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  1. When they first started to revamp the Warframes, I had only a little time to work on this, and a few were not updated. It looks like they fell into oblivion until now. I'll have a look at this on with the next update.
  2. The difference is caused by the critical value taken into account. You can disable this by unticking the box next to the critical values and you'll have the base 25 heat damage.
  3. -Updated the following weapons : Glave Prime, Ether Daggers. -Renamed the sentinel mod Steel Fiber to Metal Fiber. -Pain Threshold is now a rare mod and an Exilus mod. -Fixed the mod Coaction Drift to affect the aura mods with both strength and effectiveness, thus some mods will display wrong values (those who are only affected by strength, this will be fixed maybe in a later update), needs some testing. If it's not working, please provide the steps to reproduce the issue. -Updated Chroma's Vex Armor and Mesa's Peacemaker. -Experiment of the passive bonuses for Nidus. If it's not working, please provide the steps to reproduce the issue. -Added the following mods : Neutralizing Justice, Avenging Truth, Entropy Detonation, Voltage Sequence, Stockpiled Blight, Disarming Purity, Cyclone Kraken. -Added Oberon Prime. -Added the following weapons : Sybaris Prime, Silva & Aegis Prime, Endura. -Fixed an error with the function to remove all the mods in the weapon comparator. This led the mods added after using this button to be applied to all the weapons. -Fixed various minor errors in the weapon comparator, removed the blank weapons.
  4. I'll see this in a next update. I almost finished working on this one and I already see other problems with this mod, especially now that this is going to be fixed, it'll give wrong values for auras that do not affect you specifically, like EMP aura. I'll need to make a distinction between the auras that are affected by both aura strength and aura effectiveness and those who, are only affected by aura strength. But this will also come in a next update, I don't time to work on this anymore. Today's update will arrive in a few hours.
  5. Yes, all the missing stuff reported here will be added.
  6. The builds are totally independent, so yeah, that's a lot of work, too much work.
  7. So, the new stuff is out? I plan on working on this next week, so don't hesitate to link me the missing stuff. Thanks.
  8. Les dégats de zone sont séparés de ceux du projectile et sont visibles dans l'onglet secondaire (en cliquant sur primaire donc).
  9. I'll probably wait until this date to start working on the update then.
  10. This could be possible yes, but I don't know when I could have the time to think about this. This is a bit more complicated than just adding a SQL request, I'll need to create a page for the results with a field to search for users, I'll need to think of where I want to insert this page, I'll need to make a link to this page so that you can click a username and reach the page with the results instantly, so that's various things to think of and I don't really have the time for this yet. I'm not saying no, but I'm not saying this is gonna arrive soon. It's a maybe.
  11. Thanks for the report. To be honest, the weapon comparator is a bit... abandoned, I don't even remember what the code looks like, I haven't worked on this for a long time. I'll maybe have a look at this when I'll work on the next update, but don't have too many hopes, especially if it's an issue that is not easy to fix. There's a way to transfer a build to another "item" of the same kind yes. There's a drop down menu under the forma and the potato icon, it can be done from there, it's fairly easy to use, just select where you want to transfer the build and enjoy, it should open itself in a new window, leaving the old one as is.
  12. From the wiki : Snow Globe's health uses the following expression when accounting for Power Strength: Modified Health = (Base Health + 5 × Frost's Base Armor × Base Armor Bonus) × (1 + Power Strength) + Absorbed Damage. Maybe this is not taken into account in game when displaying the value ? 5000 + (5 * 300 * 1) * 2.39 = 15535
  13. I fixed the Cycron. Note that the 61.5 damage is normal because it includes the crit values.
  14. Yes, I removed the link because I was not the creator and the spreadsheet was reported as outdated. There was nothing I could do. Yes, I'll try to do another update for this weapon during the day.
  15. -Winds of Purity can now be equipped on the MK1-Furis. -Removed the link to the EHP Calculator in the menu since it was reported that it was outdated. -Updated the following weapons : Simulor, Synoid Simulor, Tonkor, Ogris. Remember, the projectile damage is displayed as primary and the explosion damage as secondary for the launchers. -Added the following weapons : Zenith, Cycron (used 2.5s as reload time), Prisma Obex, Supra Vandal. -The sentinel weapon Artax is now a beam weapon. -Updated the duration of the Banshee's skill Silence. -Updated the following mods : Streamlined Form (is Exilus now) Speed Holster, Dead Eye, EMP Aura, Sprint Boost, Aviator. -Added the following mods : Sacrifice, Fulmination, Pyroclastic Flow, Negation Swarm, Beguiling Lantern, Piercing Navigator. -Updated Oberon's base energy and Renewal skill.