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  1. update for the previous update..... multiplayer tricap counts teralyst as kill and capture but also the gantulyst is also registering as a kill capture.... please fix this your giving false stats on kills. im no longer updating. who knows if the hydrolyst is gonna bug out and be kill capture too. guess we all will have fake stats for kills if this not addressed
  2. update, this bug that counts teralyst capture as a kill and capture seems to only be in solo runs. just 2 manned with a friend and it counted teralyst as capture only.
  3. heres the proof, teralyst counts as a kill and capture in tricap. 12 sec mark i show i have 101 teralyst kills..... then jump to time 27 mins 14 secs shows i have 102 teralyst kills when i clearly captured all 3.... ( watch whole video i did capture all 3 eidolons) would really like my teralyst kills rest back to 81 kills)
  4. i solo tricap, i capture a 3 eidolons. the issue here is when you capture the teralyst it also counts as a kill at the end of the mission. i have around 20 teralyst kills that i should not have. next time i solo im gonna record it to show proof.
  5. kuva lich ephemeras are fine, get 1 u only have 1 sisters of parvos ephemeras are stacking in attachments with no way to delete the extra copies of the ephemeras they filing up my space. is there any other way to remove the duplicates?
  6. me again lmao, where did you move void storms?? doesnt show in void fissures anymore .... nm found them have to be on rj to see them
  7. wow, just wow. moving kuva lich final battle to rj. bad idea. rj is so bad. why would you do that? just lost some interest in this game
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