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  1. Dude, the exclusive weapons will be made available to everyone later. There is nothing wrong with DE offering some extra incentives for those who buy the tickets and watch the stream. It’s an incentive to sell more tickets, and really not a big deal as none of the exclusive items are necessary. Take a business class or something. Also, the reason “everyone is accepting it” is because we are reasonable people, and clearly you are not.
  2. Yeah, because people who actually buy the tickets and spend time watching the event don’t deserve anything!
  3. The irony of this statement 😂 It’s actually the people who don’t understand why nerfs are necessary that act like small children. To be clear, nobody *wants* stuff to be weak. But those of us with working brains understand that balance is crucial to the health of any game, and allowing things to remain OP is bad for the overall health of the game.
  4. Uh, where have you been? DE literally addressed this during last year’s Tennocon and only showed us Deimos which was ready to ship.
  5. Yikes YoungGunn82. No dude, they (particularly @SneakyErvin) just clearly explained why you were wrong, and now you’re responding with insults. That’s a really bad look for you and not a good way to win an argument. Warframe, despite all of its problems, is clearly still a successful game. You can argue that it’s broken or that it’s not a good game if you want, but claiming that it’s not successful is just incorrect. You don’t survive for 8 years while still cracking the top 10-20 games on steam unless you are successful.
  6. “Broken” can mean a lot of different things when pertaining to video games, but in this particular case I am referring to Warframe being very unbalanced. That doesn’t mean it isn’t fun; I love Warframe! But even power fantasies are still meant to have balance, and from a game design perspective Warframe is objectively and demonstrably unbalanced. There is a reason that every new game mode DE trots out is just another form of mobile defense, and why boss fights have to have complete status immunity or invulnerability phases to prevent us from decimating them in seconds.
  7. Dude what game are you playing? Because Warframe is objectively broken.
  8. God I hope this is sarcasm. There is NO CHANCE the 0% falloff is intended. Why do people never learn? If you’re being serious you honestly deserve to lose your plat.
  9. Didn’t some info come to light recently that Sony are real greedy A******s when it comes to cross play?
  10. My guy, I would love nothing more than to have an actual discussion with you as opposed to this back-and-forth. My initial response to you was not meant to be condescending, so allow me to apologize that it came across that way. So let’s revisit: I see now that my mistake was not googling what “paper tiger” meant. Never heard the term before, so now I’ve learned something, and I apologize for missing your point. So you really don’t think Octavia is OP? Let’s look at what she can do: - She can draw enemy fire away from the team, herself, and objectives, and this works at any level of content - She can stay invisible forever - She has infinitely scaling damage - She offers a bunch of team-wide buffs as a cherry on top She can also do all that while basically standing still. She is insanely powerful, and I believe the reason you don’t see her in game that often is because she’s just not very fun to play. You could say she’s not being nerfed because she’s not popular, but I think “she’s not being nerfed because she’s not invalidating the other options” is much better phrasing.
  11. I understand it’s your MO around here to be condescending to everyone you respond to, but you can do better than this.
  12. I agree that she’s not popular for a reason, and that’s why she’s never been nerfed. I even addressed that in my post.
  13. When I first started out iFlynn and Ashisogi were my go-to channels, but I hardly watch any of them anymore. Brozime sucks, but can at least be a decent news source with his devstream summaries. Two I really can’t stand are GHS and Knightmare Frame. Every. Single. Video. is some variation of “New OP build kill level 9999”...just so unoriginal. That said, Xandypants is by far my favorite WF YouTuber out there. Super knowledgeable dude, unfortunately he doesn’t post that often and when he does his videos are usually very niche. If he made more generalized content I would still watch his stuff.
  14. Does this suck? Yes. Did you agree to it in the TOS? Also yes. Welcome to the world.
  15. I completely understand the logic that this post is built on, but we can’t just ignore what the devs have literally told us, as many others have pointed out already. They do nerf based on popularity, but that is an oversimplification. Things get nerfed because they invalidate the other options. If something is incredibly powerful, but for some reason is not the overwhelming favorite choice by players, then there’s no reason to nerf it. There’s a very good example of this strategy that we can point to in game: Octavia. She is OP in every sense of the term, yet she’s never been nerfed. I’d say that’s because she’s not popular, and thus is not invalidating the other options. Edit: Feel like I need to add this before someone hits me with “bUt wHaT aBoUt GlAiVeS”. Yes, Glaives are getting nerfed despite not being incredibly popular. Just because “nerf the overwhelming favorite” is their primary philosophy for nerfs, that doesn’t mean they can’t make additional balance changes wherever and whenever they see fit. This is DE we’re talking about after all, and the only consistent thing about DE is their inconsistency.
  16. If you don’t want to play hard mode then you have no use for the new mods. Our current arsenal is already overkill damage in the regular game, so the new mods would literally do nothing for you. If you’re not going to play SP, you can ignore these new mods and your gameplay experience will not be affected one bit.
  17. Man, if you can’t engage people in civilized discussion without being condescending, maybe you just shouldn’t post at all. It’s a really bad look. Just because people disagree with you doesn’t mean they don’t know what they’re talking about. People will always have different perspectives. Maybe try to understand someone else’s position instead of just insulting them.
  18. Yeah the title is a bit click-baity but it’s a good discussion. It’s kind of your MO I’ve noticed: slightly click-baity title to get eyes on the thread, but always a well constructed argument behind it and you obviously care about the long-term health of the game. I guess it’s the title that’s causing these outlandish responses? Idk, I thought it was a good read though. Keep fighting the good fight ✊.
  19. Define “endgame content”, though. Because I don’t think these nerfs are going to be that noticeable beyond endurance content, which is a minuscule part of the player base, and DE has stated numerous times they’ll never balance the game around endurance runs.
  20. This is great! I can totally get behind this method to at least get the weapons I care about. Thanks guys!
  21. Dude what do you want me to say? They’re weapons with the same mechanics but with better stats. “Re-skins with better stats” is just easier to say. I don’t think anything I’ve said comes across as trolling. Relax.
  22. Can you elaborate on this for me? I must not understand how it works, because part of the reason I haven’t tried is dealing with the RNG for the weapon I want.
  23. This is true. I do get the syndicate weapons but they are incredibly easy to obtain. But for an example, the vanilla Hek was by far my most used weapon at low MRs, so by the time I got the Vaykor Hek I was already tired of that weapon. It was cool that it was stronger, but it still felt like something I had already used to death. So that’s why I’m a bit reluctant to grind out all the Kuva Weapon. I think I will give it a try and just get a few of the weapons. Doubt I will invest the time to get them all.
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