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  1. Warframe Builder

    I'll probably start working on the update this weekend, if not next Monday. There's a good amount of new stuff from what I read and I'll wait a bit for the Wiki to be updated to add everything in one go.
  2. Warframe Builder

    A comment system is too much work. I'm not speaking about development, but about moderation. This has been discussed many times over the last years, and the answer is still the same. About the possibility to browse builds by authors, this is an idea that was also discussed and proved to be good, but since it's a non mandatory feature, it's at the bottom of the to-do list, I use the time I have to work on Warframe Builder on the updates and fixing the current issues. It's not a secret that I'm busy with another project, and I can't work on Warframe Builder as much as I want, or at least, as much as it could be needed. It's enough to keep the site up to date and functional, but no more.
  3. Warframe Builder

    Alright, I'll have a look into this when I'll work on the next update.
  4. Warframe Builder

    I can see that something is wrong yes. Please give me the values you would expect for each case for that build in terms of damage, with and without the stance. That way I'll be able to try and see where the problem is.
  5. Warframe Builder

    The Lenz is not an easy fix and I don't have much time, so don't expect a fix anytime soon.
  6. Warframe Builder

    I can't test it myself because I no longer play for years, but I assumed that a +100% critical multiplier in game would mean that the 3x multiplier becomes 6x. That is how the builder works too. Just put 100 into a riven mod for the critical multiplier and you'll see that the "n"x value is multiplied by this percentage.
  7. Warframe Builder

    It's critical multiplier. As for the reload rate for the shotguns, I need to think about this, this will need some coding and I don't have much time right now.
  8. Warframe Builder

    -Added the following weapons: Prisma Angstrum, Arca Titron, Arca Scisco, Arca Plasmor, Nami Skyla Prime, Ballistica Prime (used the same RoF as Ballistica, could need to be recalculated through a video). -Added Hydroid Prime. -Updated the following weapons: Twin Kohmak, Tenora. -Added the helmets for Banshee Prime.
  9. Warframe Builder

    It's on the to-do list, though I don't really know when I'll work on this. I'll be a lot busy for at least one week.
  10. Warframe Builder

    Yeah, this weapon is a problem because it has blast and another cold damage. There's nothing to handle properly these two cold damages right now.
  11. Warframe Builder

    No, I did not even know these existed.
  12. Warframe Builder

    No plans for this at this time.
  13. Warframe Builder

    The rate of fire for the burst weapon was calculated based on videos, for more accuracy. I'm not saying the value is still accurate, but the value from the arsenal is not of help considering how the rate of fire for burst weapons is calculated on Warframe Builder, which is a combination of the rate of fire during the burst and the delay between the bursts.
  14. Warframe Builder

    From the look of the screenshot, I assume you are using Firefox, right? Don't you have a setting enabled in FF to have a minimum font-size? I can do something for this because there's indeed a text overlapping, I can reproduce this, but not that much. Seems like the fonts are way larger by your side and I suspect that a browser setting could be the main cause of this.
  15. Warframe Builder

    Adjusting the names of the elements to match what they're in the game shouldn't be too much of a work, I'll have a look at this when I have the time. For the second remark, to bypass this would require categorizing all the mods (well most of them already are by necessity) and use a drop-down menu with all these categories to filter the mods. No need to mention that it's a good amount of work and in the end, while that would probably be faster when looking for damage mods, that'll take longer for more or less anything else. It's faster to type multishot or range than looking for the multishot and range category in a drop down menu. Both filter methods could work together but I'm pretty certain that the drop down menu would almost not be used. I'll see if something comes to my mind.