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  1. Warframe Builder

    It's working just fine for me in both Chrome and Firefox, for the Opticor and for all the weapons by the way, so that's not gonna help to solve the problem. If you open the Dev Tools in Chrome, do you have any message in the console after you opened the 'Search builds' window that could be related to this?
  2. Warframe Builder Not against you, but I'm repeating myself this 3 times a week. Please try to search before making a statement. Seems to work for me. Try to refresh your cache (ctrl + F5) and if it doesn't help, please give me an example of what is not working, cause I can't reproduce the issue.
  3. Warframe Builder

    Probably related to the recent update of the jQuery library. I'll have a look at this in the next days. Edit: It's fixed.
  4. Warframe Builder

    Yeah, I can replicate this issue. I'll see this in a future update.
  5. Warframe Builder

    Everything that exists and that is related to damage to different units is summarized in the "details" tab.
  6. Warframe Builder

    Seems like another issue with the update of jQuery. I'll have a look into this. Edit: That was indeed another deprecated method. Should work now.
  7. Warframe Builder

    Another quick update while I have some free time. -Updated the fire rate for the Stradavar's semi-auto mode. -Updated the Staticor. The stats displayed are for the charged attack (base tab is charged shot, charged tab is charged explosion). -Fixed the crit chance on slide attack for the Riven mods. This will likely mess the old builds saved with a Riven mods with this stat. -Fixed a visual issue where the "combat state" menu was still displayed even if no mod with a combat state was equipped. -Fixed the Dark Split-Sword to change the stats based on the stance mod equipped and show the channeling damage menu for both versions. -Multishot mods no longer affect the status chance for beam weapons.
  8. Warframe Builder

    Should be good now. I updated to the latest version of jQuery a few hours ago and there were deprecated methods used in my files.
  9. Warframe Builder

    -Fixed/updated the following abilities. Ash: Blade Storm. Atlas: Tectonics, Petrify. Chroma: Vex Armor. Ember: Fireball, World on fire. Mag: Crush. Nova: Null Star. Zephyr: Tail Wind, Airburst, Tornado. -Updated Mag and Mag Prime energy.
  10. Warframe Builder

    The check for duplicate builds no longer exists, I'm not sure why the error pops up. I updated jQuery to the latest version, maybe that'll solve your issues. You may need to refresh your cache for the changes to take effect.
  11. Warframe Builder

    I'll think about this in the next update.
  12. Warframe Builder

    I'm reading everything, I just don't have the time to start the fixes right now but I'm aware of the issues with some stats, the continuous weapons, Rivens and all the outdated things that have been reported. I'm just in the final rush for my other project and have to concentrate most of my efforts on this. -@EasternTime. Thanks for the proposal, but the translations are suspended for the moment, even if someone else is doing them, I need to dedicate time to work with this person and provide him with the necessary stuff to be able to do the translation. -@kyori. Maybe the explanation in the Wiki wasn't clear enough to me at the time I added this. 523 is 175 * 2.99 and 822 is 275 * 2.99. I probably considered that the bonus was +175% and not 275%. I'll fix this in a next update. -@SystemData. What is displayed in Warframe Builder is the status probability. The Sicarus is firing 3 bullets with each 20% chance to proc, 48% is the chance that at least one proc occurs based on the whole shot.
  13. Warframe Builder

    Yes slide crit on Riven is still bugged.
  14. Warframe Builder

    Riven mods are now saved in the database with the build they belong to and only registered users can save builds. So yes, you need to be registered to be able to save the Riven mod data with the build now, but everyone will be able to see it once they open your build. The fact that using the link doesn't work in another tab is because the riven mod data is not saved in the URL, it's only saved in the database. That's something I could consider doing one day or another, that doesn't seem too difficult to do, but I don't have much time for this right now. With the previous system, only you, the creator of the build, was able to see the Riven mod and only on the device where the mod was edited. The mod was indeed saved on your device, but that was a very limited system. Sharing the link to import/export the mod with the build was not very user-friendly, and you were limited to only 1 Riven mod per weapon. Edit: Ok, I think I was able to do something for this in 30 minutes or so, I hope it didn't break anything else. Now, if you export a non-saved build, the Riven data will carry through the URL. If you export a saved build, no changes, the data from the database will be used. Let me know if it fixes your issue.
  15. Warframe Builder

    It was working previously when equipping the right stance mod. The last update probably broke it, I'll have a look when I have the time.