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  1. Warframe Builder

    It's +55%, notice the +. The values are good, don't worry. Some maths. Smite is 12s. -27.5% => 12*0.725 = 8.7. Hallowed ground deals 200 damage. +55% => 200*1.55 = 310.
  2. Warframe Builder

    I already spoke about these two subject during the last weeks. There's something planned for the sets of mods, including the ability to set the number of mods equipped on the others weapons/frame. There's no ETA for this because I need to find time and there are other things that are time consuming on the to-do list, like the Lenz. Regarding the disparities in the name of the elements, I'll soon put an announce to recruit one person to rewrite the text of these mods. I don't plan to handle this myself because I don't have the time for this, but this is a task that does not require special skills apart from motivation, so I'll involve the community for this one.
  3. Warframe Builder

  4. Warframe Builder

    Thanks, this will be really helpful, though I don't know when I'll work on the next update,
  5. Warframe Builder

    -Added the following weapons: Baza, Cassowar, Sigma & Octantis. -Added the following mods: Primed Fever Strike, Hunter Mod Set (6 mods). -Updated the following mods: Venomous Rise, Voltaic Lance, Rime Vault, Searing Leap. -Updated the Akbronco Prime. -Added the missing pictures for the following mods: Augur Mod Set (6 mods), Kinetic Diversion, Target Acquired (didn't find the one for Spring-Loaded Blade). -Added the blast damage for the charged throw attacks of the Glaive Prime. Displaying 3 different attack types (normal, throw and chared throw) is not planned yet, it implies database modifications and all the troubles that come after this in the code, I don't have the time for this right now. -Covert Lethality can now be used on the blank melee weapon. -Added the menu to edit the Riven mod for the pistol type sentinel weapons. -Using one or two elemetal mods on the Lenz should give better results. More mods will be handled at a later time if I ever find the time to work again on this gun and if I get the data I need. -I was not able to reproduce the issue with the Kunai and the duplicate builds, no changes here for now. -There are other little things I may have skipped, but I don't have the time for more right now. -The update of the elements in the text of the mods (poison => toxin, fire => heat) will be done at a later time, and not by me. The automatic replace does not give good enough results, so all the elemental mods will need to be updated (rewritten) to their new text.
  6. Warframe Builder

    If someone with a Lenz could send me the following pictures of the stats asap, that would be really appreciated. -Lenz with Cryo Rounds and Stormbringer in that order. -Lenz with Stormbringer and Cryo Rounds in that order. -Lenz with Infected Clip, Hellfire, Stormbringer in that order. -Lenz with Infected Clip, Hellfire, Cryo Rounds in that order. -Lenz with Cryo Rounds, Hellfire, Infected Clip, Stormbringer in that order. -Lenz with Infected Clip, Hellfire, Cryo Rounds, Stormbringer in that order. If the mods are maxed, that is even better since I'm started to get used to the numbers and it's easy for me to understand how it works. Thanks.
  7. Warframe Builder

    It's planned for this update, but I'm already 4 hours in and still far from having finished, so it'll depend on how fast I can finish the other things. Edit: That'll be in this update.
  8. Warframe Builder

    Double post.
  9. Warframe Builder

    While I completely believe you when you say that you did not do these edits, I can eliminate a lot of potential causes. -That's not coming from a moderator since the moderation is more or less abandoned, the moderators only have an interface with a few functions and editing the name and the description of the builds is not part of this, and everything related to the moderation is logged. I'm the only one who logged into the moderation this year, to tell you how dead it is :P -That's not coming from an admin since I'm the only admin and I have more interesting things to do. -If that was a bug, that would have been a generalized issue. And to be sure I had a look again, you cannot edit a build for an account you are not logged in with, at least, to my knowledge. -If the database was accessed, way more bad things would have happened. I understand your concern about this, but these edits are very minor. I'm not trying to say that it's not important, just that it does look like... a joke. If, and I'm saying if, someone accessed your account, he for sure didn't try to cause any harm. That makes no sense to spend so much time to access a random account just to do these changes. No builds were deleted, the account was not deleted, that's just some strange edits. And why you? Are you special to the point that people would try to log in to your Warframe Builder account just to do some edits on your builds? To access your account, a person would also need your username. That's a lot of things for a random log in, even with a very weak password, the probability is very very low. My first thought is to ask you if you sometimes log in from public places like school or work where friends playing with you could have used your session, or even, at home. I'm not trying to be insulting, but sometimes the stupidest solution is the good one. That's the first time in 4 years I read about an issue like this, that's why I'm a bit skeptical. There's still the possibility that something strange happened server side and a problem with the sessions occurred, but I can't really verify this. I also know that a network issue happened on the site where my server is hosted, the 9th of November, but I don't see any builds of you edited at this date. Yes, the last edit date exists, it's just not displayed on the site because it was added at a later time in the database. If that's not a joke from friends and if this happens again, I suggest that you contact me before you fix your builds so that I can have a look at some more things. If you want to ask me a few more things to reassure you, like the date of the edition of your builds or some other things, feel free to send me a private message.
  10. Warframe Builder

    Thanks for the links. I'll try to find time next week to fix the issues and add these.
  11. Warframe Builder

    No idea. Yes, it doesn't change the value. The way Riven mods are implemented on WB (understand that it is a rough system just made to work, no more) make every single bonus that is a bit special an extra amount of work to make it work properly. Nop, no idea when I'll work on this.
  12. Warframe Builder

    The old mods still have the old description, yes. I think it should not be too hard to update everything at once, I'll have a look at this with the next update. It was on the to-do list, but the last update was big and I was sick so I stopped once the new stuff was added.
  13. Warframe Builder

    You cannot see "all" the builds but you can see all the builds for a particular item, there's an option in the menu, under the name and the level. Loading all the builds at once would destroy the server.
  14. Warframe Builder

    Translations are a bit abandoned. There used to be someone doing the Russian one and I was doing the French one, but I no, longer play for years now, so the French one is completely outdated, and the Russian one is now following the same direction. Translations, even not done by me, even not done anyway, are extra work for me in all the cases. I've already thought about dropping the support, but guess what, that's also a lot of work. So the best solution, for now, is to live with outdated translations until I have more time to think about a proper solution.
  15. Warframe Builder

    Unfortunately, this is not planned yet, this is too much work right now. In the meantime, you can use the blank weapons to perform your tests, though you can't save.