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  1. It's probably because the value in Warframe Builder is not the base health, but the effective health, including the modificators like armor.
  2. The elemental damage issue should be fixed now, a mistake with yesterday's update. Riven mods were existing for sentinel weapons... but only for rifle type weapons. I unlocked them for shotguns now. Edit : Also fixed the layout issues.
  3. -Added the sentinel Taxon. -Added the weapons Artax, Ohma, Aklex Prime. -Added the mods Sovereign Outcast, Astral Autopsy, Molecular Conversion, Retarget, Primed Regen. -Updated/fixed the mods Regen, Primed Vigor, Vacuum. -Updated the stats of the Kubrows. -Fixed an issue where the critical bonuses from a mod for a sentinel were still in use after removing the mod. -Fixed the critical chances and critical values that were inverted for the sentinels. -Updated the name of the sentinel mods Calculated Redirection and Enhanced Vitality. -Condition Overload's damage bonus is now used in the damage formula. Use the dropdown menu to select the amount of status effects affecting the target. -Fixed various issues with the element combinations and the charged attacks.
  4. I talked about this literally 5 posts above yours. Please try to read what's going on before dropping your comment here or it'll become very difficult to follow. Moreover, please try to talk about the updates in the form of questions in the future. When will the update come ? is there a planned date ? etc. Something starting by "Site requires an update" hurts my eyes, looks like and order to me, and I as already stated, I'm doing this because I want it, I have no obligations. Speaking of the update... I started working on it a few hours ago, it should arrive in the evening, or tomorrow.
  5. By the way, I fixed a mistake I did with the sending of the emails. Should work better now... I hope.
  6. Send me a private message with your username and your email.
  7. This. I'll do an update in the next two weeks, but no precise date yet.
  8. Alright, I think I finally found a fix for this email thing. Let me know if it works.
  9. Yes, Gmail is affected by this, as well as some others email providers. I still haven't worked on this yet. In the meantime, if you want to change your password, send me a private message with your username and email.
  10. Concerning the base damage, please check that the checkbox on the critical values line is unchecked. For the rest, reporting stuff with links is enough to help, thanks, I'll see this in the next update.
  11. I'll look into this error when I'll work on the next update. I can't tell right now what's causing this. WB is not associated with DE in any way. Regarding the various comments about new or missing features. Please not that I don't have much time to work on WB, and I usually only fix the biggest problems and add the missing stuff. The files are a mess, it's 3 years old code for some of them, and it's a bit complicated to put my nose again in these files.
  12. The pages should load way faster now, the ads are now loaded asynchronously, in other words, not interfering with the load of the page.
  13. -Updated Mirage's Prism. -Updated Ash's Blade Storm. -Updated the Sicarus Prime. -Updated the polarities for the Telos Boltace. -Fixed the picture for the blank sniper. -Fixed again the reload speed for the Riven mods. -The riven mods are now available for the secondary weapons and the shotguns. -Made a change to try to replicate the element combinations that are in reverse order with the Riven mods. Needs testing. -Fixed the magazine capacity to a minimum of 1 (prevents 0 magazine capacity for the Vectis with Depleted Reload). -Added the companion Helminth Charger. -Added the weapons Hema, Hirudo. -Added the mods Helminth Ferocity, Helminth Hunt, Tether Grenades, Flux Overdrive (stats missing for all ranks besides max rank, not affecting stats). -Added the Warframe Nidus. To precisely set the fire rate for the Hema, I'll need a video recorded at 60fps of multiple clips emptied with a fast fire macro. For now, I just put random values to match the fire rate in the arsenal. Edit : I made a few changes with the ads and it may look a bit slow too load. I've reached about this and I'll try to find a solution. Edit : Uploaded a missing file related to the details of the skills for the Warframes. Should display more data for Nidus as well as some other fixes for Mirage and Ash.
  14. It's for semi-automatic weapons.
  15. Do you have an account and are you logged in ?