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  1. Warframe Builder

    Gmail is again blocking the e-mails from Warframe Builder, maybe some others providers do so. I can manually change your password if you send me a private message with your username and email address.
  2. Warframe Builder

    -Added the Viper Wraith. -Updated the secondary weapons the snipers and the bows based on the patch note and the wiki + updated the primary weapons that were missing in the previous update. Snipetron damage still missing. There's still probably a few weapons with wrong stats (I'm pretty certain one primary has impact and puncture inverted but I can't remember which one), report them here as soon as you find one so that I can fix this with the next update. Thanks for your kind words and support, that was indeed a good amount of work. Thanks TonnoTuna for the complete report. While I don't have the time to update this now, that'll very useful in the near future, for sure.
  3. Warframe Builder

    I typed 6 instead of 60 for the puncture damage. That'll be fixed with the update of the secondary weapons, soon.
  4. Warframe Builder

    No plans for this right now, it's too much work and I don't have the time.
  5. Warframe Builder

    It's fixed!
  6. Warframe Builder

    I just updated all the primary weapons, according to the patch notes and based on the stats of the wiki. I noticed that some things on the wiki were wrong, but unfortunately, not at the very very beginning, so it is possible that a few weapons have the impact and puncture value inverted. Karak Wraith damage and Latron Wraith damage were missing, no changes for the moment. I was not able to understand some information for the Drakgoon and the Scourge. I will work on the secondary weapons in the next days. I understood there are missing weapons/warframes, please provide me with a list and links to the wiki if you want to see these added in the next update. And of course, if I fixed something wrong or forgot something, report this here.
  7. Warframe Builder

    -Fixed the pellet count for the Twin Rogga. -Fixed the polarities for the Gunsen and the Cassowar. -The cold damage from the Glaxion should be displayed again, it was caused by the updates related to the Lenz. -The mod Impaler munitions will no longer freeze when equipped. -Fixed the mod Target Acquired. -Fixed the reload time for the Akbolto Prime. I'm a lot busy and thus I don't have the time for more than fixes for now, my free time is used to evacuate the stress caused by my other project. So nothing new with the Lenz and the slide problem on the Riven for now. I'll do this at a later time. Don't forget to report any missing thing here.
  8. Warframe Builder

    That is related to the fact that Warframe Builder uses the critical chances and the critical multiplier to increase these numbers. You can see the base values by unchecking the box near the critical values. It's a status probability. Basically, it tells you that with 4 bullets, you have a 59% chance to have at least one status effect.
  9. Warframe Builder

    Is there anything new to add besides the fixes and bugs reported since the last update? Thanks.
  10. Warframe Builder

    I changed the DNS, it takes time to propagate. However, you can try to flush your DNS cache and see if it helps. Command prompt window => ipconfig /flushdns
  11. Warframe Builder

    It's not planned, but keep an eye on my other project, that'll be a good way to support me once it's done ;)
  12. Warframe Builder

    Alright, so it should be good for everyone now, if not now, that's only a matter of minutes. If in the next days anyone experiences something like a "page cannot be found", even just once, please let me know. Thanks.
  13. Warframe Builder

    Thanks. I hope that it'll work for everyone now and that all of these problems and changes are done for good.
  14. Warframe Builder

    Could you try to flush the DNS one more time to see if it changes something?
  15. Warframe Builder

    How is it now? Any better?