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  1. I'll probably wait until this date to start working on the update then.
  2. This could be possible yes, but I don't know when I could have the time to think about this. This is a bit more complicated than just adding a SQL request, I'll need to create a page for the results with a field to search for users, I'll need to think of where I want to insert this page, I'll need to make a link to this page so that you can click a username and reach the page with the results instantly, so that's various things to think of and I don't really have the time for this yet. I'm not saying no, but I'm not saying this is gonna arrive soon. It's a maybe.
  3. Thanks for the report. To be honest, the weapon comparator is a bit... abandoned, I don't even remember what the code looks like, I haven't worked on this for a long time. I'll maybe have a look at this when I'll work on the next update, but don't have too many hopes, especially if it's an issue that is not easy to fix. There's a way to transfer a build to another "item" of the same kind yes. There's a drop down menu under the forma and the potato icon, it can be done from there, it's fairly easy to use, just select where you want to transfer the build and enjoy, it should open itself in a new window, leaving the old one as is.
  4. From the wiki : Snow Globe's health uses the following expression when accounting for Power Strength: Modified Health = (Base Health + 5 × Frost's Base Armor × Base Armor Bonus) × (1 + Power Strength) + Absorbed Damage. Maybe this is not taken into account in game when displaying the value ? 5000 + (5 * 300 * 1) * 2.39 = 15535
  5. I fixed the Cycron. Note that the 61.5 damage is normal because it includes the crit values.
  6. Yes, I removed the link because I was not the creator and the spreadsheet was reported as outdated. There was nothing I could do. Yes, I'll try to do another update for this weapon during the day.
  7. -Winds of Purity can now be equipped on the MK1-Furis. -Removed the link to the EHP Calculator in the menu since it was reported that it was outdated. -Updated the following weapons : Simulor, Synoid Simulor, Tonkor, Ogris. Remember, the projectile damage is displayed as primary and the explosion damage as secondary for the launchers. -Added the following weapons : Zenith, Cycron (used 2.5s as reload time), Prisma Obex, Supra Vandal. -The sentinel weapon Artax is now a beam weapon. -Updated the duration of the Banshee's skill Silence. -Updated the following mods : Streamlined Form (is Exilus now) Speed Holster, Dead Eye, EMP Aura, Sprint Boost, Aviator. -Added the following mods : Sacrifice, Fulmination, Pyroclastic Flow, Negation Swarm, Beguiling Lantern, Piercing Navigator. -Updated Oberon's base energy and Renewal skill.
  8. I'll have a closer look, but seems like it's for the explosion damage, and this damage is not displayed on WB. Only the normal and secondary attacks are displayed.
  9. I started working on the update. Should be ready in a few days. In the meantine, some informations about things that are reported here. This one is a bit tricky, I'm not gonna fix this one yet. It's because the Paracyst is a burst weapon. The 65.7% is the status probability, this includes all the bullets (30% each), it's the probability to have at least 1 proc for 1 pull on the trigger. The Wiki says 12%. Can you confirm again it's actually 2% ? It's because it's a status probability, the chance that at least one proc occurs for one pull on the trigger. It considers that the magazine is full and all the bullets are fired at once, with 15% status chance for each, hence the 72%.
  10. Thanks. I'll try to see this in the next two weeks. If something else is added to the game in the meantime, feel free to post it here.
  11. Is that all the missing stuff ? I usually wait for a bunch of things to add then I add all at the same time.
  12. It's available for me. Where did you see the mod missng ? You can send me a private message if you have something to tell or report. Edit : By the way, when looking at the recent builds to see what could cause such a grave tone from you, I found a newly registered user with a name very close to yours, writting fake threats in the description of his builds, threats that really look like your last line. I really hope that you are not associated in any ways with this user, because fake threats, intimidation and harassment have already been treated with the serious needed.
  13. Uncheck the box on the critical line.
  14. You are not gonna get any support if you don't provide more precise informations, I'm not a magician. First thing to try is to clear your cache. Do a ctrl+F5 on a page where you have the problem. If it does not fix it, then... Computer or mobile ? Please note that there's close to no support for mobile. What browser to you use ? Is it up to date. Does the problem appear for all the builders ? (Warframe, weapons, sentinels, etc).
  15. There's not much I can do about it, it was not created by me. I'll remove the link with the next update if I don't forget.