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  1. Do you have an account and are you logged in ?
  2. Probably this month, but no precise date.
  3. It's a known issue yes, I'll look into this the next time I do an update.
  4. I added blank weapons for these cases.
  5. -Added the following mods : Chilling Reload, Condition Overload, Corroding Barrage, Dispatch Overdrive, Drifting Contact, Enduring Affliction, Guardian Derision, Healing Return, Icy Avalanche, Reinforcing Stomp, Relentless Combination, Savior Decoy, Streamlined Form. -Added the following weapons : Venka Prime, Cernos Prime, Javlok (no secondary fire yet). -Added Valkyr Prime. -Added the Riven mod edit button for the sentinel weapons (rifle type only). -Fixed the reload speed for the Riven mod. Translating to another language is too much work now, even for me and even if you manage to translate all the mods/names. I'd instead consider removing the french and russian language. The best thing you can do to help is to provide me a list like this one when there's enough stuff to add. This saves me a lot of time.
  6. Seems to be available for me. Do you experience this on all the secondary weapons ?
  7. Thanks for the list of the missing stuff. I'll try to do an update before the end of the year, but nothing certain, for obvious reasons.
  8. Ces armes servent généralement pour des tests si l'arme voulue est manquante, ou pour simuler une arme créée via une capacité, comme Lame Exaltée. When I'll know more about the missing mods. Are the two mods linked recently the only 2 missing mods ? Or is there more ? Its way easier for me to add most of the missing stuff in one bunch, and not 1 or 2 every 5 days.
  9. I spoke, a long time ago, of a future way to "support" me. I'll be able to speak about this soon. I appreciate the fact that you guys want to support in a more direct way, but for now, the only way is to not use an adblocker, and it's enough for me. Just wait a few more weeks for the rest.
  10. Seems like a bunch of mods are still missing yes. I'll wait for a more complete list, if there's more than the 2 listed on this page.
  11. Refresh the cache with ctrl+F5. If it still does not work, give me more details, the weapon used and the stats you put on the Riven mod (you can export it). I can't do anything with what you say.
  12. It should work now. Pray that this fix didn't break anything else.
  13. Regarding the multishot... if you have -50% multishot on a gun that normally fires one bullet, the result is 50% chance of firing a bullet and 50% chance of not firing a bullet ? The displayed damage should then be half of the total damage ?
  14. I released a first update for the Riven mods. Now, all the rifle type weapons have a new mod named Riven Mod that is blank, no stats, no cost. You can edit this mod by using the link EDIT RIVEN MOD just above the stats of the weapon. You can set the polarity, the cost, as well as the stats. It's a mod with no rank, so each time you upgrade the mod to a higher rank, you'll need to manually edit the stats. For each weapon where the Riven Mod is available, you can create one custom Riven mod. For example, you can have 1 mod for the Boltor Prime, 1 for the Soma, 1 for the Attica, etc. You can't have 2 for a weapon. The idea is that there's only 1 blank mod, and you set the stats of this mod for each weapon. The stats are saved on your computer, using the HTML5 local storage, thus you need to allow the cookies from Warframe Builder to save your mods. There's an import/export function so that you can copy the export link to put in your descriptions, or use it on another device to load the mod. I didn't test everything much, I focused mainly on the code. With luck everything will work fine, but I doubt it. Just report the problems you find with all the details needed so I can fix them.
  15. Here's the first part of the update, it's more or less all the things reported here + some others, without the Riven mods. I'll try to think about these during the week. -Added a -- polarity to the Fluctus. -Updated the Sonicor. -Gleaming Blight can now be used on the Rakta Dark Dagger. -Added the following melee weapons : Caustacyst, Kesheg, Broken Scepter, Orvius. -Added the following secondary weapons : Twin Rogga. -Added the following primary weapons : Zarr. -Added the following mods : Primed Cryo Rounds, Kinetic Ricochet, Thermagnetic Shells, Static Discharge, Shield Charger, Pain Threshold, Medi-Pet Kit. -Renamed the mod Rapid Consequence to Emergent Aftermath. -Added the pictures for the following mods (this should only leave the removed mods for balance with missing pictures) : Meteor Crash, Nebula Bore, Comet Blast, Astral Slash, Quasar Drill, Zodiac Shred, Elemental Sandstorm, Hysterical Assault, Flash Accelerant, Assimilate, Emergent Aftermath, Static Alacrity, Thundermiter, Shrapnel Rounds, Ambush Optics, Brain Storm, Skull Shots, Measured Burst, Mortal Conduct, Plan B, Secondary Wind, Soaring Strike, Sudden Justice, Tactical Retreat, Triple Tap, Vital Systems Bypass, Kill Switch, Gorgon Frenzy, Grinloked, Heavy Warhead, Final Act, Final Tap, Focused Acceleration, Deft Tempo, Directed Convergence, Double Tap, Jolt, Voltaic Strike, Path of Statues, Safeguard. -The Prisma Grakata was listed as a new weapon to add but it was already available, probably a reward from an old event. This is why it's not listed.