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  1. Yes you'll just get another gauss and you can use the accltra it'll work fine
  2. my cyst (I used normal nidus skin cuz the deluxe skin can't really see the cyst)no pet equippedthe option is not here :| Hopefully thats enough info
  3. I did everything right but the option is still not appearing somehow!! Maybe its bugged???
  4. Did it but the option to drain the cyst still did not appear
  5. I've crafted nidus for days or even a week or two and I still haven't remove the cyst yet but the option for breeding a helminth charger never pop up!! Is there any special requirement for unlocking the option for helminth charger??
  6. Is it me or is the deimos claw skin a little buggy with keratinos? Does that bug apply to other claw as well? (e.g. venka)
  7. What would happen if my riven have -multishot? Will my weapon not fire??
  8. Fak Its annoying Hope DE can add way to get that thingy to f off
  9. Is there any possible way for the glass maker thing to get the f out???
  10. Is it bugged or i have to do something first??
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