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  1. I was just wondering if the syandana was ment to be a waist coat on lavos or not. Starting to make me want more layers on warframe lol

    In all seriousness, it's literally at his lower back. And needs to be addressed...also toggle for his arm guards...any thing that fits on his arms clips through those giant things...like epitaph and the sword and shield weapons

  2. My perfect nidus would see his 3 turn into a offensive and defensive buff, but handled like grendel where you absorb an enemy, while the enemy is inside nidus it gives him a offensive buff, damage reduction and increases the passive healing. His 4 I love as it helps the team and it gives crowd control but I agree it makes him fairly static. Love his 2 as well...but his 1 feels very weird cause it only works with his 2 if larva happens to be low enough to get hit...and when you can stick larva anywhere it just feels off...

    I believe his 1 could be done as the same ability, but animation wise have a infested tendril shoot from his arm rather than a ground attack and since the 3 won't have the second line, you can have the tendrils chain to other enemies instead...that way you always get the max energy back from your 1 and 2...honestly if they just did this as a augment it would be sweet and I wouldent touch anything else .....his 1 being so immobile and grounded is just the opposite of larva that it's hard to imagine that they were supposed to work together.

  3. On 2021-01-31 at 8:50 AM, 16444-9 said:

    Oh trust me, I completely agree with you on Tempest Barrage.
    It sucks and I hate it, but I was talking specifically about the Augment.

    I hate to say it, but 100% agree with Tidal Surge.
    Replace it with the flintlock pistol equivalent of the Twin Roga, treat it as a crappier Peacemaker.

    Undertow though, I still think there's a way to save it.
    I sense the Light in it still.
    What if instead of turning into a puddle, or as much as I want it, into a lake, and instead when you cast it, you create a huge rainstorm, lightning and acid rain and hail and AIDS and everything, and when it finishes, you have your lake or puddle for a secondary duration, which then proceeds to drown them.
    Maybe even a maelstrom, and they take more damage the faster they get spun as they get closer to the centre of the whirlpool.

    No comment on Kraken, but I honestly just want scaling tentacles.
    I want to be a jerk and just minmax summon fifty tentacles.

    I'm not sure how many hours I have on Hydroid, but I defer to you on the basis of sheer experience.
    I started writing this as a jokey response, which I'm bad for.
    But now that I've woken up, I have to say that you're completely correct in your assertion.
    He needs help.

    If this was a single player only game, the 100% armor strip would be literally all you need to make him work decent offensively...seeing as how the tenticles would be able to kill, the barrage would kill, but other then that...he needs a major survivability tweak...like others have said, it may be easier to start over on how he functions. I think the puddle could very much be similar to gloom with the flooding idea...I personally would love to see him just have a water humanoid form offering more speed, damage resistance, and maybe even shoot the barrage from the water form forward instead of down...like a concentrated fire mode lol

  4. The tenet hammer while using powers with animations will cause when put away to be fully extended inside the shield.

    First noticed when I was using on excalibur umbra while using exalted blade, the hammer would stick out of the shield but only when the melee weapon was out while casting. 

    The more notable issue is while I was using vauban, any ability seems to cause it regardless of weapon state.

    Almost looked cool for a bit cause it looked like a blocking stick or something...but when it was with vauban it was too constant.

  5. I just think that adding a frame with a playstyle that removes all your customization that you put time or money into is a pretty big mistake when endgame is fashion....I mean, why not reset the color palette between broken and unbroken too while your at it if your gonna take all my custom stuff mid game


    Edit: note, I love xaku in every other way...but I hate looking badass for a whole 20 seconds between waves only to turn back to skinny bone jones for the remaining 20 mins...

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  6. On 2020-10-02 at 11:27 AM, (PSN)thegarada said:

    IMP any changes that nullify cosmetics are a terrible design. I like to make my frame(s) look in a specific way. I do not want to lose that when I play the frame. In fact, I only play frames I like how they look.  

    Also: "Art team worked hard on it," is not this the definition of sunk fallacy? The fact you spent time on something, does not mean it is good or valuable.

    DE could at least give the option to toggle on and off. This way I get to choose. Cuz my only choice right now is I could care less about Xaku. I will be in the skeleton mode all the time and the skeleton mode is ugly as f***. Is not this is a bigger waste of the art and the dev team work, that could be solved by a toggle?

    Agreed...we spend plat on accessories and armor, and they make a frame with a playstyle that literally removes everything you spend time or money on 90% of the time for sake of keeping your buffs and guns up

  7. I don't know why it doesent sit with me too well, but I gotta point it out....


    I've never used arcanes or rivens ever in any actual fashion in the years I've played warframe...pretty sure the arcanes I have are rank 0 cause I've never farmed for them ever...

