gives bonus multishot via the mod and the other is somewhere in between. Arsenal variety!
  20. Pretty sure that was intentional. Especially since the Vaykor Hek can't use it either and it has worse stats than the Kuva Hek.
  21. TYPE: UI DESCRIPTION: Recovered items appeared in mission reward screen for the mission that occurred after vanquishing lich VISUAL: didn't get one REPRODUCTION: Kill lich, travel to dojo, travel to orbiter, play a mission EXPECTED RESULT: Reward for current mission displayed OBSERVED RESULT: Apparently that random capture target had a ton of my stuff in his pocket. REPRODUCTION RATE: Haven't tried a second time yet. Fighting liches takes a while and the changes made to the grind makes it significantly more painful and boring (look at my feedback post if you want clarification on that)
  22. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Parazon finisher animation for murmur kill not working as client VISUAL: I'm sure you've seen it, its an old bug REPRODUCTION: Be the client, try and mercy kill a thrall EXPECTED RESULT: Beautiful and quick animation of killing the thrall occurs OBSERVED RESULT: What thrall? Clearly this is a console that I need to plug my parazon into painfully slowly in a manner that makes me take a ton of damage from being forced to stand still for a long time. REPRODUCTION RATE: Every single time that I have gone to mercy kill a thrall as a client post update.
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