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  1. I saw multiple content creators start crying just because DE increased the health of hard mode enemies by a minuscule amount (despite also nerfing armor/shields). Please, don't consult them for anything.
  2. Keep in mind this is from an mr10's perspective, I would have never purchased hildryn nowadays since I know this stuff is pretty easy to get, back then I wasn't aware of that. There are only a handful of frames in the game where the grind's so bad you're often better off purchasing them, and that's purely because there isn't a prime version you can get instead. Nothing wrong with buying them though, of course.
  3. DE still hasn't clarified why Blaze Artillery doesn't benefit from volt shields for no good reason, when other warframes do just fine.
  4. We don't need the kuva cost reduced, we need some system in place where we can't just sink like 20 hours of kuva farming into the same riven with absolutely nothing to show for it.
  5. I'd think it would be pretty cool, however next time you write a title, please don't capitalize the word Minions. You gave me a scare there....
  6. Imagine crying about HP when viral exists Also I'm no mathematician, but a 5mil EHP increase from a 16.6% health increase and armor nerf doesn't sound right at all.
  7. The game stopped being fun when DE decided to keep the baby kubrows in Cetus behind a gate.
  8. Yea I saw what was needed to get her when I was like mr8 and noped the hell out of there. Just bought her with plat, almost did the same with gauss because I was too lazy to farm gems lol.
  9. Amen However, I just want to clarify that a lot of the "loud parts" of the community are simply loud out of passion for the game. It's not that they aren't grateful, they wouldn't talk about it so much if they didn't absolutely adore it. Sure, there are plenty of crybabies as well, but keep in mind that's the exception not the norm.
  10. Honestly if they keep releasing quests in similar style to Deadlock, I might stick around for a long time.
  11. While I don't have the plat to get any shield arcanes for her (rip), hildryn is one of my fav warframes in the game. I just slap on arcane resistance and I can do pretty much any content in the game. Although I really wish she wasn't so lackluster against infested...
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