    So being that I can do steel path without arcanes and rivens...why is that the bandaid guns need to be on base with melee? Cause essentially it will do nothing for a player like me that still wants balance between guns and melee...the new mods will need some testing but from the looks of it...not sure if they will make that much of a dent though

  8. 14 hours ago, (PSN)OmarAlaz3r said:

    Yesterday I experienced 20 seconds freeze while I’m at the arsenal (twice) which is something I never ever experienced on PS5 in the past 5 months 😢.. I think I will give WF a long break and switch to Returnal since no one answer my concerns.

    have fun all

    Same, switching to black desert for a long bit...new content is great and all but alot needs to be ironed out base game wise...like more reworks to frames that need to be caught up in terms of gameplay and mechanics...<stares at hydroid>...

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  9. I do have to say that I love lavos where he's at, he's really versatile and where you can't kill things, you can weaken and confuse them...steel path is pretty hilarious when you can just use a radiation 4 after doing 2 and 3, with other elements, and man, what you don't kill starts killing for you, and even better, most of them nolonger shoot at you.

    The frame is straight forward, but the optimum build im using is a 216%power strength,250% range, 128% duration, and 45% efficiency. 5 normal forma and an umbra forma, and boy does he feel great.

    My complaint at the moment is a clipping issue with his waist coat and his calves, and as some one else mentioned, the stopping sprint out of viral rush is all I know of that can really made better.

  10. Heads up, could you do something about the range inconsistency in open world areas? And I mean that on the enemy side, cause as much as I love the death forgiveness in this game, long range attacks in open world are rediculus....we have a limit on how far our bullets go, but enemies sure as hell don't...also, tone down the bombers in poe steel path...nothing I love more than to be chased around the whole map by a bomber you can barely dent let alone run away from short of finding a cave and staying there...

    I wouldent really be bothered by the range issue of the enemies except extremely squish frames are easy pickings from long range in open world...sevagoth, vauban, hydroid...most of the frames that have no damage reduction other than cc are overlooked for open world content...I feel like most of the frames with 100 armor are in this category

  11. Just a personal thought...the gage for the 4 is based on kills, but I should be based on damage dealt...otherwise sevagoth is not a frame to use in junctions or boss fights where adds don't exist....this is very very similar to grendels problem, and the sucky thing here is that a majority of sevagoths damage potential is in his shadow form while the sow and reap do amazing damage at normal content, that combo does not work on steel path at all.

    I think possible future frames should be made to be usable in steel path as the base concept for the frame...cause makeing it for base star chart doesent translate well leading into an endgame that you realise fave frame X no longer is viable unless using a meta build...which while some of those builds are fun, that may not be the way they want to experience that frame at endgame. I have a feeling these thoughts have hit this forum a few times, but it doesent make it less important to consider moving forward

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  12. I'm pretty sure it's misery that has the 1 hit ko...cause I also had the same thing happen to me...my personal experience was that I was alone though, no mobs, saw him spawn, attempted to stagger, and he just did a excal slashdash teleport that killed me...and I had full shield so invuln should have been in place but wasent...he did no other attack except the one slash....its happened twice for me now lol...other acolytes are fine...this one is alittle absurd...I think the coding on that attack might just be a bit skewed lol

  13. 20 minutes ago, (PSN)Rainbow_Neos1 said:

    Why would they hold back an update for anyone? That's not fair to the users, and besides, they use pc as a sort of way to work out bugs before going to console because they can update whenever they want for PC. They can't do that on consoles. 


    Bro... the common time for updates is 2 to 3 weeks after PC got it. Chill. What's probably gonna happen is what happened with Scarlet Spear...  they rushed it out because people were complaining, and in return, we were stuck with a broken event that could only get fixed near the end. This time, I hope to God they take their time and give us every hotfix they can (which it seems they did) because I don't want it fixed at the end, I want it to be playable and enjoyable from the beginning. 

    I used to be ok with how they have been doing things, and they truly have a great game worth playing, but their business and resource management compared to alot of other companies is lacking...the only thing I thought DE was doing better till this last few years was communicating with the player base....but that is slowly changing too. So now, do we continue on with the way things are? Or do we start asking for a bit of efficiency on content and bug managment?

    Honestly I would rather see the next 2 years spent on quality of life changes, and repairing the base game, coupled with makeing the new player experience better with less mandatory mods... this game already has more content then most games, so I personally think that new content could be put on a team that builds and adapts the future content based on the base games overhaul and use a bigger team to make the base game better...

    I'm not venting necessarily about this update...just the way everything has been handled just seems...off....and essentially why alot of people take extended breaks from this game

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  14. 8 minutes ago, (PSN)Bean_Consumer7 said:

    “after all human suffering leads to profit!” That’s how the corpus use the fortuna people. It’s Grofit not profit in warframe lingo.

    Its a sad but very true statement, there's actually a scp case for it that makes me believe that suffering of others leads to stability....fast food, walmart, and just about any corporate entity uses the suffering of either their consumer or their workforce to ensure their success...in other words, someone's always getting the S#&amp;&#036; end of the stick, whether they are aware of it or not lol

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